(Saju Nair - Dubai) There is never a pause on activities in Dubai, every single day one can see the active communiqué of gatherings that take place in the hi-tech metropolitan city, all the while giving equal importance to the rich traditions and cultures that bedazzle this country. One such evening is scheduled to take place @7Pm on Friday, 21st June 2019 where the well-known Art critic / Art Historian/ Curator & founder of artforumuae, Mr. Peter Gressman will join hands with seven masters in art to gift an evening of exuberance to art lovers and art enthusiasts by the inauguration of the most awaited "Melange - a visual exploration" at the Artist Playground in Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center, Dubai

By now "Melange - a visual exploration" has become a talk of the town event and one that is much awaited by many and as the title says - the evening is going to be a discovery of various creations in all different mediums of art with the usage of distinguished techniques and striking strokes of colors, an evening of sculptures that will draw the eyes of onlookers and to add a cherry on the cake, a stunning fashion show with intricate and modern designs.

The participating artists Ahmed Rukni, Bharat Thakur, Charbel Fares, Petra Kaltenbach, Suranga Navarathne, Shrutika Gosavi &Tanya Ashraf are all in their stations, creating new artworks to provide a magical spectacle of breath-taking artworks.

Mr. Peter Gressman, shares the details of this show with Televisionario2 and he says "When I was asked by the Artist Playground of the Pullman Hotel if I would like to organize the next exhibition, I was spoiled for choice among more than 4000 artists belonging to the artforumuae family! My goal was to combine as much as possible talents and art styles with the exhibition "Melange - a visual exploration" and so I chose the following artists who live and work in the UAE. I have worked as a curator with Shrutika Gosavi from India and she is one of the best contemporary artists. Petra Kaltenbach from Germany has revolutionized digital art and it was immediately clear to me that only she should represent this ever-expanding art. Tanya Ashraf's abstract landscapes have convinced me and as a fashion designer, she designs modern and wearable fashion with artfully printed fine fabrics.

Mr Peter Gressman
Mr Peter Gressman

With Bharat Thakur from India, I was able to gain an exceptional talent for this exhibition. He masters almost all styles of painting and is now also working as a sculptor and carpet designer. Ahmed Rukni from the UAE stands for Pop art in this exhibition. For me, he has made in the past 3 years, the most amazing development of the free artist to serious artist! The architect Suranga Navarathne is undoubted that architects are artists. The architect Suranga Navarathne, on the other hand, is also a harmonious painter of gardens and cityscapes most in monochrome. I also got to know Charbel Fares from Lebanon during the planning phase of this exhibition, and when I saw his sculptures made of different materials I immediately realized that his outstanding work had to be shown. I was able to commit artists who also belong to the category Invest in Art for me because, for all artists, the demand and the prices are rising."

June 21st is going to be a phenomenal evening as the masters gather to leave their sketches in history and we welcome you all to be a part of this historic event "Melange - a visual exploration"

We will bring our savant readers, from across the globe, a detailed review on this event by the end of this month - so keep following us for updates, Cheers!