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(Saju Nair - Dubai) The United Arab Emirates has finally started the 100 days countdown for the world's largest fair, World Expo 2020 as the construction work nears its end and the final touches for perfection are ongoing. With a mission of 'Connecting Minds and Creating the Future' through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity, Dubai is all set to stage the World Expo which will be the first of its kind in the Middle East. 'Hosting the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region presents an immense opportunity to inspire, empower and drive lasting positive environmental, social and economic change on a global scale, ensuring a meaningful and measurable legacy.' Kindly follow the link mentioned below to know more about the World Expo 2020 which is set to take place in The United Arab Emirates.

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As always the art industry in the UAE ensures its active presence irrespective of any challenges and this segment is one of the most important sectors due to its contribution to the growth and development of this great nation. The art sector provides innovative ideas which in turn, helps several other industries scale new heights. For the purpose of giving the art industry, in the UAE, a larger scope for exposure and opportunities, an art gallery was inaugurated in Dubai on 1st July 2021. The inspiring woman behind the opening of this gallery is Ms. Ruxeena Musthafa, a prominent Artist, Art tutor, Art Activist, Lyricist, and an all-rounder who has been awarded various local and international accolades. The International Studio of Art and Galleries located in Al Safa was officially opened to the art world by Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid, Director of Fine Arts Department, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, in the presence of Mr. Faisal Abdulqader - Eminent Emirati artist, Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi - Eminent Emirati artist and Entrepreneur, Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art critic, Art dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae, Mr. Anjini Prakash Laithu - Veteran Indian Artist and other invited guests, visitors, and artists. The live music performance by Mr. Valentine Spasov truly set the mood for the evening as the artists and guests gently swayed to the sweet melody while enjoying the magnificent artworks displayed while the host of the day Ms. Sreekutty guided the gathering through the event.

Artworks displayed @ ISOAG

As part of the launch of the International Studio of Art and Galleries, an art exhibition was also conducted by the founder and curator of ISOAG, Ms. Ruxeena Musthafa. The evening was indeed a gathering of incredibly talented artists as they exhibited their beautiful creations at the newly opened gallery. Being an art tutor, Ms. Ruxeena will also be utilizing this facility for conducting workshops and other art-related activities.

Artworks displayed @ ISOAG

26 artists displayed more than 50 artworks created using vivid styles and distinguished techniques at the new venue. Acrylic, watercolor, Charcoal, Oil, Resin, and many other mediums were used by artists to create some truly mesmerizing pieces. The subjects chosen by the artists varied from ancient to modern iconic structures, beautiful landscapes, stunning Arabic calligraphy, striking abstract creations, beautiful floral works, elegant portraitures, magnificent abstract creations in analytical cubism, the breathtaking view of mountains, traditional Indian art, and many more making the evening a celebration of colors.

Artworks displayed @ ISOAG

The walls of the new gallery was adorned with splendid artworks created by incredibly talented artists. Anjini Prakash Laitu, Anita Adwani, Ayesha Kadem, Farah Khan, Inga Butkute, Irudhayanathan Thangaraj, Jasmine Mohammed Rizvi, Jyothi Singla, Mustapha Chouhaibi, Mrinmay Sebastian, Minika S, Mohammed Wadood, Murugesh Thiagarajan, Mohan Ponchithra, Najah Musthafa, Pavithra Pai, Rima Moukahal, Rubab Zahra, Raisa Mariam Rajan, Ruxeena Musthafa, Sadasivan Ambalamedu, Sindhuja Galipalli, Shiba Khan, Tarasabz, Varsha Saju Nair and Yoshita Ahmed Meher were the artists who came forward to exhibit their artworks at the new venue.

Artworks displayed @ ISOAG

"I want to congratulate the organizers for taking the initiative to launch this beautiful space for artists to showcase their works and I am happy to be part of this evening to experience this special occasion along with brilliant artists. This shows how committed our art lovers are, as I believe this is the first gallery in this neighborhood even though we have more galleries on the other side of the road, this is a great move to spread the value of art and culture all around Dubai. So the initiative to open a space like this will benefit the artists and also the art lovers in this complex and the neighborhood and this also shows how important it is for art to exist. We have people from Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, and Africa residing in UAE so we are fortunate to experience the wide variety of art and culture in this country. We will see more activities related to art and culture as the authorities here are very keen on promoting the vibrant culture available and transforming UAE into a business and cultural hub. The enormous construction taking place in UAE also provides a large potential market for art as nowadays the developers give preference to decorate their properties with paintings, sculptures, and art installations. The current reform of providing a 10-year golden visa for the most deserved artists is indeed an acknowledgment from the authorities to the artists and to relieve them from yearly visa renewals and to engage them to enhance their creativity. All my best wishes to the organizers and the artists and hope to see more events in this gallery." Says the Chief Guest of the event, Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid, Director of Fine Arts Department, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority

Ms. Najah, daughter of Ms. Ruxeena and the Co-founder of ISOAG is the inspiring force who encouraged her to work courageously to achieve her dreams. Today, as a proud daughter of a proud mom, Ms. Najah Musthafa says "My mother is a born artist. I can't remember her any other way. Paint on her clothes, unruly hair, and a persona so uncontained and true that as soon you meet her, you know this woman was art revived as a person. This gallery was what her life was always meant to lead to. A place for art, a place for her. So art has always been a part of my life. My mother being an artist and her mother too so I guess it just made sense that it was passed down like it was part of our DNA. I had the urge to want to understand what art meant both intrinsically and extrinsically, so I went on to study it from a psychological lens which led me to become an art psychotherapist. I learned that art was limitless, a place of healing, deep understanding, and connection. That was what steered me into wanting to create a hub in the community to facilitate creativity. But by the time I made it here, my mother was way ahead of me, already dreaming of creating such a space for the past 20 years so I got to hop on her bandwagon which felt like the perfect way to amalgamate my mother's raw creativity and my pragmatic approach. After that, everything moved so fast. To be precise, it was one conversation over breakfast, a signed check the next day, a lot of sleepless nights, and 3 weeks later we were at our own opening. With her vision and my mission, we strive to create something meaningful for the community. A home for artists, a safe place for the creative soul, an inclusive community to learn and grow, that's what we hope to become."

I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate the entire team of International Studio of Art and Galleries and all participating artists for conducting such a beautiful art gathering and we tender our best wishes to Ms. Ruxeena Musthafa and Ms. Najah Musthafa for all their future events.

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