(Saju Nair - Dubai) Every single day in the calendar is marked with exciting events in the land of opportunities, The United Arab Emirates. Irrespective of sectors, small and large-scale events are conducted throughout the year to keep the community engaged and to provide platforms for hidden talents to emerge from the shadows and bask in the limelight. These kinds of events keep the citizens of the region on their toes, anticipating the next big show and eagerly awaiting the surprise in store for them. UAE is always known as the country that surpasses expectations and raises the benchmark of success with every subsequent project. Over a period of time, Dubai has explored and achieved new dimensions in development that have resulted in a considerable rise in the development of skyscrapers, several modern iconic buildings, and professionally planned infrastructures that provide comfortable and luxurious living facilities for its residents. Dubai also hosts the most record-breaking projects that are derived, designed, and executed in a disciplined manner which additionally emphasizes the aspirations of the visionary rulers to promote Dubai as a model destination for millions from across the globe. Some of the advantages of choosing UAE as a second home are the extremely high standard of living, safety, and security, diversified culture, ease of doing business, well-planned township and infrastructure, and respect to tolerance. All the above listed factors justify the success of the long-term vision of the rulers of this nation as currently, UAE hosts more than 200+ nationalities which further diversifies the country and ultimately plays a vital role in faster development.

Moments from the venue of World Art Dubai 2021

It is also interesting to witness that even though Dubai has maintained an unabating momentum when it comes to creating spectacular projects, they have made it imperative that the age-old legacy of the country remains preserved and respected which truly shows how the fundamentals of this glorious country are as strong as it can be. They have neither ignored their values nor forgotten their traditional roots but instead, the leaders have taken several initiatives to ensure that the rich tradition of the country thrives along with modern advancement. Art and culture have always played vital roles in spreading awareness related to tolerance and rightfully so, as all these gatherings are enriched with the participation of multiple nationalities subsequently opening a wide range of opportunities for the world to experience vivid traditions and vibrant cultures in one place. The creative segment in the UAE has flourished for long, despite the looming banner of a pandemic, the art industry has taken the courage to proceed with organizing events to lift the spirits of the community and encourage creativity amidst a time of great difficulty. Just about a month back, the world had beheld a record-breaking auction of the world's largest painting by a legendary living artist in the luxurious ambiance of Atlantis - The Palm, Dubai. This auction witnessed a total of a whopping 82 Million US Dollar sale of the artwork titled 'The Journey of Humanity - Humanity inspired' by world-renowned British visual artist, Mr. Sacha Jafri. This is proof of how Dubai continues to enjoy a golden track record of successfully organizing such mega-events which has also enhanced the confidence of artists and has helped the art industry understand the potential of growth within the field. The Seventh Edition of World Art Dubai 2021 that took place at Dubai World Trade Center from 7th to 10th April 2021 is a perfect example of courage to meet and overcome challenges and to create history.

Moments from the venue of World Art Dubai 2021

The sixth edition of World Art Dubai sailed through several challenges and finally, it was hosted in October 2020 instead of the initial date which was on April 2020. With good reason, there were concerns on the viabilities of hosting such a grand-scale event in the face of a pandemic, but all these uncertainties soon became opportunities as the management of WAD accepted this new normalcy and proceeded with successfully organizing and executing the sixth edition of World Art Dubai. What surprised the art world, even more, was the announcement of the 7th edition of World Art Dubai with a gap of just 5 months. This shows how optimistically the art world has responded to the current situation and how they are proceeding with projects by adding extra precautions and safety measures to ensure a safe and fun-filled experience. Due to the pandemic, there were several restrictions implemented all across the globe and so as a result, several physical events had to be brought to a halt but the emergence of the seventh edition of World Art Dubai prompted the art community to jump at the opportunity and in response to that, there are twice as many artists as compared to last year participating in the event. The participation was so widespread, the curators had to open a second hall to accommodate everyone while adhering to the government-issued safety guidelines.

Moments from the venue of World Art Dubai 2021

The organizers have implemented ample safety precautions and have followed guidelines to the book to ensure a safe experience for all visitors and exhibitors. All the entry points to the venue were equipped with thermal mapping technology, cameras, the air inside the exhibition halls was replaced on an hourly basis, a seamless and contactless registration process was implemented to avoid paper transactions and QR codes were enabled for the artworks in coordination with Fynd.Art which allows visitors to receive every single detail about the artwork with just a simple scan and click on your personal device. Dozens of HSE-trained volunteers monitored the gathering and regular announcements were made to remind the crowd to maintain social distancing and to adhere to the guidelines and norms set by the administration to enjoy the fair. Time and again, the curators and the management of World Art Dubai have demonstrated their extraordinary organizing abilities and the seventh edition of WAD was even more successful than the previous editions. Challenges were tackled and strategies were effectively and timely executed at the venue of DWTC to successfully curate the show which is also globally known as the region's largest affordable art fair.

Moments from the venue of World Art Dubai 2021

The 7th edition of World Art Dubai 2021 commenced on 7th April 2021 @DWTC. This grand art fest was inaugurated by Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Cultural Authority in the presence of other distinguished personalities and the organizers and curators of WAD 2021. The Sheikha also took an art tour to experience the magnificent artworks and to interact with some of the talented artists.

Moments from the venue of World Art Dubai 2021

As the theme of WAD states 'Discovering New Perspectives,' the aggregate of the exhibition was indeed a discovery of talents and their magnificent creations. The show hosted 250+ artists from 27 countries to display more than 2000 artworks of different genres. The majority of artworks displayed were paintings created in different mediums and distinguished techniques while digital art, sculptures, Live Performances, and Street art also provided a vibrant and lively atmosphere inside the exhibition arena gifting the visitors with a completely immersive experience. Workshops and art walks were conducted throughout the event days providing artists with an opportunity to learn specialized techniques from globally-renowned artists. Apart from these, WAD 2021 was also filled with live arts and musical performances enhancing the quality of the evening furthermore. A section of the hall was reserved for street art where exceptionally talented graffiti artists would display their show of creativity in the form of live arts and freestyle battles.

Moments from the venue of World Art Dubai 2021

The Indian artist Prachi Sharma dedicated her time at WAD 2021 to completing a hyper realistic portrait in Rangoli colors. It was truly amazing to witness the amount of patience and dedication this artist possessed and how meticulate she was in applying the powdered colors onto her canvas. Sijin Gopinathan, a renowned doodle artist ensured his presence with an act that has really surprised fellow artists and the visitors. Sijin used his own Mini Cooper car as a canvas to create doodle art as a tribute to some of the greatest artists in the history of art. The careful and yet elegant cascade of patterns and lines have truly mesmerized all those who gazed upon this wondrous creation. The 4 days of doodling by Sijin also gave visitors and artists an opportunity to learn more about said form of art by visualizing it. Caricatures by Mahmood Safwat, Coffee Art by Raha, Theater of Digital Art, live musical performance by the musicians of Melodica Dubai, and much more occupied all 4 days of this art extravaganza making this event much more successful and simultaneously, informative.

Dubai-based designer, Samar Raafat, enthralled the fashion lovers with a show featuring her handmade wearable art. An art talk was hosted by the noted journalist and author Ms. Purva Grover along with the main panelists Ms. Zainab Ahmed, Ms. Tanya Ashraf, and Ms. Reema Karram. One of the panelists was Ms. Alessandra Giorda, the founder of IlTelevisionario2, unfortunately, due to some delays in her flight plan, she was unable to attend the event. A group of 25 selected women participated in the talk show to discuss and debate about the acceptance of women in all fields in the current world. This healthy debate helped shed light on some pressing matters regarding the status of women within several sectors such as Art, Investment banking, the fashion industry etc.

The World Art Dubai Awards were designed to motivate and uplift artists and galleries and it was created as a form of recognition and appreciation for the hard work put in into creating masterpieces. The awardees were declared at the event and the certificates were presented by Mr. Thomas Loffler - Vice President, Exhibitions DWTC along with the curators Ms. Petra Kaltenbach, Ms. Samar Kamel, and Ms. Batool Jafri.

The awardees @ World Art Dubai 2021

WAD 2021 was a fantastic platform for those interested in owning original artworks created by extremely talented artists. The seventh edition of WAD was declared commercially successful for participating artists and galleries. This edition also presented some promising young emerging artists and the overwhelming response that they have received from visitors and the community will surely give them the push required to scale more heights in their careers as artists. The art community is very close knit and seeing the kind of support they extended to their own is nothing short of wholesome, in fact, it is this togetherness that prompts young mind to follow art as a passion and as a career.

As IlTelevisionario2 was one of the official media partners for World Art Dubai 2021, we had conducted several interviews and short videos of the event on a daily basis from the venue and away. Kindly follow the link mentioned below to experience some treasured moments of the event and we invite the world to come and join us for World Art Dubai 2022.

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IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be the official media partner of World Art Dubai 2021 and I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate the organizers, curators and the artists who have worked together to lead this event into the halls of success.

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