"A THOUSAND CUTS AND AN ARCH" - Explorations into the Subconscious by Bharat Thakur


 (Saju Nair - Dubai) With the inauguration of the World Expo in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates has attracted millions of tourists from across the globe. The spectacular opening ceremony of Expo 2020 left the world on the edge of their seats. The ceremony played out in the form of a captivating musical with the intention to educate the world about The United Arab Emirates past, present, and future. More than 3000 audiences witnessed the magnanimous event live from the venue while millions all across the world experienced the opening ceremony through various visual and social media handles. Kindly click on the link below to receive detailed information about the celebration of the century - 'Expo 2020'.


Artworks displayed @ 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch'

The last week of October 2021 also witnessed the solo exhibition of the world-famous Indian artist, Bharat Thakur, and this event was organized/curated by the founder of artforumuae and well-known curator, Mr. Peter Gressmann in coordination with Artist playground, Pullman Dubai Creek City Center Hotel. An event that was limited to exclusive invitees due to the regulations laid by the hotel in view of the pandemic has been well received by the art world as the news about this exhibition has dominated various social, print, and visual media platforms. This event titled 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch' is the second edition that is hosted by the Pullman Hotel while the First edition was hosted at the stunning ambiance of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and this event was also curated by Mr. Peter Gressmann. The first edition was a commercially successful event for the artist as several of his creations were newly owned by various art collectors and art enthusiasts. In continuation to the success, even the second edition has also seen an inspiring acceptance, and the curator, Mr. Peter looks more confident than ever to elevate this event to a whole new level. The second edition of 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch' features 14 abstract creations, 3 portraits of Bollywood fame and wife of Bharat Thakur, Ms. Bhumika Chawla, and 9 elegantly crafted sculptures that represent various forms and postures in yoga. This event also exhibits a beautiful artwork of Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of The Museum of Americas as a goodwill gesture and to express her solidarity and support to the artist, Bharat Thakur.

Artworks displayed @ 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch'

Over the years, BT has showcased his versatility through his spectacular creations and he has successfully established his unique identity in the art world. From a Yoga Guru to a Bollywood movie producer/director, successful entrepreneur, a musician, a poet, an author, a painter, a sculptor, a grower - the expertise of this talented person has never failed to surprise the world. Having painted thousands of artworks and crafted hundreds of sculptures, the artist still feels incomplete and so, he wanders within himself in search of emotions hidden in the subconscious and unconscious parts of his memory, to explore the extent of his imagination and surrender to his canvas and his colors. Being a yoga guru himself, most of the sculptures that were created in bronze and other metals are depictions of several yogic postures to enlighten those who gaze upon his work about the harmony and peace associated with Yoga and its deep connection with nature.

Artworks displayed @ 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch'

"Lately, I have been exploring my own subjective reality, trying to capture that which isn't easily recorded in the dimly lit spaces of the mind, to have its contents tell their own stories." Says the astoundingly talented artist Bharat Thakur.

To give a brief description of the artist and to let our savant readers know more about BT, elucidated below are relevant details from the artists' profiles.


Bharat Thakur is an artist who works on a global platform and addresses a multicultural audience through his works that are quintessentially Indian. At the age of four, he was taken to the icy remoteness of the Himalayas by his spiritual teacher and for the following thirteen years, Bharat was immersed in the study of ancient Indian mystical sciences. Bharat has drawn inspiration from the material that he inherited from his apprenticeship with the inscrutable adepts of Yoga and Tantra as well as from Nature in whose lap he has always spent a lot of time. Bharat is an inveterate journeyman, constantly on the move, spending time in remote parts of India as well as to Europe, Africa, West Asia, and the Far East, seeking exposure to different cultures, studying the works of the great masters, and collecting new material for his works. Unquote

Moments from the event

Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga Company has been offering a research-based, result-oriented form of Yoga which Bharat pioneered. The company has its presence in Europe, Central Asia, and UAE apart from India. His contribution to the wellness of society has always received immense appreciation and a testimony to this is the increase in participation every passing day. With an aim to connect with society and to have continuous interaction with the community, BT has launched an app that reveals his mystical creations, the benefits of yoga, literature, and many other activities that BT is into. The app is titled 'Bharat Thakur Art' and is available on android and iOS platforms.

Sculptures displayed @ 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch'

This event titled 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch' was inaugurated by Dr. Bu Abdullah - Chairman of Bu Abdullah Group, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and an art enthusiast in the presence of the artist, curator, and other invited guests. During the art tour, the artist revealed the stories encapsulated in his works and additionally, shared his future plans in art with his guests. 

Artworks displayed @ 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch'

Ms. Sultana Kazim - renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of The Museum of Americas with her artwork displayed at the event.

"I have been following his works for since long and it is quite fascinating to see the volume of works he creates in a short span of time. I honestly feel that his dedication, determination, and passion for art are something that drives Bharat to create such beautiful paintings and sculptures. When we discuss anything related to art he has always expressed a clear vision of how he has to be and where he has to be in 10 years' time. He has always set a challenging target for himself and he strives hard to achieve those milestones and the beauty lies in the fact that he successfully accomplishes the tasks he sets his mind to and surprisingly, every new artwork that he gives life to is one better than the one before. I had attended the first edition in DIFC and from then till now Bharat has transformed himself as one of the greatest artists in the world. Since I am a person who is closely known to their family I really appreciate their projects that are underway to support the environment and also for lending a helping hand to the needy. Considering the multi-talent Bharat possesses, it amazes me to realize how humble a person he really is. I also use this platform to congratulate him for his success and also tender my best wishes for all his future endeavors." Says Ms. Sultana Kazim - renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of The Museum of Americas. Due to some personal reasons Ms. Sultana couldn't attend the opening event, however she conveyed her best wishes to the artist and the curator.

Asking about the collaboration with BT, the curator of the show Mr. Peter Gressmann says "My friendship, but above all my admiration for the extraordinary artist Bharat Thakur, goes back to World Art Dubai 2018. At first glance itself, I recognized that this is the artist of a century, even if the works exhibited at the time belonged to the category of 'dark art' which took some of the visitors by surprise, I realized Bharat Thakur is an artist you don't meet every day. A few weeks later Bharat Thakur asked me to visit his house in Dubai and my first impression was confirmed! In the last few years, I have reported a lot about Bharat Thakur and was able to win him over for several group exhibitions. But the most important thing for me was to be part of the biggest solo exhibition ever shown in Dubai. That was the legendary exhibition 'A thousand Cuts and an Arch' on the roof of the DIFC in February 2020 before the outbreak of Corona. The success of this exhibition prompted me as a curator to repeat a second edition of the exhibition on a smaller scale. It was important for me to show the different facets of the artist in this exhibition and I think I succeeded. It was a heartfelt wish for Bharat Thakur and me too, a work of the great lady of art, one of the last great impressionists - Sultana Kazim, to be added to the exhibition and Sultana Kazim gladly followed this request. We are expecting collectors and various other dignitaries in coming days and as a curator, I am happy the way the event has unfolded."

"Having a cordial relation with Bharat for a long, it has been an amazing experience to follow his journey. His capabilities in the various creative field are really fascinating and the styles of his paintings and sculptures are unique and phenomenal. Having a clear focus on the subject he is involved in and the clear vision of where he has to be in the next 10 years is really incredible and the way he works relentlessly I am pretty sure that he will surpass the set target ahead of time. The subject and theme of his abstract work have always been spectacular in its style and the color pallets, one can find various definitions for his artworks as all of us analyze and view the artworks from our own perspective. What makes me convinced that Bharat is an artist to watch is that the volume of works he creates in a short span of time without compromising on the quality and moreover every newly created artwork or crafted sculpture we can find a surprising element in each of them. All my best wishes to Bharat for scaling newer heights in his professional and personal career." Says Ahmed Al Awadhi - renowned Emirati artist, and Businessman. 

Moments from the event

In continuation to the opening of 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arc' on 30th October 2021, a meet and greet was organized on 13th November 2021 from 6.30 to 9.00PM in which various dignitaries from different walks of life graced the evening with their presence. The event also turned out to be commercially successful as several of BT's creations were bought by art collectors and art enthusiasts. It is indeed fascinating to experience the rising popularity of amazingly talented artists in the region and the visit of high-profile guests and commercial success acts as a testimony to the fact that Bharat Thakur is an artist that deserves widespread recognition for his works. A group of artists from western countries under the patronage of The Museum of Americas were received by the artist and the curator during the event.

Among the distinguished guests, the presence of Ms. Irka Bochenko, a World-renowned Hollywood actress and musician, enhanced the glory of the evening. "I discovered some of his work at 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch' art exhibition and I must say that Bharat is an incredibly multi-talented artist. He's able to create so many different arts. Each painting is a journey to some different and amazing places, sometimes the depth of a dream, the mystery of a soul, and sometimes the hard reality, the real-life like some of his portraits. I appreciate the endless variety of colors he uses. For me, his sculptures in metals show his strength, his will, and at the same time his fragility and sensuality. I love the way he sees things and I must say that I feel very close to him. It seems to me that we are both in the same « outer space ». (Lol) His work represents him so well and we can see through it his passion for life and his enormous generosity. I am indeed happy that this solo exhibition of Bharat falls at the right time when I am in Dubai and it was indeed a pleasure to experience master's creations along with some of my friends, artists, and distinguished dignitaries. Congratulations dear Bharat!" Says Ms. Irka Bochenko

Moments from Greet and Meet event

These amazing creations will illuminate The Artist Playground at Pullman Deira Creek Hotel till mid-December 2021 and we highly recommend art enthusiasts to experience the brilliance of his artworks first-hand. It is certain that when one deeply analyses his artworks, the depth of foresight and understanding of the world's natural processes will crystalize into view, enlightening the mind with knowledge and wonder. I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate the artist, the curator, and the entire team of Pullman Hotel for all their hard work in giving life to the second edition of 'A Thousand Cuts and an Arch' a solo art exhibition by Bharat Thakur.

It is with immense pride and pleasure we would like to inform our savant readers that TV2 Art Gallery shall be hosting various artists at World Art Dubai 2022 and we thankfully acknowledge the support extended by all our readers and it is your valuable feedbacks and acceptance of our work that gave us the confidence to present ourselves as an art gallery in addition to the media support in WAD 2022.

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