(Saju Nair - Dubai) As the celebration of art continues in The United Arab Emirates, one of the most prominent and much acceptable art gallery is all set to unleash an Art Exhibition titled 'Power of Line' on13th November 2019.

Eight powerful female artists to join hands with Jesno Jackson at 'Power of Line' while international award winning book titled 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI' written by famous journalist Alessandra Giorda shall also be launched at the Studio Seven Galley, Dubai.

UAE has a vast network of Galleries that organize various art gatherings, workshop, Live Painting sessions etc. which has kept the artists in the region preoccupied in creating new artworks as every exhibition organized in this land has a unique global value of its own and is hugely influencing the art Industry by its professional curation and the quality of splendid creations displayed. One such gallery that is dedicated to the cause of promoting and nurturing artists of the region by providing superlative platforms for promoting their artworks is the fabulous ART4You Gallery.

Rengi Cherian and Jesno Jackson, the founders of ART4You Gallery, are well known for their professional method of curating and managing events all the while exceeding the expectations of the art fraternity, not just in the region, but in an international approach as well. All their exhibitions are unique as the artworks displayed in these exhibitions only raise the standard of the art fraternity manifold. It is truly amazing to witness how these two aspiring souls curate an event and always manage to display only the best of the best and moreover, promote artists to a whole new level. Their dedication and commitment to the cause is commendable and they have made a prominent mark in the history of the art fraternity in this region.

Jesno Jackson, being an art tutor, always ensures that the element of learning is present in all events she organizes so that the artists that participate and the enthusiasts that visit, not only gain an experience that they will cherish, but also gain certain strikes of knowledge on art and etches them into their memory, as a result, the artists find themselves becoming increasingly knowledgeable and their artworks become more and more capturing.

The latest exhibition of ART4You concluded on the last week of October 2019 which was titled 'Agora - a SPACE of art in you', this exhibition largely covered one among the 7 elements of art - SPACE. The artists that took part in this exhibition showed justice to the title and gifted all visitors an opportunity to cherish every bit of each work and to share their stories behind the creations to the visitors and guests.

Continuing with their fantastic work and contribution to the art world, Jesno Jackson hits the headlines yet again as her latest exhibition titled 'Power of Line' occupies the front page. This exhibition is undoubtedly going to be a show stopper as various incredibly talented artists join together in collaboration with Studio7 Gallery to once again skyrocket the expectations of the art world and raise the benchmark of success.

The artists who will take the art world on a mesmerizing journey through their participation in 'Power of Line' are Shobha Iyer, Madeleine Kurtsdotter, Dr. Sharmila Tulpule, Amrita Sethi, Sonal Johar, Smita Aloni, Sanja Jankovic, & Rishu Gosain Roy.

Having a proven track record in gaining commercial benefits for the artists, each exhibition organized by ART4You are also a favorite destination for art collectors and end clients. Gatherings curated by Jesno Jackson are always well attended by inspiring leaders from the art world in the region and famous personalities from different walks of life along with the art enthusiasts and fellow artists which also enhances the curiosity of participating artist as they are able to gain an extra mile in getting their creations elevated to a global platform.

The venue of Studio Seven Gallery is also scheduled to witness the book launch of world renowned journalist and founder of Televisionario2, Alessandra Giorda who has been providing their platform to promote events and artists from The United Arab Emirates to gain global attention. The art community in the region is always admired with the support of Alessandra as seven personalities from UAE has occupied space in the first book of Alessandra published by Sakura Editions of Colombia title 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI' which means 'Great Characters' in English. This book is a collection of interviews, giving a chance for the readers to experience her time spend with all those enormously talented artists across the globe. The protagonists are Opera / Pop Singers, Ambassadors, Actresses, Painters, Journalists, Writers, Poets and many more who have revealed their journey of their respective careers. This book also features artists Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Alejandra Palos Ortega, Jesno Jackson, Rafah Abdulrazzak, Sijin Gopinathan, Varsha Saju Nair in addition to Mr. Peter Gressman from the United Arab Emirates along with the world-renowned personalities from across the globe. The book is scheduled to launch in UAE on 13th November 2019 at Studio Seven Gallery during the inauguration of 'Power of Line' an art exhibition by ART4You Gallery. 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI' won the First International Prize in the City of Florence which is indeed an honor in her enormous capability in literature and appreciation / acceptance of Alessandra's contribution to the world of Lyric, Entertainment, Art & Culture. I tender my congratulations to Alessandra Giorda for her commendable achievement.

The event to be hosted at Studio seven is all set to take the art world bysurprise in the presence of hundreds of visitors including the artist and guests. Televisionario2 extend all our best wishes to Jesno Jackson and the entire team behind 'Power of Line' and request the art enthusiasts to grace the opening with your presence to experience the magical evening.