(Saju Nair - Dubai) In continuation to the curtain raiser published on 12th October 2019 on the art exhibition titled 'Agora - A Space of Art in you', The United Arab Emirates has experienced a magical evening studded with magnificent creations of enormously talented artist which was hosted at Studio Seven Gallery, Dubai.

It's indeed a challenge for any curator to design a theme and to arrange the artworks in the best way giving equal importance to all participating artist with the seriousness it deserves. The ability of a curator is always evaluated by the selection of artworks, placement of artworks and promotion of the event, in addition to the organizing capabilities. Having curated and participated in many exhibitions all the above factors are safe in the hands of the ART4You gallery founder and well admired artist and curator, Jesno Jackson. Events organized by ART4You gallery have been widely accepted by the art World as all the events they organize always seem to have a hidden element of surprise which makes Jesno a demanding curator.

October being globally marked as Breast Cancer Awareness month, ART4You gallery has again stood up to the society and dedicated this event to all those who are suffering, to all those who are fighting and to all those departed souls for eternal peace. We should accept the fact that Breast cancer is a rapidly growing concern across the globe but can be well arrested by early identification of symptoms. In this modern world, medical science has gained immense prominence and is dealing with breast cancer and various cures and treatments associated with the eradication of this disease. There are regular medical checkup's organized by the government health sector and various other NGO's in coordination with private medical centers to identify this disease at the early stages itself which opens an opportunity of speedy recovery.

Breast cancer, also referred to as cancer, is originated in the cells within the breast which if not identified at the early stage may also spread to bones and liver. Early diagnostics of breast cancer is now possible with a little cautious approach by us in understanding the symptoms and taking adequate measures if tested positive.

Jesno Jackson took the inaugural floor to share some valuable information on this disease and as part of expressing the solidarity Chief Guest, participating artists, invited dignitaries and art enthusiasts present at the ceremony wore a pink ribbon which makes the evening more touching and inspiring.

Opening evening of 'Agora - A Space of Art in you' stood apart with the participations of highly dignified guests from the field of art and culture. 'Agora' was inaugurated byMr. Yasser AlGargawi - Director of Programs and Partnerships, Ministry of Tolerance, Chairman of Dubai National Theatre in the presence of Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi - Director of Fine Arts Society, AbuDhabi, Ms. Sultana Kazim - Fashion designer and Representative of Museum of Americas, Mr. Faisal Abdulqader - Emirati Fine artist, Mr. Ali Al Ameri - Calligrapher and Plaster Artist & Mr. Peter Gressman Art critic / Art Historian/ Curator & founder of artforumuae.

Leading artists from across the region ensured their presence on the inaugural day to support the cause, to motivate the artists and to get inspired by their works.

The participating artists has indeed shown justice to the technical element of the exhibition which is "SPACE". The exquisitely created artworks by Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Ahmed Al Dossary, Amruta Ketkar, Gayatri Simit Shah, Hiral Patel, Imran Mansoor Imzy, Jalal Abusamaa, Mohamed Shabana, Nada Al Barazi, Nisar Ibrahim, Peter Farrington, Rachel John, Varsha Saju Nair & Veena Devagiri hasgifted a visual treat to the visitors. Guests and visitors eagerly listened to the story of each artwork and admired the splendid creations.

Fabulous creations in various mediums have engrossed the visitors, be it a beautifully created landscape or the artworks of birds using vibrant colors or portraits created in pop art, giving a lot to think for the visitors with the stunning abstracts or those Picturesque Caricature which has gifted smiles to the onlookers while the splendid figurative abstracts which is immersed in colors apart from carefully yet elegantly crafted sculptures which has gifted a mesmerizing evening to the art world.

Acceptance of "Agora" - A Space of Art in you, has also kept Studio Seven Gallery busy on 22nd October as well, as much respected leader Swami Brahmaviharida of BAPS India who is also head of the team responsible for the design and building of the historic and monumental Indian Temple in AbuDhabi visited the gallery. Being widely acceptable personality, on his art tour he connected to the artworks on a deeper spiritual level and shared the importance of art in meditative aspects as well.

The captain of the show, Jesno Jackson, was exceedingly satiated with the participation of the opening and she says "We are indeed very glad that we were able to put forth this show and even more so, we are really overwhelmed with the acceptance, wishes and views of our fellow artists and friends in social media and all those who have graced the evening with their presence. The increasing acceptability of ART4You social media pages makes us realize the acceptance and this also encourages us to organize many such gatherings with larger responsibilities. We feel that being one of the most accepted galleries in the region, ART4You has always stayed committed to the society and to contribute to the community in the best possible way we can. That's the reason we have designed this exhibition giving importance to spread awareness on the issue of Breast Cancer. It was really touching to witness all the artists, invited guests and visitors wearing the pink ribbon which was kept ready at the venue to express the solidarity to all those women who have been diagonised and voicing their support to give hope to the society. As we know Breast cancer is no more an incurable disease and it's something which can be eliminated upon early identification, we urge the community to have regular self-checkup's and contact your doctor if you find anything unusual leaving no time to guess. As the curator of this event I am really thankful to Mr. Jamal, Owner of Studio Seven for allotting this space and giving me the freedom to express myself which is always a great motivation for a curator and also main ingredient of success. My sincere gratitude to all the participating artists and congratulations for their splendid creations which has enhanced the glory of the evening. I believe that this project is the opportunity for collectors to enjoy art in an unusual form. For the young aspirational collectors, it is a rare chance to collect a unique piece of work and support an important cause, so we urge and encourage art enthusiasts to visit Studio Seven Gallery as this exhibition shall be opened for public till the end of this month"

Mr. Peter Gressman, who has always been a keen observer looked quite satisfied with the opening ceremony and shares his views with Televesionario2 "With the exhibition 'Agora a space of art in you' it was not just the subject of Tolerance that was taken up, but the ART4You founders, Jesno and Rengi, have also used this exhibition to proliferate among women and others on the awareness of how important it is to regularly conduct check-up, especially in matters concerning breast cancer. A great action! I was particularly impressed by the sculptures by Nisar Ibrahim in this exhibition. But also, new works by Ahmed Rukni and Varsha Nair impressed me. I see pleasing developments in the works of Rachel John. Eye catchers were for me in this exhibition, the mystical abstract works of Peter Farrington. All in all, a very successful exhibition" says Mr. Peter Gressman.

The much-respected personality, Sultana Farouq Kazim, an artist & Fashion designer by herself was really inspired by the event and moreover felt delighted on the dedication of this event and says "It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this wonderful gathering organized by ART4You founders Jesno Jackson and her most supportive husband Rengi Cherian. What makes me more jubilant is the dedication of this event to support the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness, and ART being embraced as an international language that reaches millions around the globe, Jesno has perfectly curated this exquisitely designed show. It also gives me immense pride that my country, The United Arab Emirates, always hosts such great events which sets great examples to the world for accepting and respecting Tolerance. The display of art works was most successful in conveying the message it was intended to. Very well attended just like all of ART4You events which are happy, delightful and most enjoyable. I would also congratulate the extremely talented artists for their marvelous creations and their willingness to stand for a cause."

This event also witnessed a goodwill gesture by Eminent Emirati Artist Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi as the artist presented one of his master creation which carries immense significance in the current world. A picture clicked of Pope Francis and Grand Imam of Al Azhar during the first papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula which was recreated by the artist in his mastered pop art style which makes the creation even more beautiful. This creation which was set to be the best example of Tolerance was handed over to Mr. Yasser AlGargawi in the presence of Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi and other invited dignitaries.

Varsha Nair the youngest artist of the evening surprised the art fraternity by unveiling her first ever series titled "Immerse in colors" which portrays a sequence of figurative abstracts. Pouring the colors giving equal importance to all basic formulas of art, she has created elegant postures of dancers of various formats with vibrant colors which stood unique when hung on the walls of Studio Seven.

The significance of science and mathematics in art was quite visible when the carefully yet elegantly crafted sculpture took the center stage of Studio Seven Gallery. The enormously talented artist Nissar Ibrahim set the art world at astonishment by the sculptors where the precision meets the gracefulness gifting a jaw dropping experience to the onlookers. Metal sheets were marked and crafted into pieces in different size and shapes without compromising the quality while 16 carefully designed metal pieces were installed to reveal one of the most admired world leader and Father of The United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. 

Eminent artist Nada Al Barazi with Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi

Most popular caricature artist Jalal Abusamaa briefing about his creations to the guests of the evening.

Artist Rachel John explaining her artworks.

Artist Imran Mansoor Imzy narrating the story behind his creation

Yet again the expectations set was not compromised, moreover this event has raised the benchmark of success. Televisionario2 congratulates ART4You gallery for their incredible competencies in organize magical evenings and also our best wishes to all those astounding artists who have spread the gallery with their splendid artworks.

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