( Alessandra Giorda) Great attention is paid to the various forms of painting and art in general in UAE. From Sharjah, the capital of the emirate of Sharjah where last month I attended an event that left me speechless for the spectacularity of the paintings, to other cities and other very important events. There are many interviews that I have made to talented painters. In fact there are numerous world resonance events in the number one city in the world where every dream seems to come true: the legendary Dubai.
On the occasion of the prestigious event at the Alfalasi.artz gallery in World Art Dubai, which was held from April 18th to 21st, the interview with the painter Ms Bhairavi Mistry who describes what Alfalasi.artz is, her passion for painting handed down by his father, the new fascinating techniques, the meeting with Mr. Alfalasi man and extraordinary artist and much more. Are you unknown artists? Is painting one of your passions? Do you want to know another part of Dubai that is not just glitz and luxury? Enjoy the reading!

Describe Alfalasi.artz, please?

Alfalasi.artz is like a dream for Mr. Alfalasi and myself. We want to promote the upcoming unknown artist. In future, we see Alfalasi.artz as an institution for all types of art form. We are trying to do art event in different area like cafe, hotels, big art fairs like India Art festival World Art Dubai,...... to explore different types of market. This gives all upcoming and ameture artist a good exposure in this art world.

Actually you work with Ahmed Alfalasi. What do you think about Mr. Alfalasi?

Words will be less if I start talking about Mr. Ahmed Alfalasi ....he is a great human being who believes in giving back to society in the form of Art. To me, I started the journey with him as a good friend than a great mentor and now as a partner of Alfalasi.artz. He is a gem of a person who is always there beside you whenever u need him by all means.

When did you start to paint?

This passion was passed from dad to me as a hereditary gift. As we had a business of wooden carving handicraft I have always look upon my dad doing designing and all creative stuff. My dad is the reason I always like to explore the world of art through the different form. My Dad is the reason behind my growth in the Art world.

What are you favorite paintings' techniques?

I mostly like to explore different techniques like texture, hyper-realistic, drybrush, but now a days I am more into airbrush techniques which I learned from Mr. Ahmed Alfalasi...he is a seascape artist ...he has taught me a lot about airbrush. I love to paint space painting by airbrush techniques under his guidance.

What is your professional dream?

Actually, I am working on my dream..... Art curator of Alfalasi.artz. I always wanted to start a company where I can promote art was my dream .... when I meet Mr. Alfalasi I knew that we both have the same passion for art. Together we can do wonders by giving back to society through Art. So we started alfalasi.artz, a company which is purely for promoting Art.

What it means to paint for you?

Painting is like breathing for me. It's a passion I can't live without.

When will be next event?

We as in Alfalasi.artz, trying to do events every month. So different artist can explore the market in a different form through Alfalasi.artz. We are also planning art events for kids and mentally challenged people which might help them overcome their anxieties.