(Saju Nair - Dubai) As this country, The United Arab Emirates, celebrates its 48th National day on 2nd December 2019, there are numerous events organized by the administration to celebrate and rejoice the success achieved in these years for UAE to emerge as one of the fastest growing economy, opening doors for investors to give shape to their dreams and also as the most favorite destination for tourists across the globe. Over the years, UAE has grabbed the attention of the world with their sustainable economic development, respecting the moral values, preserving the tradition and culture, spreading the awareness of tolerance and by raising to the occasions to extend their helping hand to many countries and communities in the humanitarian grounds.

The United Arab Emirates has given home for 200 plus nationalities and so as this nation is rich with vivid tradition and culture. Large communities here utilize all these festivals and special days to extend their happiness and gratitude to the visionary rulers of this great nation and also to exhibit and spread awareness of their culture and traditions which makes every celebration in this country a colorful, knowledgeable and magical gathering. Heritage and culture of The United Arab Emirates are portrayed in various forms giving the residence and tourist in UAE an amazing opportunity to experience the value of century old culture and mouthwatering Arabic cuisines. During these days of National day celebrations, the government and private buildings are illuminated with the colors of UAE national flag while you can find the cars decorated with the image of visionary leaders and national flag - in totality it's celebration of colors, so as one of the exhibition titled 'Alwan' (meaning COLORS in English) carries immense significance.

The Art Industry in this country has always taken the lead when it comes to celebrating any such occasions by organizing various art gatherings involving the maximum mélange of nationalities which indeed inculcates a sense of respect and togetherness within the communities.

One among the leading galleries in this country, who has always raised to any such occasions are Funun Arts lead by Shiba Khan and Farah Khan who are widely known as The Khan Sisters. The call of 'Alwan' by Funun was accepted by the art fraternity, in all its glory, as they have received applications from hundreds of artists which in-fact shows the acceptance of Funun in the art industry. Having limitations of participation, 48 artists were selected by Funun to be a part of 'Alwan' which was held at Arab Cultural Center at Sharjah. Sharjah, one among the seven emirates in UAE, was named as the 'Cultural Capital of the Arab world' by UNESCO in 1998 and so as the events conducted here carries immense significance.

Anjini Prakash Laitu, a veteran artist from India who has been residing in the UAE for decades, has earned a respectful appreciation from the art industry in UAE and abroad with his astonishing creations and as an admiring supporter and promoter of art. Mr. Laitu who is in his seventies, ensure his presence in almost all the art gatherings as a participant or as a guest and his reviews and feedbacks are well appreciated and accepted by the artists. At 'Alwan' The Khan Sisters honored this amazingly talented veteran artist who is an inspiration for many by incorporating one of the splendid creations of Mr. Laitu as the cover page for the invitation of 'Alwan'.

Shiba Khan, the curator of the show and the founder of Funun art, praised the commendable contribution of Mr. Anjini Prakash Laitu to the art fraternity and expressed her gratitude on behalf of the art industry for being an inspiring ambassador of art. Mr. Laitu thankfully acknowledged the goodwill gesture by Funun and the organizers of Arab Cultural Center, Sharjah in his address to the gathering.

The event was graced with the presence of Dr. Omar Abdo M Ghaleb, Head of research and studies section in Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah who is also the Editor in Chief of 'Arrafid' Magazine and Head of The Arab Cultural Club. Mr. Omar interacted with the artists and his curiosity to learn the stories behind each of their creations has been a great experience for the artists and the art enthusiasts at the venue.

More than sixty artworks of talented artists ornamented the premise of The Arab Cultural Club turning 'Alwan' into a paradise of colors. The artworks showcased at 'Alwan' has indeed stunned the art world, be it the beautifully portrayed landscapes, the amazingly created abstract, the vivid styles that portray majestic horses in its royal demeanor or the splendid and rhythmic artworks created in mixed media.

Exclusively for our readers across the globe, Televisionario2 is proud to share the images of some of the artworks displayed at 'Alwan'.

Artworks displayed during the exhibition

Artworks displayed during the exhibition.

Artworks displayed during the exhibition

Artworks displayed during the exhibition

Artworks displayed during the exhibition

Artworks displayed during the exhibition

Artworks displayed during the exhibition

Televisionario2 extends all our warm wishes and congratulate the residence and rulers of this great nation on the celebration of 48th National Day.