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(Saju Nair - Dubai) Back to back events by various galleries in The United Arab Emirates is maintaining the momentum and engaging artists and the community in excitement and anticipation as the art fraternity continues to thrive. The public is often distracted by the increasing number of Covid cases and there are several concerns raised across the globe to counter and effectively eliminate this virus. The challenges have not ended, medical professionals are still trying their level best to curb the spread of this pandemic as more and more variants are discovered. The governments of every country are working towards keeping its citizens safe and sound in a healthy environment but it is the responsibility of the citizens to adhere to the guidelines issued by the government. This is not a one-man fight but it's all of us fighting together that will cleanse the world of this virus. We must be responsible citizens of the world and we must do our part. Let us pray and hope the vaccination program, that is now active in most countries, makes the world a better place to live.

ZOOM gathering @ 'Around the World'

It might be because by profession he is a doctor and is actively involved in the process of the eradication of Covid on a daily basis, Dr. Romit is reluctant to hold any physical gatherings and for good reason. The cases are rising by the day and he knows, first hand, how damaging this virus actually is but TPBAC engages artists and the art fraternity by hosting multiple virtual events by incorporating avant-garde ideas to entertain and support the art community. Every event curated by Ms. Sonal Purohit is always laced with some element of surprise and since TV2 is an active participant in their events, it is with complete pride we say that TPBAC has gained success in all the events they have curated and they have won the trust and faith of the artists and the art community. The latest event conducted by TPBAC was a virtual event titled 'Around the World'. This event was a combination of a 3-hour virtual live art competition wherein 6 artists participated followed by another 3-hour virtual exhibition in which 22 artists from different nationalities exhibited their artworks. The virtual platform provided by the curator also gave the artists an opportunity to explain the thoughts and stories behind their creations. After all, it is the backstory of an artwork that really speaks to the soul. The artworks inspired all those who attended the event and those who followed through social media handles.

Artworks exhibited @'Around the World'

With a clear intention to stray away from negative thoughts and to provide the art world with some quality time to pursue their passion along with their fellow peers through a screen, the founders of TPBAC have successfully created an atmosphere filled with positivity and pure joy. They have given a space for artists to interact amongst themselves and to learn and grow with each other. Ever since the formation of The Paintbrush Art Community, they have been an active player in conducting regular events and coming up with inspiring and creative ideas to support artists, and in a short span of time, they have grown to become one among the leading galleries in the UAE. 

Ms. Sonal Purohit, an artist by herself and the Co-founder of TPBAC has always risen to the occasion to encourage and entertain the art world. The selection of the theme has given artists an opportunity to think outside the boundaries of the ordinary and to expand their creativity with no restrictions and this has given rise to a very unique but equally thrilling challenge. "We wanted to begin the year 2021 on a happy note so we planned the concept of WORLD TOUR with our finest artists and esteemed guests. The participation of 'Around the World' was a great feeling for me as a curator as we had the opportunity to experience the magical creations of artists from different nationalities with a common aim to express our love and affection towards art. The event turned out to be an ART CONCERT, thanks to our host and co-founder, Dr. Romit Purohit, for hosting the show and for giving equal attention to each participating artist and our distinguished guests. It is indeed a very proud moment for me to see that the guests, artists and all those who saw our event were left feeling a deep sense of joy and satisfaction." says the curator of the show, Ms. Sonal Purohit.

"Since childhood, we have dreams of going around the world. That vagabond in me got the chance to do so in today's "virtual era". I had the privilege to co-host 22 artists who displayed their imagination and creativity during the live and exhibit art. In fact, we went an extra mile into the ocean to see the growth of UAE, that too on a canvas. Realistically speaking it was nostalgic because all the artworks were something I had dreamed about. Because in your dreams, every detail matters. My moment of happiness is always art and music, so we played music from across the globe. Artists created and we celebrated. Once again TBPAC founder Sonal nailed it as excellence is not an act for her but a habit, Gotcha" Says Dr. Romit Purohit, Founder of TPBAC.

Artworks exhibited @'Around the World'

Renowned artists M.A.Hussain, Prabita Rajesh, Snehal Phule, Snehita Gehlot, Ankita Gupta, Aftab Alam, King Brown, and Ruben Antonio Molina Perez participated in the live art competition. All the participating artists selected their respective subjects in accordance to the theme 'Around the world'. A three-hour-long live art was a different experience for the artists and for the viewers, as the artist was given the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas behind the subject selected while they paint. To keep the artist and the viewers entertained during the six-hour-long session, live music by the well-known vocalist, Mr. Vineeth Prabhakaran was performed supported by Dr. Romit himself. Listening to music and watching artists paint in their unique ways was nothing short of a blissful experience and this is what made this event distinctive.

Artworks exhibited @'Around the World'

The artworks created were then analyzed/reviewed by the jury and three artworks were to be selected amongst the many brilliant works. I was also a part of the panel of judges and it was indeed a very tough call to pick three works as every single artwork created during the live session and the ones that were exhibited were splendid and unique in their own way. But a selection had to be made and so, the jury members placed a vote amongst themselves and came up with the results which was accepted and appreciated by everyone present. The other judges, in addition to myself, were Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas., Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae, Ms. Shiba Khan - Eminent Artist, Art Activist and Founder of Funun Arts and Ms. Roxana Jaffer - Poet, Philanthropist and CEO of Holiday Inn, Al Barsha.

Guests who accompanied to go @ 'Around the World"

In the Live art category, the art work of Ruben Antonio Molina Perez was selected for first place while Prabita Rajesh and King Brown was selected for the second and third place respectively. The splendid creation of Prabita Rajesh was declared first in the exhibit category while Rekha Musbidri and Ruben Antonio Molina Perez were declared as the second and third victors respectively by the panel of judges.

The young artists, Adelina Maria Baldvin (13 Years) and Manasvi Bordia (10 years) along with Ankita Gupta, Aftab Alam, Fathima Az-Zahra, King Brown, Koushal Choudhary, Lalita Sharma, Maya Mistry, M.A. Hussain, Neha Dua, Prabita Rajesh, Ruben Antonio Molina Perez, Shaikh Abdul Rauf, Rekha Mudbidri, Saima Hasan, Seema Guhe, Smitha Nair, Snehita Gehlot, Snehal Phule, Sugat Priyadarshi and Vinay Joshi exhibited their splendid artworks in this virtual exhibition titled 'Around the World'. A well-known art director from the Indian cinematic universe, Mr. Koushal Choudhary, ensured his presence as the special guest and even gave the audience a small insight into the new shooting location for the next movie while the incredibly talented artist, Mr. Rauf ensured his presence along with his stunning artwork.

The subject selected by the artists were perfectly in sync with the theme and it is true to say that the viewers were transported to different parts of the world because of the transcending works of the artists. Let it be the tribal life of Kenya or the street views of Sydney, the beaches of Ireland or the ancient life of Egyptians, Historical places in Italy or the stunning view of the Taj Mahal, the traditional dance forms and the spiritual places of vibrant India or the scenic beauty of Norway, the captivating view of a sunset by the lake in Sweden or the beautifully portrayed success journey of UAE, the culture of Indonesia or the waves of Japan, the Streets of England overlooked by Her Majesty or the stunning portraiture of a Venezuelan boy. These subjects were portrayed in wonderful flairs of colors and emotions, some were infused with love while others with wonder, either way, the artworks were definitely a visual treat.

Manasvi Bordia and Adelina Maria Baldvin along with their artwork

What made this event much more engaging was the presence of two young artists, who stepped forward and took the courage to participate in an art competition along with well-known artists. Needless to say, the artworks of the young artists were indeed exceptional and they were well-received with applause and appreciation. A glorious dragon with a body incorporating cityscapes, ranging from Chinese traditional structures to pandas was the subject portrayed by the 10-year old, Manasvi Bordia while 13-year old, Adelina Maria Baldvin, chose to portray the alluring beauty of a colony of penguins beside ice floes which additionally sent a message on the threat of extinction of these icy regions due to global warming.

Ruben Antonio Molina Perez, an artist from Venezuela secured first place in the live art and third place in the exhibit art category. "It is a challenge for any artist to work live before an expert jury as the honesty of the artist's talent is proven here. My work seeks to reach hearts with color and a lot of vitality, my work does so with the use of colors and quick drawing to achieve vitality and attraction in the viewer. I look for sincere paintings, one which vibrates and is not over-adorned but one which feels alive."

Prabitha Rajesh, secured second place in the Live painting and First place in Exhibit category. It was really fascinating to witness the artist utilizing the platform of live painting to spread awareness and to raise concern on the existence of The Great Barrier Reef in Northern Australia which is one of the 7 natural Wonders of the world. The Great Barrier is also declared as the World Heritage site. "It is the biggest single structure made by living organisms called Coral polyps which are extremely sensitive creatures that convert sunlight to food, forming colorful colonies - the Reef. It covers an area of approx. 348,000 sq.m, which can even be seen from outer space. It is home to many important species of animals like the green turtle which are on the verge of extinction. The Great Barrier is very important for the existence of the world, unfortunately as per the experts, this place is dying and will cease to exist in less than a century. By this artwork, I just want to spread awareness and to encourage the world to play our role in protecting our environment." Says the artist Prabitha Rajesh.

Artist King Brown secured third place in live painting where he chose to portray the statue of Liberty wearing a mask indicating the importance of maintaining the new normalcy and urges the world to adhere to the simple guidelines issued for the sole protection of the citizens of the world.

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I, Saju Nair and Ms. Alessandra Giorda, on behalf of IlTelevisionario2, salute the successful efforts of TPBAC, the artists and the guests who have played a major part in making this event unique and beautiful in its own way. We tender our best wishes for all their future projects.

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