( Alessandra Giorda)Peter Gressman is an important art manager. In the interview to follow he tells his passion for art, next projects and the relationship with music. He is the art agent for various Indian artists including the century artist Bahrat Thakur. Very interesting interview with Peter from Dubai. Good read !

 Tell us the news of the exhibition of paintings in India

The question goes a bit in a direction in which I am active, but live and especially active I am in the UAE where I also support a lot of artists from India and so watch the market also there intensively. In particular, since I am the art agent for various Indian artists including the century artist Bahrat Thakur the e. had a very successful exhibition in New Delhi last month. Fact is India has a big art market and some of the most important collectors are Indians and most of them are actually focused on collecting artists from India.

Will you describe your work, please?

I founded artforumuae 10 years ago as a no profit organization and about 2 years ago artforumindia. The purpose of artforumuae was and is to support artists who live and work here. What was initially thought of as helping my home has developed very quickly, so in 2012 I decided to move to the UAE. Meanwhile, it is an unfortunately unpaid full time job but I enjoy it very much. But by the way, I still work as a fine art dealer on a very high level. Here I am involved in a big Discovery Project which is currently on the negotiating table in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, I can not say anymore because this project is not yet publicly known. Only so much this project could make the Louvre Abu Dhabi one of the most important museums in the world.

What painting is for you?

Art is a passion for me and was already part of my childhood. Although I am not an artist myself and originally worked in tourism for 35 years, I had the opportunity to visit almost all the museums around the world and acquired a broad knowledge of art. Specialist books on art have accompanied and fascinated me all my life. And it was always a dream for me to change the art as a consultant and trader. I fulfilled this dream in 2001.

Is it possible to learn to paint or need to have innate qualities?

You can not learn to be an artist. You are an artist or not, art must come from the heart and the soul. Most of the biggest and best artists have never seen an art school from the inside. I have also discovered many great artists in recent years because I see exactly how these artists art with the heart and soul and therefore can see immediately which artist has "studied art" It is usually those who can copy excellent great art they have learned a lot about technique colors and styles at the university. This always leads me to experiments and I have studied artists, to be able to present something to me that I have not yet seen painting from their own point of view. Mostly the disappointment was very big. Of course you can learn a lot about art and I have, but from the perspective of the beholder. And honestly most of the students studied artists, today produce so-called contemporary art that nobody really understands.

How and when was born your passion for art ?

As I said, my passion goes back to my childhood awakened by my godmother who was an art teacher, she brought me early in museums. Practically, I was a hopeless case in art classes but could already shine at the age of 10 or 12 years with my enormous knowledge and art sense.

There is a lot of attention to painting in UAE, why?

I can proudly say that with artforumuae I have made a significant contribution to making UAE artists known far and wide across the borders of the UAE and are respected today. For 10 years I have been reporting about these artists in social networks worldwide. My reports are shared in many art groups as an example in face book and thus reach millions of people, which is also the reason why around 5,600 artists have joined artforumuae worldwide. Every year, I visit about 250 art events and report about them.

What role does music play in your life?

Music does not play a big role in my life, but I like listening to music that I like and that's actually about classic to pop everything. In my youth it was something else I was influenced by my parents a great Beatles and Elvis Presley fan I still like this music until today.

What's your favorite song?

I do not have to think long about my favorite song. It's "I believe I can fly" by A. Kelly. This song speaks to me from the soul and makes me believe in myself

What kind of music do you listen ?

While I answer this interview, music from Josh Groban is running in the background. "You raise me up" is also a song that I like and that gives me a lot because I have found many friends here in my adopted country who always give me courage and courage Give strength. Friends who carry me forward, even if it is sometimes difficult to survive with a non profit organization abroad.

· What are your next projects?

My next project is to bring an art festival to Ajman, the Emirate where I live. Here I plan all art movements to combine theater, film, dance, painting, music and much more to a festival. An ambitious project for which I still need sponsors