( Saju Nair - Dubai) After the successful execution of "Melange - a visual exploration" thewell-known Art critic / Art Historian/ Curator & founder of artforumuae, Mr. Peter Gressman is yet again collaborating with Artist Playground in Pullman Hotel to give life to another magical event titled "BELIEVE in art across generations". The art fraternity across the globe has applauded Peter Gressman for his commitment, dedication and inspiring ideas by which hehas transformed Melange into an impressive interactive gathering rather than a mere art exhibition. Multiple gatherings were organized during the course of Melange where the art enthusiasts were given opportunitiesto meet the artists and to know each artist personally and learn more on their inspiring routine which has attracted global attention. 

The exhibition "BELIEVE in art across generations" was announced couple of weeks back by the curator himself and by now this has become one of the most talk of the town events purely because of the name and fame of the curator and the participating 6 fabulous artists who has entrusted their acceptability in the art industry with their stunning abilities to give life to magical creations.

Peter Gressman is well appreciated by the art industry in his immense capability on selection of art works and artists for the exhibition hosted by him so as the art fraternity in the region is eagerly waiting to experience the magical opening ceremony and to experience the creation in all different mediums of art in various techniques complimenting the vibrant colors and striking strokes to form miraculous artworks.

Each of the featuring artist are well admired for their marvelous creations and their inspiring contribution to the art world. "BELIEVE in art across generations" will be graced with the participation of decade long experienced and most respectful - Sultana Farouq Kazim, one of the best contemporary artists - Dagmar Braendle, creator of stunning abstracts - Sheeba Khan, contemporary fame - Suzi Fadel Nassif, the powerful narrator of her creation - Reem Alsuby and an ambitious film maker - Abeer Abdallah. While the six powerful women join hands with the legendry Peter Gressman at the magnificent ambience of Artistic playground, history is set to be written and an opportunity is gifted to the art fraternity to experience a great evening.

Even though Mr. Peter has earned in-depth knowledge on any subject related to art which he has acquired over his decade long experiences, he still doesn't shy away to turn down as a student of art as he studies and analyzes the art works and the artist before selecting them for the events hosted by him. With the help of the curator Mr. Peter, Il Televisionario2 is pleased to share a little about the participating artists before the exhibition hits the headlines on 19th October 2019.

Sultana Farouq Kazim, Representative and Coordinator for the Museum of America's for the UAE and a well acclaimed fashion designer, has entrusted her prominence in the fashion industry and more significantly has become an inspiring personality who graces several art congregations with her presence as chief guest and as a strong motivator to the art industry. This time she is set to present herself as a participating artist in "BELIEVE in art across generations". Being an abstract expressionist, she is well known in the United States and across Europe under the artist name S.S. Cousin, she is admired for her splendid creations with vibrant colors and sweeping brush strokes. Mr. Peter Gressman was very impressed, or rather inspired, with the humbleness and simplicity of the artist and he says "We are extremely proud to exhibit works of the legendary Artist for the first time in Dubai. Sultana Farouq Kazim is one of the last great Abstract Impressionist painters of her generation" The art fraternity is eagerly waiting to experience her creations and Il Televisionario2 extend our warm wishes to the legendry Sultana Farooq Kazim on her appearance as an artist.

Dagmar Braendle from Austria is not only one of the best portrait painters of our time but also possesses the courage to raise her voice through her creations to enlighten the importance of climatic changes to the world. "BELIEVE in art across generations" will be featuring a socially critical page in the best contemporary manner, in which she deals with topics such as the endangered species or the worldwide pollution of our oceans and nature through plastic garbage. Mr. Peter Gressman, fascinated by her creations says "Her works of art show the courage to draw attention to the problems of our time in art and her creative talent reflects multiple and varied inspirations. Dagmar loves to paint in Oil and her Artwork express emotion, power and passion"

 Sheeba Khan is admired as one of the most successful artists in the region who also enjoys the privilege of having her creations as permanent collections in a museum. Being recognized by the world her stunning creations were featured in New York, London, Milan, Madrid and South Korea. Her dozens of beautiful abstract creations have inspired art collectors and enthusiasts to proudly own them to ornament their homes and also as an investment. Mr. Peter Gressman who was really fascinated with the story of the artist says "Sheeba Khan's greatest idol in art is Jackson Pollock, who has made the drop technique popular in art. Sheeba Khan has further developed this technique and tells the story of simple life with her abstract and partly figurative abstract works. She was also fortunate to be one among the 50 artists across the globe who has won the 1000-page prestigious book Artisti19. Experiencing her mesmerizing creative abilities art experts and curators has profoundly referred her as 'The Next Pollock' - it's has been a great pleasure for me to host her in "BELIEVE in art across generations"

Suzi Fadel Nassif is an amazing contemporary artist who is widely admired and appraised for her creativity and stunning artworks. Using oil and acrylics as her primary medium, she elevated her work and propelled her career into the international market successfully. The artist has participated in notable art events in France, Russia, Japan, Italy, England, USA, Portugal and has earned commendable appreciations which has encouraged and motivated her to give life to more and more stunning creations. Mr. Peter Gressman first met the exceptional artist in 2013 WAD and he expressed his happiness on the way the artist has improved over the years and he says "Today Suzi is a famed contemporary artist whose creative mind springs to life, the artwork of intriguing mobility, wonder and emotional resonance. Driven by the artistic expressions of Salvador Dali, she developed a keen eye for minute details, analyzing colors and texture. Journeying into the groundbreaking abstract impressionism and surrealism, the artist gains inspirations from the interconnectedness of people from different walks of life, cultural diversity, mysteries of existence and the semblance of emotions. Her inclusion in "BELIEVE in art across generations" have further made team much strong and interesting".

Reem Alsuby an artist who always stands for the humanity has entrusted all her efforts to convey the message of equality through her creations to the world. As an artist, she is widely accepted and her creations always have a story to be told which has much importance in the current world. In a conversation with Mr. Peter the artist expresses her views "All knows that love and understanding are the most important and powerful aspects of communication. From the beginning of time, the human race has witnessed war and hate in many forms, and it also has its share of love and peace. The fact that humans have been faced by the same problem can't be ignored, yet there will always be hunger and desire for peace. The ladies (animals) in my theme are carrying different kinds of species, some of them are more dangerous and stronger others are weaker and more vulnerable. In my theme, I'm focusing on the idea of that differences between creatures wouldn't be an obstacle for them to live peacefully, only if they were raised in peace. My duty as an artist is to stand strong holding the message of peace, delivering peace from my heart to other people's hearts. I believe that whatever comes from the heart will always find its way to hearts". With her strong understandings, confidence and the way she accepts the reality of life, the art fraternity will be eager and excited to visualize and learn the stories behind the splendid creations of Reem Alsuby.

A little different from all other participating artists Abeer Abdallah a young, dynamic and ambitious film maker also join hands with Peter Gressman to be a part of "BELIEVE in art across generations". Many of the short films of this amazing artist have hit the global headlines and earned appreciations and acceptance globally. The usage of natural lights in her movies has really enhanced the quality and pulls one deeply into the script with eagerness to know what next - she is mastered in narrating the story in such a way that the viewers are kept immersed throughout in the movie and the element of curiosity is well executed. Visitors of this exhibition on the opening day will also view some of her creations and also will get an opportunity to engage in interaction with the artist.

As you read the report, I am sure you should have got the pulse of this exquisite exhibition and it can be said with full confidence that this will be one of those events that cannot be missed, this will be one of those events which will shape and mold the perspective of the art fraternity on how success is attained.

Yes, wait for the day to experience the magic at Artist Play Ground, Pullman Hotel, Dubai. Acceptance of Melange has already raised the bench mark of success and "BELIEVE in art across generations" is again set to elevate the success to the next level. With the quality and experience of artist chosen by the curator, this gathering will surely be phenomenal.

Il Televisionario2 tender our best wishes to the curator and the participating artists for successful art exhibition - "BELIEVE in art across generations"