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(Saju Nair - Dubai) As Dubai awaits the commencement of the largest art fair in the region, the excitement and the curiosity of the art community keep rising every growing day. World Art Dubai, is scheduled to commence on 7th April and it is set to unveil thousands of magnificent creations by hundreds of astoundingly talented artists from across the globe at DWTC, Dubai. The fair scheduled till the 10th of April will open a wide array of opportunities for artists to showcase their talents and art enthusiasts to choose the artwork of their visions to adorn their commercial and residential space. IlTelevisionario2 is indeed proud to be one of the official media partners for World Art Dubai 2021. During the course of the event, we will be sharing information regarding the event along with some of the greatest works and short interviews with artists and guests to provide an opportunity for our readers from across the globe to experience the event in the comfort of their own homes.

Even while such mega-events are organized throughout the year, the galleries here in The United Arab Emirates continue to curate some of the best events by allowing the local and international artists to showcase their talent to the world. 'Brave' was one such online event curated by the renowned artist and curator, Ms. Sonal Purohit under the banner, The Paintbrush Art Community. The founder of TPBAC, Dr. Romit Purohit has given life to some of the most interesting concepts ever since the establishment of TPBAC and has acclaimed incredible acceptance in the art world. TPBAC has always ensured that they provide platforms for emerging talents to participate along with professional artists and this has really motivated these young talents to push further in their artistic endeavors and explore their imaginations to the best of their ability. All praise goes to the art community in this great nation who has always encouraged young talents to emerge from their shell and experience and embrace the world and its endless possibilities. Due to this, several young enthusiastic minds are now turning towards art to find their passion.

Artworks exhibited @ 'Brave'

26 artists of different nationalities occupied the center stage during a virtual event that went live on various social media handles on 25th March 2021. Alejandro Carlos Maass, Aparna Sreejith, Antonio Molina, Ahmed Rukni AlAwadhi, Adelina Maria Baldwin, Hina Rahil, Khatija Khan, Koushal Choudhary, King Brown, M.A. Hussain, Manjula Kaimal, Niriha Khajonchi, Prabita Rajesh, Rishu Gossain Roy, Renu Shivam, Rauf, Rekha Mudbidri, Ruben Antonio Molina Perez, Rani Viswambharan, Ramya Abhilash, Sonal Purohit, Sugat Priyadarshi, Shilpi Jain, Snehita Gehlot, Varsha Khatri, and Varsha Nair surprised the art world with their astonishing artworks created and exhibited that justifies the assigned theme 'Brave'. The event also witnessed some mesmerizing vocals from emerging singer, Mr. Nihal Khan and performance by international bhangra fame Ms. Parv Kaur.

Artworks exhibited @ 'Brave'

World-renowned personalities like Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, and Princess Diana, were the subjects chosen by some artists while the concern and anguish of an acid attack incident prompted another to express emotions through the portraiture of Laxmi - A Survivor and a real Braveheart, the creativity of a 13-year-old was appreciated when she chose to portray the open palms holding the nation together while a scene that depicts a soldier from the warfront resonated the emotions felt at that moment by said soldiers. Various subjects in abstract version, floral women that reflect beauty and courage, a metal carving of a hardworking woman protecting her child even during her strenuous work and oil paintings of the victorious Indian army, and much more turned to be a visual treat for the thousands of viewers who experienced this event through various social media handles.

Major Deepak Iyer, Ex Indian Army officer, who was the chief guest of the event, shared some of the incidents that he had gone through during his brave service as an army officer. He shared these stories with such determination that his commitment and patriotism was resonating in every line he vocalized. Apart from a daring brave heart, he ensured his presence throughout the event and closely analyzed each artwork while communicating with the artists to understand the story behind their works. It was absolutely inspiring to witness how interactive Major Deepak was and how he was so keen and curious to understand and appreciate the artworks. "It was a wonderful event with artists who used their creative expression to define the theme of BRAVE! Be it a painting on Kargil warriors or that of a soldier praying to God before his final surrender to duty or of the bravery of women against social walls that seek to constrain or imprison them or of the bravery of doctors risking their lives to save lives from COVID, the artworks were simply superb!!! Wishing Paintbrush enormous success in taking such thematic artwork to the world in times that call out for free expression in all forms." Says Major Deepak Iyer

Artworks exhibited @ 'Brave'

With a strong statement, Ms. Sultana Kazim - renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas enthralled the gathering and appealed to enhance and support women empowerment. "The enterprising duo, beautiful, multi-tasker Sonal Purohit, and her charming, super supportive husband Dr. Romit Purohit, creators of the PAINTBRUSH COMPANY, launched a soul searching event called BRAVE where the artists were invited to project their ideas and understanding of the all-powerful emoting called BRAVERY. The word alone excites the minds of the ever-creative artists. We were so happily amazed at the diversity projected by the participants. I was indeed honored to experience first-hand the focus and creativity of the participating artists. Thank you Sonal and Romit for the pleasure and honor of being part of this very unique event. One has to be brave to be ambitious and brave enough to try everything it takes to achieve your ambitions, the goal one sets up for oneself to attain. Yes indeed that was me growing up and I dare say, it still is. All my peers and girls I grew up with said I could not succeed. Too many restrictions are so therefore unattainable. Defiant and against all odds, I set out on my mission that nothing can stop you if you truly and passionately work towards it." Says Ms. Sultana Kazim

Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae, Mr. Anjini Prakash Laithu - Veteran Indian Artist, Ms. Alessandra Giorda, Founder of IlTelevisionario2 and Ms. Emma Chiaramonte, Founder of AVA Gallery also graced the online event and shared their inspiring stories derived from their experience that has made them brave enough to overcome the obstacles and to attain glory.

"We are indeed happy to host an event like 'Brave' that has reached more than 4K viewers all across the globe. This is what we aim for, maximum exposure for our artists. We can feel the steady growth ever since we entered into this world of art. We are happy that the guests and artists have given us their much valuable trust and that has really inspired and motivated us to create something unique for each and every event. We are indeed thankful to our artists who have always rose to our expectations and worked hard to bring out the best in them. This time we had the presence of artists and guests from UAE, UK, Venezuela, Argentina and India and irrespective of the difference in time zones, all of us stayed together all throughout the event and that was incredibly special for us. Our heartfelt gratitude to llTelevisionario2 for their unconditional support by promoting the events by TPBAC on a global platform." Says Ms. Sonal and Dr. Romit in a joint statement.

Ms. Parv Kaur, currently residing in the United Kingdom shared her inspiring life story from a normal girl to an internationally recognized and celebrated female Dhol player. She also surprised the gathering with her stunning performance which has definitely charged the atmosphere with newfound energy and respect. "Thank you to the Paintbrush Art Community for inviting me to perform and to share my 25-year musical story on a platform with talented artists and distinguished personalities. It was an amazing experience to not only listen to other artist's great work but to see the global artwork showcased that day. I have been promoting and performing Bhangra for 27 years and my main aim is to ensure my Panjabi culture is shown worldwide." Says Ms. Parv Kaur (Eternal Taal)

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IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be part of this event and I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate all participating artists and the founders of The Paintbrush Art Community for the success of 'Brave'.

We humbly acknowledge the selection of TV2 as one of the media partners for World Art Dubai 2021 as an appreciation for our service to the art world. We assure our continuous efforts to extend our support to the art fraternity and to provide global exposure for artists and galleries from The United Arab Emirates. We invite the world to Dubai to be a part of this amazing event - 'World Art Dubai 2021'.

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