(Saju Nair - Dubai) In continuation with our Curtain raiser on "CaliXpressions" titled "Where Literature meets art" on June 27th, the expectations of the art fraternity were not compromised at all, au contraire, the phenomenal curation by ART4You gallery at Studio 7, Dubai on 27th July 2019 stunned the crowd to an awestruck astonishment.

Chief Guest Sultana Farouq Kazim inaugurating "CaliXpressions"

"CaliXpressions" was inaugurated by Sultana Farouq Kazim, Representative and Coordinator for the Museum of America's and one of the most prominent personalities who has successfully embarked her amazing creative abilities in art and fashion industry on a global platform. Eminent Emirati Artist Ahmed Rukni, well known Calligraphy artist Art Noor, Famous art historian, Art Critic, Curator and founder of artforumuae Peter Gressman are only some of the dignitaries who were invited to grace the evening.

Chief guest Sultana Farouq Kazim whoshowed her enthusiasm to understand and to know more about each participating artist and their distinguished techniques and styles used in their creations says "When I was asked to perform the opening of the CaliXpressions art show, I was thrilled beyond words. Calligraphy is a subject after my own heart. The very first time a crayon or chalk is placed in our hands as toddlers, we are given an 8x10 slate taught to write the Arabic alphabet. Just fascinating how letters are combined together to form unique ART! I commend Artist / curator Jesno Jackson and her ever supporting husband on organizing the CaliXpressions art event illustrating seven different and unique style of Arabic Calligraphy and figurative calligraphy by the visiting maestro himself Hicham Chajai. I hope Jesno will consider to make it as an annual event."

Art4you gallery founders Jesno Jackson and Rengi Cherian

Art4you gallery founders Jesno Jackson and Rengi Cherian had magnificently executed yet another event by involving professional artists and their mind-blowing works. They gifted an amazing and creative evening to all those who went to experience the works and filled them with a unique respect for this generations-old form of art.

The art fraternity in the UAE and abroad has applauded ART4You gallery for their successful execution of "CaliXpressions" which was also widely covered / reported by various visual & print media in the region and abroad. Time and again, Jesno Jackson, Founder of the gallery with her commitment and dedication to art has surprised the community with spectacular events and consistently raises the bench mark of success on every subsequent event. Jesno Rengi shares her experience of organizing such an event involving dexterous artists and she says "The Main goal was to present the different artistic styles of Arabic Calligraphy in paintings and sculpture forms from varied and diverse backgrounds. We believe that great exhibitions like this make our community grow stronger and more connected. This exhibition traced the art of lettering the Arabic Calligraphy to its historical origins and explore the modern mastering"

The widely recognized and astounding 7 masters Ahmed Al Dossary, Ali Al Ameri, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Dia Allam, Hicham Chajai, Nisar Ibrahim & Shaymaa AlKhatib joined together under the umbrella of ART4You gallery to create a phenomenal evening by unveiling their exquisite artworks of modern and traditional Calligraphy @ Studio 7.

                                                                      "CaliXpressions" @ Studio 7

The artists have had the freedom to combine Arabic letters into meaningful words, aligned perfectly and professionally with vivid colors and styles to form various figures and shapes using distinguished techniques synchronized with their modern views. All the while, doing so without compromising the disciplined construction of letters to maintain the spirit of the ethnic art which evokes the rich tradition and legacy of the Arab world. The exhibition portrayed stunning works of art in various forms wherein Arabic calligraphy was used to breathe life into startling sculptures and striking paintings, which, undoubtedly, enthralled the visitors who came to experience the mystical works.

Hicham Chajai in discussion during his workshop on Calligraphy

Studio 7 is ornamented with the celebration of arabic letters by 7 extremely talented artists. Whether it is the stunning yet pleasing portrayal of arabic letters sychronized with the miraculous imaginations of renowned Emirati artist Ahmed Al Dossary or the simple yet elegant construction of letters on a white background which spreads the message of love, peace and unity by Emirati artist Ali Al Ameri. One finds it near impossible to draw their eyes away from such exquisitely crafted sculptures that echoes and spreads the message of tolerance and the perfect example would be the fabulous sculpture of founding father and the principal driving force behind the formation of the United Arab Emirates - Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan - by exceptionally talented artist Nisar Ibrahim while beautifully written arabic letters in mix of vibrant colours enhanced by the inspiring imaginations of Anjini Prakash Laituwith a mission of spreading joy through colors has given life to magnificent creations which has amazed the art lovers.

Anjini Prakash Laitu with Chief Guest Sultana Farouq Kazim

Hicham Chajai, the world renowned calligrapher has surprised the art fraternity with wonderful portraits created using Arabic letters, beautifully arranged with a rigid construction to create an everlasting beauty on a canvas while the creation of Emirati artist, Dia Allam, has redefined the art of calligraphy in a three dimensional pattern which has left the onlookers speechless. The Mind blowing creations of Shaymaa AlKhatibunleashed the simplicity of colors synchronized with Arabic letters in an impressive way has truly amazed the art enthusiasts.

Emirati artist Ahmed Al Dossary introducing his creation to Ahmed Rukni, Jesno Jackson and Sultana Farouq Kazim

The event also witnessed a panel discussion lead by the famous artist, Mr. Art Noor, who is appreciated globally for his amazing contributions to the traditional art form "Calligraphy". This discussion helped the participating artists, invited dignitaries and visitors to share and enhance their awareness on the origin of Calligraphy and the process of conversion of beautiful Arabic letters to captivating artworks. A detailed explanation on the history and various styles of Calligraphy was indeed a helpful information to the visitors which will surely inspire them to know more about this traditional art form. Mr. Art Noor who also worked closely with ART4You for this event says "CaliXpressions is great initiative by ART4You gallery in collaboration with Studio7. It brings together the international artist focused on the meaningful subject of Calligraphic art. The well curated exhibition is an inspiring event on the art scene of Dubai"

From left - Mr. Peter Gressman, Ms. Jesno Jackson, Ms. Sultana Farouq Kazim, Mr. Ahmed Rukni, Mr. Rengi Cherian.

Overall, this was a memorable and successful event coupled with the phenomenal curating abilities of ART4You gallery, an event which grasped the art world by surprise and stunned them with the presentation of magnificent creations by professional and unique masters.

Moment from the event

Moment from the event

We at Televisionario2 were fortunate to visit and utlize this rare oppurtunity to experience the magical creations of masters and to know more about Calligraphy at "CaliXpressions"

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