Saju Nair - Dubai) The art galleries in The United Arab Emirates are very active as each day has been gifted with various art gatherings giving artists immense platforms to showcase their imaginations by which they try to promote their values and spread awareness of various causes which also have find commercial success.

Yet again well-known Khan Sisters - Ms. Shiba Khan & Ms. Farah Khan has announced their latest edition of Art Exhibition tilted "SHEROES" supported by Canvas Hotel & Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor which is set to open for public at 6.30pm on 10th November 2019 where in 20 enormously talented female artists will showcase their splendid creations at the aesthetic ambience of Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor.

Funun has always approached the art industry with a clear intention of providing prospects to artists to display their creations at an affordable price by which opening a huge platform for artists to gain a larger exposure and the art enthusiasts to experience a variety of magical creations. Funun was founded just few years back in 2016 initially by few artist's in the region and then The Khan Sisters took over the responsibility of continuing and by now Funun has hosted numerous art gatherings involving hundreds of artists of different nationalities. Funun has always stood ahead by their quality of curating phenomenal events, selection of artists and artworks but not limited to professional artist alone, as they open doors for emerging and other individuals who has the passion but haven't got the opportunity to exhibit and this is indeed a service to the society as Funun bring those hidden talents to the forefront.

Being strong personalities having abundance of self-confidence, The Khan Sisters have this time given opportunity for 20 female artists, from diverse nationalities, to ornament the venue with their magnificent creations. The artists who are scheduled to participate are Amani El Bayoumi, Alia Medhat, Saddaf Saeed,Salma El Tanamly, Salwa Saeed, Afshan Quraishi, Farah Khan, Gwyneth Rasquinha, Nafisa Ali Sayed, Naznin Vajitha, Safa Muhammed, Saima Hasan, Shiba Khan, Sonu Sultania, Varsha Saju Nair, Bushra Malik, Fasiha Farouk, Shazia Jaffery, Madeleine Kursdotter, Natalie Yazigi.

As per the curators the title / theme 'SHEROES' was selected for a reason to enhance the women empowerment and to provide an exclusive platform for women talents. "A woman is always admired and idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities, she is not less than any super hero or rather say that every woman is a SHERO (she + hero) in her true sense. A SHERO is a Woman who is an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to people of all ages. We believe that SHEROES are women that have travelled through extraordinary experiences and have proven to be heroic in this effort" says Farah Khan, Creative Designer of Funun.

Ms. Shiba Khan, Founder of Funun, Artist and curator of this show shares their idea behind 'SHEROES' and she says "It's pretty amazing being a woman, you have all of the essentials for life within you. You're a nurturing force, and not only do you possess the power to create life, but to incubate it and deliver it to the world. On an individual level, you're able to change and become whatever you want, growing and developing into the life that you choose. It is an amazing experience and one that you'll want to create consciously rather than letting others decide what sort of life you'll have. We should never forget that we have these powers within us and the ability to conquer". So, we should admire the thought as 'SHEROES' is an expression of that power.

We at Televisonario2 wishes Funun and all participating artists a spectacular evening and a successful exhibition.

Experiencing the past events organized by Funun, we can assure you a magnificent evening of astounding artists with their striking creations - so visit and enjoy, you will really fall in love with their creations.