(Saju Nair - Dubai) The Art community in the United Arab Emirates is keen to experience yet another marvel by the Khan sisters who will join hands under the banner of Funun to present 6 astounding artists and their magnificent creations in the grandeur ambience of Ajman hotel.

Funun being an active organization and a well-known gallery is widely accepted for their marvelous curation and selection of brilliant artworks and admiring artists by maintaining the highest of standards by which it ensures Funun as predominantly the undeniably one among the best gallery in The United Arab Emirates. The evening of 13th July will surely endow a remarkable experience to the world of art as the exhibition titled "EXPRESSIONISM" will unleash the magical creations in various styles and mediums.

Director of Funun and renowned artist Shiba Khan will undoubtedly surprise the art enthusiasts with her stunning creations brought to life by incorporating bold & fearless strokes of striking color in distinguishable mediums in art while Anjani Paraksh Laithu, an artist esteemed with decades long of experience with a proven career record will portray his phenomenal abstract works with vibrant colors which reflects his unique style and identity of this incredible and much respected talent.

Seeing the world through a lens is the passion of Farah Khan who is also the creative designer of Funun. She will display her mind-blowing captures encapsulated during her journey to discover the amazing path of life without compromising the essence of nature while Swapnil's magical works will spread colors to the beauty of life and emotions.

Yuvika, one among the most talented artist will narrate the story of art through her beautiful creations in watercolor and other mediums while Alia Medhat shall redefine the beauty of calligraphy synchronized with her magnificent creations.

UAE much awaits to experience this jaw dropping evening where striking colors converge with canvases to proffer magical creations and a blissful aura of creativity

This exhibition is one that is highly recommended to those who seek to experience the variety of art & Photography.

It's our pleasure to be the official media partner for Funun and on behalf of we @ Televisonario2 and our savant readers across the globe wishes the participating artists and curators a successful and memorable evening to cherish down the line.