Funun is a nonprofit platform where artists are given an opportunity to exhibit & showcase their talents at the best space at an affordable price allowing the freedom to enhance their creativity and to provide them an experience to cherish. The idea of establishing Funun was procured from a few artists in 2016 and the ambitious project was continued by the aspiring Khan sisters, Shiba Khan and Farah Khan, inspired by a wondrous thought.

"Coming together is the beginning,

Keeping together is the process,

Working together is success."

Shiba Khan, Founder & Director
Shiba Khan, Founder & Director

Funun arts has already imprinted their footmark by active participation in all renowned exhibitions such as World Art Dubai, Index & Hotel Show apart from numerous exhibitions in most of the galleries across the UAE.

Funun has also been widely appreciated for their initiatives to join hands for many social and noble causes for the society and also a helping hand to the needy as they believe that art is not only brushes and canvases but it's also the only form to communicate your thoughts without any constraint and that, brings about a sense of positive energy which brightens the spirit of the onlooker.

Farah Khan, Manager and Creative Designer
Farah Khan, Manager and Creative Designer

Funun founders believe that the aim of art is to represent, not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance in collaboration with various artists across the globe which consists of variety of art forms and its techniques.

Our Philosophy is: " The Principal of true art is not to portray, but to evoke, as Creativity takes courage."

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