(Saju Nair - Dubai) Today, the 24th of April 2020, marks the start of the holy month of Ramadan - Ramadan Mubarak to all our savant readers across the globe.

As we all know the world is in isolation due to one of the biggest threats of the century - the COVID 19, for which governments of all countries are implementing strict measures to restrict the spread and to eliminate this deadly virus which has till now caused severe damage to human life and world economy. Our health professionals are working round the clock tirelessly to take care of infected patients and to avoid the further spread of this deadly virus. TV2 sincerely extends our gratitude to all those who are directly and indirectly involved in the battle against this pandemic.

Artworks displayed @ Virtual Gallery

The last quarter of 2019 and the first three month of this year witnessed numerous art gatherings which has given platforms for artists to showcase their talents and for the community to experience some marvelous creations. Unfortunately, the intervention of the pandemic, COVID 19, has forced galleries to postpone their exhibitions and other events to later dates. As always, the art industry has yet again taken the lead to explore opportunities and to transform these challenges into a much more productive and enthralling space. 

During this lockdown, where physical gatherings are restricted, one of the art gallery in UAE came up with an innovative and creative idea using the benefit of modern technology - An online art competition and a virtual art exhibition. Its indeed a pleasure to realize that the art communities across the globe are so closely knit and connected using the benefit of modern technology.

After month-long efforts to reenergize the art scene, the 22nd of April 2020 witnessed a virtual art exhibition organized by ART4You gallery. Founders of this gallery Ms. Jesno Jackson and Mr. Rengi Cherian have taken the initiative to circulate awareness towards the COVID19 pandemic and vocalized the measures that need to be taken to prevent further contamination as they rightly felt ART can be the best medium to connect and communicate. With a mission to collaborate with artists across the globe and to bring them into a single portal to showcase their works while giving the opportunity to admire the splendid creations of amazing artists has resulted in the designing and successful execution of an art event titled "Heal the World", an online art competition and a virtual exhibition wherein 61 artworks created by artist of 27 nationalities were displayed. The selected artworks are further judged by the eminent Emirati artist Najath Maki and the list of the winning artworks are to be announced later. The duration of this exhibition is until 28th May 2020.

Prominent personalities like Mr. Yasser AlGargawi - Director of Programs and Partnerships, Ministry of Tolerance, Chairman of Dubai National Theatre, Ms. Sultana Kazim - Artist, Fashion designer and Representative of Museum of Americas in UAE, Mr. Peter Gressman Art critic / Art Historian/ Curator & founder of artforumuae, Mr. Anjini Prakash Laithu, a veteran and most admired artist, Ms. Nada Al Barazi, Eminent artist and an inspiring personality and many leading artists occupied the web space to express their support and solidarity to the initiative taken by the gallery.

"I thank all the artists participating in this exhibition for their creative ideas and the visual vision that reflected on the works. All works have distinctive creative value that deserves honor. Now, we are all seeking to fight this epidemic, our goal is to spread awareness and positive ideas to all citizens of the earth through art. I believe that these sketches express the solidarity extended by the people to eradicate the spread of this epidemic. I extend my love and appreciation to everyone and thank the organizer for spreading artistic creativity and active participation"

Says Ms. Najat Makki, Eminent Emirati Artist and the judge of online art competition. has been actively participating in promoting artist and art events in the UAE through our online platform and weekly radio programs hosted by the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda. "In this difficult moment, when the world has entirely shrunk to this pandemic, efforts taken by Jesno Jackson to utilize modern technology to organize a virtual art exhibition is much appreciable. As always, the artworks displayed are of high standards and I congratulate all the participating artists and the gallery. Over the years, TV2, Italy teaming up with our correspondent, Mr. Saju Nair, has been reporting all events of the galleries who are associated with us. It's very interesting to realize that the reports from UAE have attracted many readers from across all continents, thus we are successful on the mission of providing a larger exposure for artists and galleries from UAE at a global level. The number of readers for these reports have seen a considerable increase which indeed justifies the success of our efforts and we still continue to do so. On this special day, Wishing everyone a Happy Ramadan." Says Alessandra Giorda.

Artworks displayed @ Virtual Gallery

Yet again the expectations set was not compromised, moreover this event has introduced a different dimension for organizing virtual events. Televisionario2 congratulates ART4You gallery for their incredible competencies in the organization of such inspiring online gatherings and also, we tender all our best wishes to those talented artists who have blessed the virtual gallery with their splendid artworks

Artworks displayed @ Virtual Gallery

The acceptance of this event has successfully opened opportunities for many virtual events in the near future. Iltelevisionario2 congratulates the founders of ART4You Gallery and all participating artists for hosting a great show, one which certainly redefines the styles of exhibition.

Being a resident here in the UAE, we are quite confident and convinced to learn about the various timely measures taken by the government in diverse segments to fight the COVID19 pandemic all the while protecting and respecting humanitarian values. The service rendered by Medical Professionals and Social organizations to meet the needs of the community deserves huge appreciation. We all know that the only way to eliminate this Pandemic is by maintaining social distance -let us all pray and hope for an immediate elimination of this pandemic. So, Stay Home Stay Safe.

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