(Saju Nair - Dubai) The evening of 13th November 2019, at the venue of Studio Seven gallery in Dubai, witnessed the book launch of a world-renowned Journalist and founder of ilTelevisionario2, Alessandra Giorda. The book titled 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI', which translates to 'Great Characters' in English, is a collection of interviews, giving an opportunity for the readers to experience her time spend with all those enormously talented artists across the globe. The protagonists are Opera / Pop Singers, Ambassadors, Actresses, Painters, Journalists, Writers, Poets and many more who have revealed their journey of their respective careers.

The glory of the book 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI' proliferated manifold when the globally renowned Psychologist and Criminologist, Dr. Susana Loriga, wrote the prologue for this book which also ensured the recognition of the presented characters and the beauty of its literature. The book 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI', which was admired by many, won the First International Prize in the City of Florence which was indeed an honor for her enormous capability in literature. The contents beautifully constructed by the author also achieved yet another award by Inner Wheel Ortona, Margherita d'Austria 2020 in the City of Ortona, Chieti. Considering the huge appreciation extended for this book and to ensure that information of the featured talents reaches more and more readers across the globe 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI' will also be presented at the Bogota International Book Fair in the month of April.

Alessandra's idea of consolidating her major interviews and to publish in printed version was supported by Sakura Ediciones of Columbia. This book also features Mr. Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Ms. Alejandra Palos Ortega, Ms. Jesno Jackson, Mr. Peter Gressmann, Ms. Rafah Abdul Razzak, Mr. Sijin Gopinathan and Ms. Varsha Saju Nair from The United Arab Emirates along with other 46 world-renowned personalities from across the globe. The book was launched in UAE on 13th November 2019 at Studio Seven Gallery during the inauguration of 'Power of Line', an art exhibition by ART4You gallery.

The book was officially launched in UAE by Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Chairman and Founder of AbuDhabi Arts Society and Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned fashion designer, an artist and Representative and Coordinator for The Museum of Americas in the presence of Author and founder of IlTelevisionario2 - Ms. Alessandra Giorda and other invited guests and artists at Studio Seven Gallery in Business Bay, Dubai.

Its indeed my pleasure to share some details on the personalities from The United Arab Emirates featured in 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI'.

Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, an Entrepreneur and eminent Emirati artisthas fallen in love with colors from his early age itself as he utilized his free time to sketch and paint all the subjects that draws his attention. Art was never a serious subject for Rukni, until one fine day, decades back, that small spark ignited into a raging flame of passion for the subject of art, since then, he has spent majority of his time dedicated to spreading those new-found wings of creativity and imagination. Appreciations from his family and friends motivated him to showcase his creations in various exhibitions in The United Arab Emirates. His experimentation in art started with water color, portraying beautiful landscapes and still life, as he grew further, he enhanced his courage to work with various mediums and finally decided to settle with Acrylic. Patriotism, love and affection for his homeland has inspired the artist to create the portraits of visionary rulers of UAE and many prime landscapes which has attracted wide acceptance from the community. Determination, Dedication and Commitment of the artist has enabled him to establish his own style in the field of pop art as the paintings of Rukni has been admired by many who have felt that these vibrant creations shall grace their living space as the artist also emerged as commercially successful. As 2019 was declared as the 'Year of Tolerance' by the administration in UAE, Mr. Rukni's contribution to spread the awareness of tolerance was truly inspiring as he finds amazing subjects to occupy his canvas with the specialized techniques in pop art. Over the period of time, the acceptance of this extremely talented artist has found remarkable growth as a brilliant artist, furthermore to a perfect ambassador of art.

Mr. Peter Gressmann, born in August 1955 as the fourth child of his parents in Hamburg, Germany, has completed his masters in Tourism and has worked for 35 years in the tourism industry. Having lived in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, California, New York, Florida, Turkey, Italy and Austria, Mr. Peter first landed in The United Arab Emirates in 1978 and secured the lead role to bring the first German group of tourists to UAE. His love and passion for art was rooted deeply in his heart from his early ages itself. His godmother was an art teacher in Germany who inspired young Peter to chase the dream of art. It was in 2001, when he decided to follow his passion for art, ignited by his godmother, wherein he started focusing and exploring new arrays in the field of art but not as an artist instead as a professional intended to support art. Mr. Peter took a leap into his career in 2008 as he founded artforumuae during his 3 month stay in the middle east and his return to UAE in 2012 was with a clear vison and well-designed strategies to follow his passion. From then on, his life was dedicated to exploring art and artists from the region and gradually, Mr. Peter became popular in the profession he felt was his hearts true calling. Over the period of time, Mr. Peter's commendable contribution for the art industry transformed him to a prominent Art Dealer / Art Critic / Art Historian/ Curator who is now widely appreciated and admired in the art industry across the globe. Today, having thousands of artists as members in artforumuae, Mr. Peter has utilized modern technology and social media to share his views on art and to promote art and their creators to draw global attention. A keen observer with decades long of experience in analyzing and evaluating art and artists through in-depth research and study in addition to daily interactions with various artists in the region, has transpired Mr. Peter to become an inevitable and inspiring personality in the world of art.

Jesno Jackson, a multitalented personality who has been widely admired across the art industry as an artist, tutor, curator and a gallery owner hails from India and has been settled in The United Arab Emirates since 2011. Art has been her passion since childhood and her continuous dedicated efforts found glory as she emerged as an inevitable personality in the art world. Completing her PhD in Fine Arts, she has become a successful and one of the most demanding tutors in the region as her specialized techniques used to communicate with students and to bring out the best in them has resulted in the emergence of incredibly talented young artists in the region. It's since 2004 Jesno started to give preference to her passion and worked relentlessly to sharpen her skills. The subjects she chooses to flourish her canvas with, doesn't limit to any boundaries as she is inspired by her surroundings and her courage to experiment with various mediums has resulted in marvelous creations which have been esteemed by many in the community enhancing this talent to a commercially successful artist. Several creations from her 'Blue' series are striking portrayals of her astonishing imagination and creativity as the same showcases the beautiful romance in cool colors guiding the onlooker to a nostalgic journey which connects to their inner self ushering a smile of satisfaction onto their faces and this is the mission of Jesno as an artist, her wish to spread the magic of love and affection through her imaginations. Her elegant creations have been displayed in various art gatherings in the region, United States of America, Europe and India which have enticed acceptance from the international community. Being the founder of ART4You gallery, she has gained immense popularity with her remarkable organizing capabilities and her professional approach which has gifted many magical events to the community and that being said, her gallery is one of the most adored and favored galleries to have taken abode in this region

Rafah Abdulrazzak, a Syrian artist settled in The United Arab Emirates has developed to become a prominent personality in the art community in the region. Her willingness to experiment and accept challenges have resulted in beautiful creations which have achieved widespread commercial success as well. She expresses her thoughts and views through the medium of Oil, one that she has successfully mastered, and quotes "it makes me feel free and alive", she also gives life to her imaginations through Pencil Sketches, Embroidery, Acrylic, Charcoal, Graphite and Water color. While she follows her passion in art, Rafah also took the initiative and established Reem Gallery with a mission to share knowledge of art to the younger generations and her efforts of identifying young minds and providing platforms to showcase these talents have been received by the art industry with great enthusiasm. Her love and affection towards her home land has inspired her to portray various important cities in Syria like Norias of Hama, the Aleppo Castle, City of Palmyra are only few among the list of splendid creations. The subject chosen by Rafah does not have any restrictions or boundaries as her artworks cover a wide variety of subjects such as still life, Flora and Fauna, and Portraits. An artist and curator by herself, Ms. Rafah Abdulrazzak have organized numerous art exhibitions providing opportunities for artists to showcase their creations and her commendable contribution to the art world has gained immense recognition from the Art Fraternity.

Varsha Saju Naira 15-year-old multi-talented student who has entrusted her prominence in the field of Education, Art, Music and as a Moderator is an Indian settled in the United Arab Emirates. She was a young aspirant who probed into a variety of fields during her initial years, at last, in the year 2016, she found the subject that seemed to ignite a spark of curiosity and passion, the subject of Art. Ever since then she has been persistently following up on the art events taking place in the region, the curiosity edged her to face sleepless nights but ultimately aided in her decision to delve deeper into art. She has visited several exhibitions, as a spectator and as a participant, and these experiences have instilled knowledge of noteworthy techniques and styles. By utilizing the inspiration drawn from her interactions, she has produced works that have astonished the art fraternity in the region. Her commitment and determination has given rise to spectacular creations and the subjects she chooses are spontaneous. She prefers experimenting in different styles and mediums which she believes will aid her mind to broaden her spectrum of knowledge on the different forms of art. As she experiences more, her method of working has become professional and her mind has started formulating her dreams into an action plan as Varsha unveiled two of her newly created series, 'Immersed in colors', a series of figurative abstracts depicting dynamic postures and 'Emotions', a series of charcoal sketches depicting pure emotions. Within this short span time as an artist, dozens of her splendid creations have found its abode with art enthusiasts which clarifies the perspective that her works are indeed a cascade of creativity apt for ornamenting places of living and work.

Sijin Gopinathan an Indian artist based in The United Arab Emirates, a Web designer by profession and currently serving as a creative director, has entrusted his prominence in the art world with his phenomenal creations in different mediums. Mastering in doodle art, Sijin's artwork has indeed gained global attention as the subjects he chooses to portray his imaginations are the kind that easily communicate to the public. Sijin has given life to 200 plus doddle art and his passion and love towards art has prompted him to research and create unique artwork in a different style. Engaging in the research of synchronizing doodle art, which is normally created using a black pen on a white background, onto a larger canvas collaborating with abstract works with selected colors has found success as the artworks created has been admired by the art fraternity. Sijin is also the founder of Thee Artist Network, which consist members of 40 plus nationalities and this group has ensured their regular presence in almost all the art gatherings in The United Arab Emirates. His beautiful and constructive thought process to create such astonishing artworks has inspired the corporate world and as a result Sijin has partnered with various leading fashion brands in designing their products through the medium of Art. 'Conductive Ink', an entirely different concept, one which brings together the subject of art and modern technology, was one of those prestigious projects executed in collaboration with The Ministry of Education which has further established Sijin Gopinathan as an explorer in art.

Alejandra Palos Ortega is a Mexican Artist born in Sonora, and raised between Colorado, USA and Baja California Sur, Mexico, in a family of multicultural painters and musicians. She has lived in Geneva, Switzerland, in Sendai, Japan, and currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Alejandra sees the universe through the matrix of multiculturalism, and this has gifted her with a special perception of the world. Art is in Alejandra's blood, over twenty years, she has focused on art, and participated in specialty courses by international experts to enrich herself. A very important period of her artistic career was while living in Miyagi, Japan - land of silence, beauty and Zen - where she presented a Solo exhibition. As she says about her art: "I have always been a dreamer, art endows me, it is the way to find myself and the world through that dream. I get into my tiny space that becomes like a sanctuary to me... play with materials... there I am free... there anything is possible... the elements in the works can change anytime, challenging my senses and thoughts... then I let go, leaving a space for someone else to have an own and personal encounter" Alejandra's sculptures and commissioned art installations have been presented and awarded in Solo and Collective Exhibitions in prestigious venues as: the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History and at the City Theater of La Paz Baja California Sur, Mexico; in Universities, Galleries and Art Fairs across Mexico; Port Louis, Mauritius; New York, USA; Beirut, Lebanon; as well as across UAE in the Emirates of Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi.

Gaining in-depth knowledge with her amazing commitment and dedication towards profession and the initiative to share those experience with the readers across the globe is highly appreciated. Our sincere wishes to Alessandra and we hope she excels in all she does and scales new heights in her professional and personal career and on behalf of the art fraternity in the region, my sincere gratitude to Alessandra Giorda for providing IlTelevisionario2 as a platform to promote art and artists from the region and to promote them further on a global level.

Wishing all our savant readers a year of happiness and success. Happy New Year!