( Alessandra Giorda) Jesno Jackson Rengi is a very important painter and art manager. I met Jesno for a painting exhibition in Sharjah. The sweetness of her soul is expressed in her wonderful paintings. I like the colors that she uses, the painting techniques, the subjects and with honor that I interviewed this artist of great value. Her paintings lead the viewer on a journey without boundaries. In the interview to follow, Jesno will tell a lot about hes business as a manager and as a painter. Jesno will talk to us about hes next goals and much more.

You are a very important art manager in UAE, describe your job, please.

Being an art manager, I am a person who selects and often interprets works of art. In addition to selecting works, I am responsible for writing labels, catalog essays, and other content supporting exhibitions. I do assembling, cataloguing, managing and presenting/displaying artistic and cultural collections. It is a varied job and often includes other activities, such as managing public relations, marketing, fundraising and running education programs.

My Job:Putting an artwork proximate to another one allow viewers to both compare and contrast both, to see their commonalities, like date of creation, country of origin, subject matter, technique or style and or their differences. Gallery displays needs to be highly planned; scale models of galleries and artworks are created and works are arranged well in advance of actually stepping into galleries and commencing to hang. Objects has to be chosen for their beauty and historical significance, but also focus on the kind of visual symphony of objects that exist on their own but also in concert with one another.Art is an important part of human history and expression, as an art curator, it helps bring works of art to the public eye.

What criteria do you use to choose an artist?
I group objects according to certain criteria, which vary depending upon the kind of exhibition we are making, the kind of material we are displaying, and the kind of audience we are trying to reach. It is clear though, that artists tend to look at art objects differently than you or I do, and certainly they diverge from us when it comes to thinking about how to make an exhibition.

Do you represent artists only from UAE or from around the globe?
We are supporting and promoting local and UAE based international artists to inspire and engage them from community events and exhibitions to provide services and access of affordable artwork to buyers and collectors.

Do you have a favourite painting?

To be honest, it always seems to be the most recent painting that I am working on. All of my creative energy is focused in that moment in time. Whatever is currently on the easel feels like a 'favorite' to me. Each new painting is an opportunity to 'out-do' myself and create a personal best. That said, looking back there are certain pieces that do stick out to me. Viewing these works I can recall a particular moment in time and that makes it special to me.

This painting "Musical Souls" - The Global Award Finalist is one of my favorite artwork- 2018

Where do you get inspiration?

Inspiration? I would say that it takes an endless amount of dedication, hard work, promotion, and support, to be an artist. I have been painting all my life, starting from before I went to preschool! Growing up in the beautiful god's own country, natural objects were everywhere. I didn't have to look far for inspiration. My whole family is artistically inclined. My parents taught me how to sketch and use color, my mom bought me my first art book, and my dad bought me colours.

Most of my paintings and ideas are inspired by the nature around her inspiration is well emphasized by the titles of my impressions & reflections of creations in life. From 2005, my work was a mix of Realism, Impressionism, Contemporary, Abstract and Pop Art, which creates a unique and colourful, happy style that speaks to all ages. I am best known for my large-size original Abstract and Contemporary Modern Paintings, but I mostly enjoys the combination of Contemporary, Cubism and Figurative. I want the viewer to feel the movement, energy, and life coming from the artwork.

The most important inspiration for me though, is from feeling emotions. Ever since I felt heartbreak and pure happiness as I matured, I started giving my art some life and thus my artworks project the way I feel inside. My art would look like a mess and there'd be sad faces and dull colors whenever I have negative emotions, and when I'm feeling happy, my art would have beautiful lighting and colors.

Nature & Love - Connection made from emotions - 2011

Traditional Arabic Coffee Pot - Watercolour in Monochrome by Jesno

Do you remember your first painting?

I was definitely a kid who was always drawing or painting from an early age. My parents, have photos of me painting around age 4. The coloring books in our house were all blank with the exception of my own drawings on the blank inside covers...

My first drawing was a parrot ,and my second drawing was a lotus... noticing this, my parents started buying me colours, sketchbooks and loose paper to keep me busy. I always try to paint the nature inspired artworks from my childhood.

What it means to paint for you?

Art is all about skill acquired by experience, study, or observation. It is a style that breaks away from drawing art as it is represented in real life. As the pencil glides on the paper, my mind briefly leaves my body. I escape. I become the drawing. I become the lines. I become the shading. It's not always perfect. I make mistakes sometimes. That's what makes it more fun. When I see an error, I check whether it can be incorporated into my drawing. It becomes a challenge to accomplish. That entire process is what inspires me to draw.
I've been making art since I've been able to hold a pencil. I have completed my BFA and hold Masters in Creative Arts. I absolutely love what I've learned and I am enjoying my artistic journey, being an artist, artist activist, art curator, and an art teacher.

Next goals, about your work.

My art is about expressions. It might be an expression of my subject's emotions or my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it is as simple as happiness and beauty of nature; at other times rooted deep in spiritual (not religious) awakening.
As a human and artist I am an advocate of freedom of soul and expression and that is the focal point of my art. Now working on UAE Themed Contemporary artworks in Blue Series. I am coming up with another solo exhibition in New Year.

How long have you been living in UAE?
I lived in UAE for 8years. But I and my spouse- Rengi Cherian founded Art4you in 2009 when we were in India. Art4you was run till Dec 2015 by myself. Since our inception in 2009, I, Jesno Jackson-the founder of the community launched Art4You Gallery in Dec 2016 ,which in short span(from Sept 2016), established into a leading Art Gallery Community in the UAE Region. Art4you is a multicultural non-profit platform with a mission of connecting artists, art activists and volunteers together to create various community-based events like Live Art Events, Community services, Art Tour, Plein Air Sessions, Art auction, Street arts, Art Talent Programs for students to create and educate, etc... Our Online Shop will be opened soon in Dec 2018, which will help artists and buyers in different aspects.

You come from India. What do you miss about your land?
I come from Kerala- God's own country, India. I miss the picturesque land scape, abundant with green nature and backwaters of striking beauty. After all, I miss my birthplace and my home.

Would you like to organize an art exhibition in Europe?

If we get an opportunity, definitely yes. More than 90% of leading international art fairs are held in Europe. Now, most people think you need to have art exhibition put together across the world.
We strive to organize a wide range of exhibitions consisting of an array of artistic mediums, including paintings, photography, sculpture, etc...Art4you is coming up with our First international show in United States. We need all the support from artists and art lovers.

Paint for me now means-The style I started to follow, "My Blue Series" - Contemporary Artworks.