(Saju Nair - Dubai) The art fraternity in The United Arab Emirates awaits to experience a mindful art exhibition which, in the current world, carries immense significance. This event will undoubtedly be an eye opener for the community towards the growing danger of extreme climatic variations and how the consequences of this change dramatically affects the major source of life, our oceans and in turn, marine life.

Oceans, one of the most valuable and enormously potential natural resources that currently exists on Earth, is undergoing a calamitous phase due to various reasons, the most significant one being the over exploitation of this resource by humans. Oceans have always been a source of protection and prosperity for those who respect the soul and for those who look after its life.

The oceans, seas and rivers have provided the jewels for existence and they have been worshipped and looked after dearly by humans, but as time changed, so did our mentalities, we became greedier and sought more than what the ocean could provide us with, in the name of development we grabbed their space to construct huge concrete blocks without acknowledging the fact that it only takes seconds for nature to reclaim her passage which was once stolen. We disrespected and laid waste on her and now those naïve mistakes threatens the existence of marine life and the oceans which once protected and helped us prosper, we showed it no mercy and continued ruthlessly destroying the very source of life, the very reason we exist. And now, as a result of this greed, we have given all what's needed for natural disasters to lay waste on our lands. Tsunamis, floods, landslides, earthquakes, forest fires and many more unimaginable calamities seems to increase by the growing day and the beauty that was once seen seems to die away. These calamities may be disasters to us but they are survival measures taken by ourplanet to preserve the resources for the generations ahead.

Over the period there were several natural calamities which were warnings and also plea of mercy, but we continue to ignore. We sit idle, shrouded by luxury, not once thinking of the magnitude of damage that is being laid to our own home. One cannot deny the fact that we all are merely guests to this world for a short span of time and it is our responsibility to preserve and handover this beautiful world to the next generation and this cannot be done if we do not join hands in protecting nature and it's high time we initiate awareness across the community to safeguard and balance the eco system.

Understanding the importance of this grave matter, ART4You gallery has yet again entrusted their commitment to the society by organizing an art exhibition that will portray the beauty of the ocean & marine life by 12 international artists. A remarkable measure taken to open the eyes and minds of people to this growing concern and to help them remember and relish theonce beauty of our oceans and its life and in turn, to help, save and an effort to bring back the original magnificence of our oceans and its species.

An art exhibition designed and titled as 'Imaginarium' - Over the Ocean, Under the sea, will beopened to the world on Thursday the 5 th of September 2019 at 7PM in the presence ofdistinguished dignitaries from various path of life at Studio Seven Gallery, Business Bay, Dubai.

Jesno Rengi, Art Manager. Founder art4you gallery
Jesno Rengi, Art Manager. Founder art4you gallery

'Imaginarium' will be curated by Jesno Jackson, founder of ART4You gallery wherein 12 talented artists will exhibit their splendid creations and most importantly the artist themselves shall be available at the venue to narrate their story behind each of their creations. Jesno Jackson who is working relentlessly to gift a phenomenal evening to the world says "Imaginarium will exhibit work by 12 talented artists who have delved deep into the ocean of their creative minds and souls and translated the theme in their own unique styles and genres. We have tried to include artists that have depicted various facets of water right from the surface to the very depths, hence the tagline over the ocean, above the sea. Each of us on the planet has a responsibility to do our part to help protect, care for and enhance our beautiful planet. 'Imaginarium' hopes to bring awareness to that delicate balance between man and the ecosystem, in particular marine life. Exploring the distinctive character of harbors and sunsets, focusing on nautical and marine life have been an inspiration to artists for time immemorial.

Water, with its multitude of moods, tides, its ebb and flow, its iridescent, chromatic marine life, has always been many an artist's favorite theme. The interpretations flow from gentle waves and the exquisite, joyful creatures of the sea, to fluid abstract seascapes, to its crystalline beauty. On behalf of all participating artists and the gallery, I would request you the community to come and experience the splendid creations of Masters."

While the United Arab Emirates celebrates 2019 as 'The Year of Tolerance' this exhibition carries immense significance as this event will echo the importance of tolerance with our oceans and its precious life.

Following the previous events organized by ART4You, the art fraternity in the region is confidently looking forward to experience an incredible evening under the able leadership of ART4You gallery founders Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian.

This is categorically a highly-recommended exhibition and we at Televisionario2 tender our best wishes to the curator and the participating artists. We will bring our savant readers across the globe a detailed review of the inauguration ceremony - so keep following us for updates.