(Saju Nair - Dubai) The Paintbrush Art Community conducted an event titled 'Rays of Hope' that was the epitome of innocence, happiness, joy and wonder as kids between the age of 3 to 5 took the center stage to express their happiness to the success of The United Arab Emirates Mars mission named as 'Amal' which translates to English as 'Hope'. 'Hope Probe' was successfully dispatched on 19th July 2020 from the Tanegashima Space Centre in southern Japan at 6.58am (9.58pm GMT). The Emirates Mars Mission was initiated with an ambition to delve deeper into the mysteries of space and to explore opportunities for the world to observe, investigate and study about the Martian atmosphere and the features of the red planet. With this mission, UAE also claims the prestigious title of the first Arab country to launch an interplanetary mission that was designed, built and dispatched to the target destination in just six years. After the long journey, 'Hope' is expected to reach Mars orbit by Feb 2021 and it is certain that this very moment will go down in history as the golden juncture of success.

Year 2021 will have a significance importance in the history of this great nation as The United Arab Emirates will mark the 50th anniversary of the unification of the seven emirates into a single powerful nation which leads the world by example of greatness. From a mere desert to a hi-tech metropolitan city, transformation hasn't taken many years as the rulers of this great country has always ensured that its citizens live in a safe and secure environment while providing them with the highest living standard possible but it doesn't stop there, the rulers continue to explore and manifest their dreams to provide us with the best possible way of life. Many iconic structures and infrastructures built over the years has claimed number of world records and that justifies the quick pace of the country in terms of development and in addition to that, the involvement of the UAE administration in extending moral support to different countries and actively playing the role of a helping hand, according to the state of affairs, has also conveyed a strong message of humanity.

'Rays of Hope' was a beautiful event wherein 26 Kindergarten students portrayed their imaginations in their own unique ways whilst expressing their love and support towards the success of the Mars mission. More interestingly, these 26 cute little bundles of happiness created their artworks LIVE in a ZOOM meeting curated by the well-known artist, Ms. Sonal Purohit and it was indeed beyond fascinating to witness how these young minds transfer their imaginations from their minds onto a physical material and that has gifted an amazing experience to the art world. The event was also graced with the presence of several distinguished personalities from the art world and the active participation of these kids has gifted a magical evening that will be cherished by all down the lane. The cute and little hands of these imaginative minds portrayed Earth, stars, other planets and the Hope probe carrying an astronaut with the UAE national flag in their own special ways and it was indeed quite a sight to see how each of these little artists positioned said objects on a paper without compromising the original importance and dominance of the main subject.

Curator of show Ms. Sonal Purohit says "I have enjoyed being a mother. When I realized that my passion could also groom and motivate children, I simply could not resist the idea of having fun with kids. Now COVID 19 to this was a blessing as kid's fun sessions on Zoom led to classes of fun and later the Hope Mission which gave us the hope to devote our beautiful sessions as an Ode to UAE. All Kids agreed and the result was the participation of 26 kids aged 3 and 5 years and trust me they were all thorough professionals. The uniqueness was their mothers who equally supported them with participation. Now that was an absolute win-win outcome for me. I am proud that I could teach and make these kids live moments of togetherness and love when I myself am a learner. So yes, this was my proudest moment to work with such artists. For once I enjoyed not flaunting myself but my students."

After the Live painting for an hour by kids 'Rays of Hope' was formally inaugurated by veteran Indian artist and patron of TPBAC Mr. Anjini Prakash Laitu. During his opening address, he expressed his happiness and excitement to find the little ones enjoying the session and he also congratulate the organizers for giving life to a magical evening. In addition to the speech by various guests presented during the session the gathering also witnessed the rendering of a beautiful song by Ms. Sonia Majeed as a dedication to the beautiful kids. Ms. Sonia Majeed is the Global Peace Ambassador, Global Voice Ambassador, Global Goodwill Ambassador & Country Director of World Youth Forum, UAE.

"An artist when takes a path of creativity and makes that a passion; the divine opens the gates and pathways for rays to make hope into reality. This is what this event was all about. Sonal, an artist herself as a ray aroused a hope in kids to paint and have fun and make them believe that even you can go to Mars; that too your own creative Mars and Space. So, this event was bound to be a success because these little angels had nothing to prove or win. They simply had something to dream, draw and live. The imagination was paramount and so was the adrenaline in them at its peak and their energy was obvious. Each moment was focused with convergence into one's own world and own path the Rays lightened the hope in them and once again UAE mission to Mars raised our Hopes to live a brightened future. So, these ace artists to me were young prodigies and let me say "bang on!!" to Sonal, my curator and wife and to the mothers." says Dr. Romit Purohit, Founder of The Paintbrush Art Community.

Ms. Sultana Kazim - a renowned fashion designer, an artist and Representative and Coordinator for The Museum of Americas in UAE Says "Oh what an event it was, really incredible and I was totally blown away because I never expected 3-5 year olds to be so gifted and so confident to talk and present themselves and their paintings live in front of a large gathering. Unbelievable and I am so proud that we have teachers and parents who encourage and give confidence to these kids because we do have the best educational system in the UAE. The founders of The Paintbrush Art Community, Dr. Romit and Sonal, has beautifully conducted this event and I am so happy to be part of it and I sincerely hope there will be many more such events after the grand success of this event that will encourage many people to host similar gatherings. I am very serious about arranging a trip to NASA for these kids because I live just 35-45 minutes away and I have all the means to make that happen. If there is anything I can do to facilitate that I will be more than happy to do so, I have put out my invitation out there for the future. To witness kids performing art is always very close to my heart and if there is anything I can do to enhance and encourage these brilliant kids and lovely angels, I will be more than happy to do so. I also appreciate ILTelevisionario2 for considering this as an event that needs to get global attention by publishing the report for the international community to know more about - 'Rays of Hope'."

Artworks created by Kindergarten students during live event

Eminent Emirati Artist and Entrepreneur Mr. Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi who was also one among the special guest of the event says "Me Being a citizen of this country, it makes me proud and happy that the dream of our founding father late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan has been achieved by our visionary rulers, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE, and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE, and Ruler of Dubai. With all my gratitude, I congratulate the rulers and all those who have engaged in creating history and giving an opportunity for the youth to explore more avenues in science and technology. To mark respect and to spread awareness of the success of 'Hope - MARS PROBE', the Live painting and Zoom Virtual gathering organized by The Paintbrush Art Community deserves a huge round of applause. It was also an honor for me to spend some time with young kids to experience their innocence and their creativity in such an inspiring platform and I congratulate all the participants, Dr. Romit and Ms. Sonal for organizing this great event and having me as a special guest along with other distinguished personalities. I am also thankful to TV2 for always being a great promoter of arts from UAE and many thanks for seeking my view on 'Rays of Hope'."

Artworks created by Kindergarten students during live event

"This was a unique experience. The goal was to celebrate the launch of 'HOPE', which is the UAE's Mars probe. Never before have I had the opportunity to be a part of such an event. The main focus behind Rays of Hope was to celebrate the creative nature of children and being an art educator myself, I understand how difficult it is to organize an event with children of the age range of around 5 years. The ideas and compositions executed by the children were impressive and because it was a live interaction from start to finish, it was that much more engaging. It was amazing to see such confidence in these children and it is indeed a feather in the hat of Ms. Sonal Purohit as an Art curator, for having successively executed events such as 'Cognizance COVID Ode to the Warriors' and now 'Rays of Hope'; an impressive feat. The enthusiastic and active children successfully finished their creations in a time span of 2 hours, all the while interacting with me, Sonal Ma'am, and a whole group of creative professionals who attended the gathering." Says Mr. Sugat Priyadarshi - Well known visual artist and Head of Arts department in JSS International School, Dubai

Zoom screen captured during 'Rays of Hope'

IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be associated with TPBAC as their international media supporter and we congratulate the curator Ms. Sonal Purohit, Founder of TPBAC Dr. Romit Purohit and all participants for hosting such a great show that was flourished with happiness and great wonders.

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