(Saju Nair - Dubai) It's raining art gatherings in The United Arab Emirates, October and November of 2019, till date, has witnessed dozens of phenomenal art gatherings here in UAE and the beauty is that all these gatherings stood apart with its own uniqueness. Day by day, event by event, the quality of these gatherings has enhanced the benchmark of success gifting the community with a vast range of magical events to experience and a healthy challenge for the galleries / curators to enrich their creativity in subsequent events. All these gatherings carry their own eminence, be it by the participation of the artists, the quality of the curators who gifted the show, the theme assigned, the venues graced or with the presence of a large vibrant and energetic art community. Emerging artists starting from 5 years till veteran artist of 85 years have ensured their presence through various events which has really astonished the art fraternity and art enthusiasts in the region and abroad.

Some of the artworks displayed @ 'The Power of The Line'
Some of the artworks displayed @ 'The Power of The Line'

Always designing something new, analyzing and keeping in line with the expectations of the art industry and to execute highly commendable event which produces commercial success is not an easy job at all. The founders of ART4You Gallery Rengi Cherian and Jesno Jackson have always ensured their events delivers a mesmerizing experience for which they have sculpted an avowed identity across the vast world of art. Their exhibitions have been widely accepted and appreciated by the quality of curation, selection of artists and artworks as the event of ART4You draws attention of many high-profile individuals from different walks of life.

One such gathering took place on 13th November 2019 at Studio Seven Gallery with the successful participation of 8 magnificent female artists who joined forces with Jesno Jackson to unlock the door of creativity, curiosity and contentment for the art world to experience, it was a paradise of stunning creations and the walls of Studio Seven Gallery was embellished with 60 fabulous artworks of different sizes and mediums gifting an enthralling evening to the crowd present at the venue. The beauty of an artwork is well highlighted only when these creations are appropriately placed and well illuminated and, as a curator, Jesno Jackson has displayed her commendable talent in curating this show which has enhanced the quality of the artworks manifold. This exhibition titled 'The Power of The Line' indicates the importance of LINE as one among the key elements in art and so as the artworks displayed was selected after a thorough study by the curator herself to ensure the quality meets the purpose.

The widely appreciated and enormously talented artists who graced this event with their phenomenal creations were Amrita Sethi, Madeleine Kurtsdotter, Rishu Gosain Roy, Shobha Iyer, Dr. Sharmila Tulpule, Sanja Jankovic, Smita Aloni, and Sonal Johar.

This exhibition saw its glory as it proved to be an enormous success, the curator of this event was jubilant and proud to share her ideas behind this exhibition. Jesno Jackson an inevitable name in the art industry who has acclaimed many laurels for her determination and commitment to live her passion says "ART4You is indeed proud and happy on the success of 'THE POWER OF THE LINE' wherein we have associated with 8 inspiring Women Artist. In this exhibition, we have given preference for LINE which is one of the key elements in art and it's really overwhelming to visualize that all the participated artists have respected the assigned theme as it is visible in all displayed artworks. We really admire the support extended by Mr. Jamal Ferozie the owner of Studio Seven which is also a key factor to the success of this event. Artworks with vibrant colors need to be illuminated properly in such a way, the attention of the viewers is grabbed and I believe that we, with the support of Studio Seven, have set up the stage quite convincingly and we are really happy to have received immense positive feedbacks from the gathering on the opening day. I would also express my sincere gratitude to all the VIP Guests who had graced the event as their presence is really encouraging me to conduct more and more events by which ART4You can provide platforms for many artists'.

'THE POWER OF THE LINE' was inaugurated by Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Chairman and Founder of AbuDhabi Arts Society in the presence of Ms. Sultana Kazim, a renowned fashion designer, an artist and Representative and Coordinator for The Museum of Americas, Mr. Ibrahim Juma- World renowned Emirati Music Composer, Mr. Peter Gressmann founder of artforumuae, Ms. Alessandra Giorda, Renowned journalist and founder of Televisionario2, Entrepreneur and Eminent Emirati Artist Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Famous Calligraphy artist Aslam Noor, and other invited dignitaries, artists and art enthusiasts. Guests, participants and the crowd gathered at Studio Seven were indeed taken by surprise when the famous caricature artist, Jalal Abusamaa, presented the artists and the guests with a comical portrait of themselves which has really enthralled the recipients and the visitors and was unanimously accepted.

"Caricature is a depiction of someone in a humorous way, but at its best it has a narrative behind it-you're pointing out something about their presence, not just making fun of their features." says Jalal an artist who is well known for his magnificent talent.

A detailed art tour followed the inaugural ceremony where the artists were given an opportunity to introduce and narrate the stories behind each of their creations.

The evening also witnessed the book launch of the renowned journalist and founder of Televisionario2, Alessandra Giorda. The book titled 'GRANDI PERSONAGGI' which translates to 'Great Characters' in English is a collection of interviews, giving an opportunity for the readers to experience her time spend with all those enormously talented artists across the globe. The protagonists are Opera / Pop Singers, Ambassadors, Actresses, Painters, Journalists, Writers, Poets and many more who have revealed their journey of their respective careers. A detailed report on the book launch shall be published shortly.

A glimpse of participating artists

Dr. Sharmila Tulpule an orthopedic surgeon by profession finds time to pour her emotions onto a blank canvas to create magical artworks. As her profession demands high level of commitment, dedication and determination, she practices yoga to achieve and to maintain the qualities which supports her to be an amazing soul. The benefit of these qualities has also helped her to develop her passion in art and to modulate her own style of art which is widely appreciated by the art industry. Being a self-taught artist, without any restrictions, she uses her canvases as a gateway to self-exploration to discover wonders. A close analysis of her striking artworks will take the onlookers to join her in her spiritual and emotional journey as the story behind each of those beautiful artworks are really inspiring and touching. The vivid strokes that characterize her canvases bear witness to the strength of conviction and clarity of perception with which she views herself and beyond. She also earned a vast experience with her participation of numerous exhibitions in UAE and abroad. When asked about her views and experience in art she says "Painting, for me, is pure meditation, a dive into something beyond mind, trying to cross the boundaries of consciousness".

Amrita Sethi born and raised in Kenya is a British citizen of Indian origin. Having travelled and resided in Zimbabwe, Uganda, UK and Switzerland she has entrusted her service in banking and insurance sectors, later, she inherited her experience to work independently as a wealth advisor. She has successfully incorporated the benefit of technology by synchronizing it with art giving it an identity, as her Voice Note art has produced wide acceptance and has inspired the gathering. Having stayed in Dubai for 12 years her debut exhibition was at World Art Dubai in April 2019 showcasing her collections for the first time which has acclaimed acceptance and led to her winning the Best Outstanding Artist Award 2019. Amrita's art reflects her international diversity and combines the sweetness of traditions with the energy of a modern world, to showcase the rich layers that can make up a country's identity and a person's character. Creatively she also decided to follow her passion for art, which has led to the creation of the two collections - Voice note Art and the Global Collections. Her artworks displayed at THE POWER OF THE LINE' has attracted many visitors as the style of her creations are unique and an interesting subject to experience.

Madeleine Kurtsdotter is a Swedish contemporary artist, based in Dubai. Known for her experimental work with colors, textures and shapes and her passion for exciting contrasts, Madeleine mainly finds inspiration from nature, people and travels. Her longer stays in France, USA, Russia and the UAE have also left their mark on her artwork. Having been passionate about expressing herself through art all her life, Madeleine has progressed into a matured and self-confident artist, experimenting with both medias, techniques and motifs. Today, Madeleine mostly works with mixed techniques combining acrylic, oil, ink and natural material. Although Madeleine has attended numerous art classes, and studied graphic design and illustration, she mostly sees herself as a self-taught artist. Her artworks displayed were of high quality as the onlookers were glued on by her striking creations.

Shobha Iyer is an enormously talented Indian artist based in Dubai. Some of her creations which is displayed at 'The Power of The Line' are based on the old and cultural art of murals with acrylics. Mural art has had decades long of importance in India as it was one of the most prestigious forms of artistic expression during the age of the monarchs. Basically, Shobha Iyer follows the Kerala mural style which was quite prominent in the early ages and was created with natural colors derived from flowers, leaves and vegetables. Traditional murals used 'Panchavarana' in Sanskrit which means Five colors and those are Red, Yellow, Green, Black and White. Due to difficulties in obtaining such tools to create, Shobha preferred Acrylic colors to give life to her imaginations. Complete dedication and focus is required to create mural as the works consists of minute detailing which has to be precise and crisp. Brilliant creations of her displayed at 'The Power of The Line' attracts many enthusiasts and fellow artists. The creations of Shobha portrays calmness and simplicity, crispness yet elegance taking the onlookers on the road of divinity. Having felicitated with numerous recognitions and awards in national and global level, this amazing talented artist is a prominent name in the art industry whose passion also gain commercial success as her artworks are inspired for lots.

Sanja Jankovic from Serbia is a professional artist and fashion illustrator who has participated in numerous art projects in her home town and neighboring countries during her 8 years of professional career. Being MA fine art graduate, she has dedicated herself to focus and enhance her passion in art which has helped her to boost her confidence and to emerge as a full-time artist. Social networking of Sanja Jankovic has gained popularity and acceptance for her artworks and the concept she perceives. Enhancing her passion in art with an aim of sharing her experience and knowledge she currently works as an art lecturer at Canadian University Dubai. Her creations are not limited to any specific medium and she explore all the available opportunities to give life to her imaginations. Her participation at 'The Power of The Line' is highly appreciated by the industry as her creations has indeed shared the emotions with the onlookers.

Smita Aloni, an artist with an abundance of knowledge on the traditional art form known as 'Phad' has taken it in her stride to practice and study in-depth about this form of expression. Phad paintings originated in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is largely based on ancient stories as the portrayed character or the subject carries immense significance in history. The artist who has dedicated herself to this art form says "Storytelling has been a timeless art in the history of human beings. I have had a great affection towards music, dance and storytelling, which are all significant parts of the Indian culture. In Phad painting, it narrates the story of historical characters that speak through colorful images that have continued to exist in the world of Phad for 700 years. Just as a child seeks out their favorite story book and yearns to look through the images over and over again, I find the same joy in Phad paintings". In today's world, these paintings are still appealing due to its striking natural colors and peculiar shape and figures. Smita's passion and dedication to keep the centuries old tradition alive and to create awareness of this beautiful form of art is highly commendable.

Rishu Gosain Roy, a fabulous artist has surprised the visitors of 'The Power of The Line' with her striking creations. The subject chosen complimented with the large size of the canvas and selection of colors and perfect portrayal has gifted the amazing artwork which was indeed a showstopper. The compassionate artist who has achieved many laurels in her professional career says "Painting has always been close to my heart right from my early childhood. My passion to understand different art forms made me pursue my Masters in both Fine Arts and History of Art. I later pursued my career as an Art Teacher in India and continued the same in Dubai after I moved to Dubai in 2008. My career so far has allowed me to be a lead artist and designer in most of the School activities and creative works. Besides, the passion, it was the admiration of my work every time that allowed me to live my passion to the fullest and try new and different styles of art forms in regular intervals. The presentation of my work to the then President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, would be the biggest highlight of my career so far. My works include a mix of Realism, Impressionism, pop art, Abstract and Contemporary while I draw my inspiration from the Light and Shade play of Dutch Artist Rembrandt and Nature. I believe my work depicts the way I look at things and my ability to recreate them with my imagination and creativity. A blank canvas and colors allow me to draw a world as I look at it and show how beautiful the world is, if we just pause for a moment in our busy lives to admire, what the world has provided us."

Sonal Johar an artist whose creations have engrossed the visitors with its disciplined structure, perfect combinations of colors and use of mix medium. Large in size, the artworks displayed has really enhanced the quality of the evening and attracted many visitors. Dubai based Sonal Johar is a self-taught artist with an interest in traditional motifs and patterns, an eye for detail and love for bold colors, she has created life size murals in Lippan art and given a fresh modern look to Madhubani art. 'Madhubani art is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments. It is characterized by its eye-catching geometrical patterns' Courtesy Wikipedia

With her creative ideas, she has developed her own unique style and technique, and given a refreshing dimension to Lippan and Madhubani art. The balance and harmony in her designs are a sort of meditative and her works are created with the purpose to "evoke the senses of the onlooker and drive them towards serenity" as she says.

When 60 artworks of these eight amazing artists were displayed at Studio Seven, it was infact the curator Jesno Jackson gifting an incomparable experience to the art world.

Televisioanrio2 is proud to experience 'The Power of The Line' the art exhibition by ART4You gallery and we congratulate the curator, artist and Studio Seven for hosting such a wonderful show. Trust that this report has given a broader view of this event to our readers across the globe.