LAKMÉ, opera by Léo DelibesNew ROHM production

performed by Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova

 March 28 2019 7:30-PM March 29 2019 7:30-PM March 30 2019 7:30 PM 

Lakmé is a beautiful opera and reflects the global depth of ROHM's vision for the season. In the era of the British Raj in India, the lovely Hindu Priestess Lakmé and a British Officer fall in love with tragic consequences. Delicate orchestration, melodic richness and warm expressiveness characterise the music, while Oriental colour is expressed with incantations, dances and a stunning market scene. This exciting world premiere is directed by Davide Livermore, with a stellar cast. The orchestra and chorus of Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova is conducted by Jordi Bernàcer. 

Orchestra & Chorus of Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova dancers courtesy of Opera Australia 
in collaboration with Los Angeles Opera, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Fondazione Arena di Verona, Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova, Cairo Opera House, Astana Opera, National Centre for the Performing Arts of Beijing and Opera Australia 


Lakmé ​ Elena Moşuc (28th, 30th March)
Svetlana Moskalenko (29th March)
Mallika Raffaella Lupinacci
Gérald ​ Sergey Romanovsky (28th, 30th March)
Leonardo Ferrando (29th March)
Nilakantha ​ Burak Bilgili (28th, 30th March)
Daniel Giulianini (29th March)
Frédéric Alessandro Luongo
Miss Ellen Francesca Sassu
Mistress Bentson Elena Zilio
Miss Rose Francesca Benitez
Hadji Francesco Pittari
A Chinese merchant Antonio Mannarino
A Fortune teller Giuliano Petouchoff
A Kouravar Roberto Conti


Jordi Bernàcer

Stage Director and Choreographer

Davide Livermore

Set Designer

Giò Forma

Costume Designer

Mariana Fracasso

Lighting Designer

Marco De Nardi

Video Design