(Saju Nair - Dubai) February 2021 was one of the most significant months in the history of UAE as the ingenious brilliant minds of the country redefined the tagline 'Impossible is possible'. The Hope Probe was designed and dispatched to the red planet by the UAE on 19th July 2020 from Tanegashima Space Centre, Japan at12.58 am GST. An anxious wait which lasted 7 months finally reigned success when The Hope Probe entered the Mars orbit on 9th February 2021 on its first attempt itself. The relentless efforts by The Emirates Mars Mission, the space agency of The United Arab Emirates, resulted in their emergence as the fifth country in history to reach the red planet and the first country in the Arab world. This mission will provide scientific information and insights to aid in the advancement of our knowledge about the Martian atmosphere and its seasonal changes. By compiling these data, experts can further analyze and explore the wide array of opportunities this mission has presented us with. On behalf of IlTelevisionario2, we congratulate the entire team behind this project and the citizens for achieving this great milestone in the field of space science. We salute the visionary rulers of this great nation for taking courage and for showcasing exemplary professional skills to execute such mega projects.

Artworks displayed @ 'Love Story'

Artworks displayed @ 'Love Story'

As always, the looming concern of a pandemic does only so much to restrict the art fraternity in UAE from creating and exhibiting new artworks as they have now, utilized the benefits of several virtual platforms effectively to organize art gatherings by incorporating various inspiring concepts. Having established in 2020, The Paintbrush Art Community has given life to various virtual events born from innovative ideas and by including artists from across the globe. When we attend an event of TPBAC, we find artists from various countries/locations gathered together in a small screen and this always provides a wonderful opportunity for the artists to get to know each other better and to engage in healthy discussions, to share and understand the technicalities and stories that have inspired them to give life to some of their magnificent creations.

Artworks displayed @ 'Love Story'

As Valentine's Day is celebrated in the month of February, Founder of TPBAC, Dr. Romit Purohit and well-known artist and curator, Ms. Sonal Purohit came out with their latest virtual event titled 'Love Story'. 21 artists joined hands with TPBAC to give life to a mesmerizing event wherein artists have portrayed their interpretation of the concept of 'Love'. I was fortunate to be a part of this amazing virtual gathering and what fascinated me the most was the way each artist explained their artworks, the depth of their love and bonding that they hold within their hearts were beautifully manifested on to their canvases and it was nothing short of a spectacle to witness them. Even though the theme was 'Love Story' the subjects selected by the artists were wide in variety and this goes on to show how one can find love and beauty in all that they see.

Participating artists @ 'Love Story'

The founders of TPBAC, Dr. Romit Purohit and Ms. Sonal Purohit, were overwhelmed with the participation of artists and special guests in the event "Love Story, a theme that has no boundaries but needs deep expressions. People always focus on Valentine's Day. Rarely, they realize the countless memories of past years that if remembered and cherished can begin a new love story or rekindle a love lost again. Words and body language do play a role towards an empathic drive of proclivity; when you add a stroke of the brush with it on a canvas it becomes the rarest combination of countenance that might have been missed in the past. The idea clicked as canvomance brought 21 wonderful artists who guised as artists but were lovers sharing their love story. What more could have TPBAC could have asked for when graced by Indian Movie Playback Singer Raja Hasan and Dubai Talent Carwan Khurshid who devoted their songs to these artworks and artists. An absolute chrysanthemum of cupids that rekindle the love journey within. We are indeed proud and happy that this event presented a new dimension to Art and its lovers." Says the founder and the curator in a joint statement.

Participating artists @ 'Love Story'

Participating artists @ 'Love Story'

Love can be found in several forms such as the love shared between couples, the everlasting bond between parents and children, the chaotic love between siblings, the love shared between best friends, the love between animals and nature and so much more. This emotion is one that knows no boundaries, it transcends materialistic standards and is instead a connection between two souls. In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna and Radha are an icon of true love, and the majority of artists have used this subject in their own way to express their definitions of love. Different yet beautiful sequences from the story of Krishna and Radha were portrayed by various artists. The artworks depicting the return of Sudama, Krishna's friend, represents the love shared by two close childhood friends, a playful child created in abstract forms depicts the strong bond between father and child while a stunning beachside view depicts the love of the artist towards her husband. Each artwork displayed radiated a unique kind of love, one that is entirely personal to the artist and this is what made the artworks special.

'Love Story' was graced with the presence of Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas, Ms. Ruby Sajan, member of Danube Family, one of the leading business houses in the Middle East and India, Mr. Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Eminent Emirati Artist and Entrepreneur, Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae, Ms. Roxana Jaffer - Poet, Philanthropist and CEO of Holiday Inn, Al Barsha, Ms. Alessandra Giorda, Founder of IlTelevisionario2 and Ms. Anshu Harsh, Editor and CEO of Simply Jaipur. The event also witnessed a beautiful performance by the renowned Indian playback singer, Raja Hassan and Dubai-based vocalist, Carwan Khurshid who immersed the attendees in their soothing melodies. Ms. Anshu Harsh surprised the gathering with her amazing capabilities in spontaneous writing and recited the lines written that connects to the artworks displayed.

Raja Hassan and Carwan Khurshid

"I can't begin to say how much I enjoyed participating in this Zoom show as the Chief Guest and Judge. It was so delightful being part of this well-orchestrated and professionally presented show by the talented and gorgeous artist Sonal and her handsome, able, charming, "director/producer, MC husband Dr. Romit Purohit. Witnessing all the wonderful creative depiction of the classic historic symbol of LOVE by the artists which included those faraway places like Venezuela and Portugal, only goes to show that art is transcending borders. Thank you Paintbrush and its founders for setting such a fine standard and inspiring budding artists of UAE. Mabrouk and looking forward to your next production". Says Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of the Museum of Americas.

"It has given me immense pleasure to be a part of the Paintbrush Art Community. Art is a beautiful journey of free souls. With an event like 'Love Story', every artist expressed their love in the form of art so beautifully. Really enjoyed each and every moment of the event. Once again I would thank Sonal and Romit Bhai for inviting me to be a part of this journey." Says Ms. Ruby Sajan, member of the Danube Family, one of the leading business houses in the Middle East and India.

"The event did not only bring global artists together but gave us food for thought as we explored the recesses of the mind of the artists helping us to reflect on self and our purpose in life. Bravo Sonal and Dr. Romit." Says Ms. Roxana Jaffer - Poet, Philanthropist and CEO of Holiday Inn, Al Barsha

'Love Story' is supported by Rex Interiors which is a vertical of TPBAC. Rex Interiors is a bespoke turnkey fit-out and concept designing firm that encompasses its own designers, joineries, architects, automation, and canvas & installation artists. This platform will also be used to promote artists and help them find potential buyers that will support their commercial gains, provide them with larger exposure and value for their creations. 'Dessertino', one of the most prominent outlets in the UAE that serves a huge variety of ice-creams and shakes ensured their cooperation with TPBAC.

Zoom video meeting

Please click on the link below to experience the recording of 'Love Story'

IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be part of this event and I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate all participating artists and the founders of The Paintbrush Art Community for gifting a magical evening filled with the many wonders of love.

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