(Saju Nair - Dubai) In continuation with my introductory report on" Melange - The visual exploration" which was published on 14th June 2019, expectations of one of the most talk of the town exhibitions was not at all compromised as Mr. Peter Gressman had really grabbed the attention of the enraptured spectators in total surprise by the professionally curated show at an artistic, exquisite and twenty first century venue of the Pullman City Center hotel in Dubai.

As the title so perspicuously articulates, the artworks that were introduced in this exhibition were of a broad spectrum of vivid colors, exceptional styles and unique concepts - contemporary creations were outstanding while POP art really drew the attention of onlookers from afar, the abstract creations & the impeccable finish of exceptionally carved sculptures were unique and the story behind each creation sculpted a sense of awe in the minds of the bystanders, Monochrome and ink creations fascinated and attracted the visitors by the intricate patterns incorporated in the artworks while the beautiful models walked the ramp adorning themselves with the latest chic collection of Roxx fashions for a breath taking fashion show.

Mr Peter Gressman
Mr Peter Gressman

When the seven masters joined hands with the well-known curator at Artist playground, Pullman hotel, it was actually redefining the standards of art exhibitions in the region. Outstanding creations of masters really raised the bench mark of art which was profoundly valued by the prodigiously curated show where hundreds of art enthusiasts witnessed and experienced a stunning evening where art and fashion joined together in harmony.

Sultana Farouq Kazim, Representative and Co Ordinator for the Museum of America's for the UAE also graced the occasion and she appreciated Mr. Peter Gressman in one of her FB posts and she states "I was not expecting anything less than perfection, and I was not disappointed. From the very beginning, as you enter, you are enwrapped into a chic-ness that extraordinary curator, artist, art historians etc. Dear Debonair Peter Gressman is so well known for. The fashions were exceptional and the models did justice to the amazing artwork and designs of my dear colleague Tanya Ashraf. So Totally Outstanding"

Televisinario2 is proud to present to our savant readers across the globe a small bite on the participating artists which will surely be intriguing and quite fascinating to know more about. 

Ahmed Rukni Emirati artist and one of the most prominent names in the art community of UAE has yet again wowed the public with his unique and impressive style of works all while covering a vast array of subjects. Being a huge supporter and an inspiring personality for the artists in this region, he has ensured his participation in almost all the events that took place in the UAE. As he was one among the master artist who embellished the "Melange" platform while he created a sense of blissful magic with Pop art which is his trademark style. He was also greatly satisfied with the positive response of this exquisite show and he says "This being an event curated by my dear friend, Peter Gressman, and the participation of various well-known artists from different nationalities adds more flavor to my country's initiative to celebrate 2019 as the 'Year of Tolerance'. We have really taken in the bold strokes and various styles and methods used to bring these works to life all while upholding our equality, respect, peace and harmony with each other which echoes our commitment to the world for peace. I am very fortunate to be a part of this event, to join hands with true masters in art and I extend my sincere gratitude to all those enthusiasts who visited this amazing event today and to those who shall visit to enjoy art in its purest form in the coming days ahead. It's also my privilege to congratulate Mr. Peter for his astounding curation and my fellow artists for their fabulous creations, dedication and commitment to convert this show to one of the most successful events that took place in the magnificent ambience of the Artist playground, Pullman Hotel, Dubai"

Bharat Thakur - A well known and successful entrepreneur who has established his foothold in numerous countries in his extraordinary business in art and yoga. Words do not suffice to illustrate his amiable and bold personality. The passionate artist, marvelous sculptor and determined author and poet has mastered all forms of art and he has professionally redefined the façade of abstract art by using his distinguished and personalized style in distinct mediums. Having participated in various exhibitions in India and abroad, this spectacular artist enjoys a vast fan base and in all its value, his masterpieces truly have the ability to render the onlooker speechless due to its magnificent beauty and sheer talent seen in them. "Melange - The visual exploration" exhibits the unique abstract creations and mind-blowing portraits of the gorgeous Bollywood actress, Bhumika Chawla who is also the life partner of the artist himself. He creatively portrays his partner in artistic methods that bring out her striking beauty and echoes the talent of the master artist himself. He never fails to amaze his large fan base and always surprises them by bringing out creations, each a level higher than the one before.

Charbel Fares, sculptor, Painter and an Art Critic from Lebanon with 50 years of experience in the field of art has truly surprised the visitors with his stunning sculptors. Most of his sculptures were carved in marble stones with a quintessential finish and the subjects that were chosen along with the deep story behind each creation really was heartwarming and gave further more value to his priceless works of art. Having presented himself in various exhibitions in Lebanon and one each in Canada & Kuwait, his participation in "Mélange - The visual exploration" was his debut appearance in The United Arab Emirates and what better way to announce ones arrival into the UAE art community than to take the breaths away of the art enthusiasts with splendid creation. Visitors at "Melange" were taken in awe as they marveled at his creations

Petra Kaltenbach moved to Dubai in 2004 during the start of the dynamic transformation period of the city. This process of renovation, from the old into the new, inspired her to work on a core theme, Transformation. As a fine and video artist, graphic designer and energy healer, Petra experienced the special magic of Dubai, which is unique to the place, resonate in her heart. The authentic inner transformation allows humans to step out of the restricted psychological conditioning and mental structures into freedom, expansiveness and peace of true nature. She intertwined her art with technology to express her inner self in various creative methods. She has integrated her healing abilities into her art to mediate positive energies to enthusiasts that lay eyes upon her works. Shortlisted by the IEAA and for the Burj Khalifa Façade, she achieved attention and recognition. In 2018, World Art Dubai, awarded her as the best UAE-resident-artist which really pushed her forward to scale more heights in her artistic career. Since 2019, she has also been one of the curators of World Art Dubai, a prestigious position that holds great respect and honor. Petra's art is not only playful and profound, but also transports transformatory thoughts in very unusual, yet unique and empowering ways. She being one among the 7 artists in this show with her vivid collection of master strokes say's "Melange means a very special mixture. At first sight the 7 artists do not have a lot in common, but every one of us has specialized in their expertise, so we are a special mixture -every artist for himself, but also together. I think the opening confirms that. This art event shows very high quality and yet very different art, from classic portraiture to a hip fashion label - a real treat for the eyes."

Suranga Navarathne, an exceptionally talented artist from Sri Lanka, is a self-taught and self-motivating artist and concept designer with specialized experience in architectural visual art and façade elevation. Suranga counts a valuable decade in developing visuals & designs for a wide range of projects in Dubai since 2004. As his hobby, he engages in freehand drawing, in portraying paintings of emotions & landscapes and develops them as extensions of visual art & architecture, to gain in-depth understanding of moods, different cultures & environments. His stupendous creations brought to life by using a unique style in monochrome finish and ink art was truly a sight that made onlookers stop in their tracks and really appreciate the work of art.

Shrutika Gosavi who hails from India, where she successfully completed her Masters in Visual Arts (Painting) from the Government Institute of Fine Arts in 2010. She started her career as a lecturer for Life Drawing and Aesthetics in the same institution for a year. She was fortunate to have left her mark in several National and International exhibitions and her immeasurable contribution in art was honored by the prestigious State Artist award in 2010 and to add even more sweetness to her success, she was also awarded a 2-year Young Artist Scholarship from The Ministry of Culture, India in 2013. Relocating to UAE in 2011, her active participation with the UAE Art community enhanced her creative abilities in magnificent ways and which also bedecked her achievements with an impressive appreciation @ Malaysia in 2018 as the "Honorable Mention Award" in the 1st International Watercolor biennale. Her bedazzling creations at "Melange" attracted many visitors due to the unique style she portrays in all her creations and she says "I have been practicing art full time since 2011. Since then I have experimented with many mediums and concepts. I am deeply influenced with this land and sandscapes and infrastructural development, development of the human living standards and have used these in my works. My art is an expression of myself. My emotions, reactions from daily life reflect in my work. My works are intuitive and inspired by nature, the gestures of my forms are many times exaggerated to imply significance within the world and life in the painting."

Tanya Ashraf, founder and creative Director of Roxx Fashion exhibited a unique selection of her signature abstract paintings that reflect the Gulf region in her own personalized, one of a kind dynamic style. The crescendo of the evening was certainly Roxx's fashion show, which captured the attention of the enthusiasts as they really took in the intricate chic designs, a collaboration between art and fashion come to life!. Upon asking about her passion in art and fashion Tanya says, "Combining art with fashion has been a natural evolution for me. By doing so I have been able to literally redefine my work and have taken it to a completely different level. Art in the traditional sense can be defined as static. Merging static art with fashion creates something tactile -resulting pieces of wearable art that one can touch, feel and interact with, creating more of a performance, all while adding a new dimension to the art itself. I cannot claim that I intentionally set about to do so, but rather naturally progress to where I am now. And the result as you can see, have proven to be an interesting body of work that I continue to build up on. For me fashion is a part of everyday lifestyle & now, it is undoubtedly a form of art that is constantly evolving."

This was truly a fun filled, and one might even add, an adrenaline-rushing event with a jaw-dropping fashion show in a luxurious venue adorned with striking works of pure talent, artworks after artworks that bedecked the walls stunned and fascinated all those who laid eyes upon them and the interaction among artists and art enthusiasts brought out a jolly and creative atmosphere. It was quite a spectacle to witness people from different regions of the world come together and join hands in the name of art and to see various people widely appreciate the hard work put in by the artists and by the curator himself. This amazing gathering by the UAE art community emphasized the acceptance of Mr. Peter Gressman as one the most influential curators in the region. The classic touch that was incorporated in this successful event will surely raise the benchmark of upcoming events in the UAE and the amazing support extended by the management of Pullman hotel ensured the success of the evening would undeniably be achieved. "Melange - The visual exploration" will be open to the public for the next 90 days and this is your chance to experience the magical beauty of splendid artworks in person, a one-of-a-kind event that must not be missed.

We at televisionario2 extend our warm wishes to the curator and all the talented artists for gifting us an evening filled with bliss and wonder which will always be cherished in our minds and hearts.