(Alessandra Giorda) With great pleasure to follow the interview with Alejandra Palos Ortega. She is a sculptress of immense talent. Her creations are so spectacular. Alejandra describes her work and presents some of her creations. 

When was born the passion for sculpture ?

I was interested in nature and its forms since an early age. I used to observe, manipulate and created my own compositions with drift wood, rocks, sand and all sorts of elements that the ocean had carried into shore.

 What material do you use for sculptures?

Lately I have been using a mix of sand and cement, but I have worked with drift wood, recycledmetal, and all sorts of everyday life objects that I find.

 Where do you take inspiration for your work?

My creative expression develops from everyday life circumstances and all the information I receive. I am a sensitive person that is constantly reflecting on life´s events and I share what I perceive in my pieces.

 Which of your sculptures do you prefer? Why?

I have two sculptures that are very special to me.

INTROSPECTION It represents that no matter what our struggles are, we can always recover and continue with our path.

 CODEX It has special connection with my cultural background and it won my first award as an artist. This encourages me to continue sharing my creativity.

 What are your business goals?

I would like to be able to afford installation art in UAE and other countries as I have done in the past in Mexico and in Japan.

When did you start taking your first steps in art?

As a teenager I participated in creative projects and competitions. My first group gallery exhibition was twenty years ago and my first solo exhibition was in 2002.

What role does music play in your life?

Music is very important in my life because as it happens with visual art, music also expresses ideas and emotions so it has a big effect on my feelings.

Which music do you listen?

I try to choose different genres of music because that enriches my creativity in different ways.

Arte you a favourite song?

I actually do not have a favourite song but it is true that according to the moment and life´s circumstances there is always a song that reaches your soul.