NAGHAM’ by Nada Al Barazi


(Saju Nair - Dubai) The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and people from all segments were gravely affected, both personally and professionally. To counter and to restrict the spread of this virus, the much-awaited creation of a successful vaccine was met with eagerness and hope and now, people from all over the world are patiently waiting for their turn to receive the jab with a hope to stay themselves protected from COVID. Even during a year of uncertainties, certain segments emerged with greater innovative ideas and proved exactly how capable they were to positively grow in the face of adversities. Because of the fantastic execution of projects and relentless efforts to bring the visions of the great rulers to life, The United Arab Emirates has now risen as one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. By respecting the strong fundamentals that was built by the founding father and successive rulers of UAE, this country has scaled many milestones in various sectors and that has made UAE a desirable destination for millions from across the globe. 

Moments from 'Nagham'

The visual art segment is one of the key sectors that deserves huge appreciation as it is this segment that has successfully dealt with the difficult situation at hand and flipped it over into an opportunity at exploring new avenues. The administration and the art fraternity has always been very supportive to the artists and any contribution by artists are encouraged and widely accepted enabling the creators to think beyond their comfort zone and to work with subjects and theme that was once foreign to them. 

Moments from 'Nagham'

23rd January 2021, was one of the most successful and emotional moments in the art career of the renowned artist, Ms. Nada Al Barazi, as she unveiled her latest art collection at the majestic ambience of Kempinski Hotel at The Mall of Emirates, Dubai. All of the exhibited artworks had a close association with nature and the subjects she portrayed were derived from her experience acquired during her travel to various countries. The beautiful oceans of the Maldives and the autumn season she enjoyed in Europe, the rhythmic sway of poppy flowers to the tune of the breeze and an infinite view from the beach and many more themes were created from the artist's imagination in stunning abstract forms. As the title depicts, 'Nagham' an Arabic word that translates to 'Rhythm' in English was a collection of sixteen fabulous artworks that was created during the year 2020, when the entire world was battling a deadly pandemic. The beauty of art and the artist is that even when circumstances change drastically, they can turn it into their favor by expanding their imagination beyond barriers. Ms. Nada Al Barazi, a self-taught artist, is a keen observer of nature and she finds beauty and tranquility in all that she sees. "I use to spend hours on end in my backyard simply enjoying the feeling of being around nature. I always love to observe nature closely and this helps me connect with myself and achieve peace within me. Later on, when I decide to paint, I just allow everything I felt when I was around nature to materialize onto the canvas and trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than this incredible feeling." Says the artist inspired by nature. 

Artworks by Ms. Nada Al Barazi, exhibited @ 'Nagham'

Nature is an integral part of our life. It provides us with everything required to support life on earth. Without the guidance of nature, we will cease to exist. We must learn to appreciate the small delights that nature gives us on a daily basis. It can be anything such as the fresh air we breathe, the rejuvenating water we drink, the foods we eat and the lands we live on. Every one of these elements are provided by nature and all she asks is that we respect and appreciate it. There is nothing more calming than watching dandelions sway to the music of the breeze, listening to the chirruping of young birds and watching clouds drift by in peaceful flights. Every year we watch the seasons change, bringing with it new life and bursts of energy, we see the emergence of new life and the end of those who have lived their time. A perfect balance of light and dark. We often walk by, ignoring these wonders but if we stop to observe, we will be able to appreciate every moment of our life. With this exhibition, the artist has successfully executed her mission to create and spread awareness on the necessity of protecting nature.

Artworks by Ms. Nada Al Barazi, exhibited @ 'Nagham'

Most of the artworks displayed were created in the form of abstraction using vivid colors in signature strokes and techniques. The artworks were created with a mission to spread the artist's love for nature and to encourage others to admire it as much as she did. During the art tour, the artist interacted with the guests present at the venue and walked them through the stories associated with each artwork. It was evident that her connection with nature was indeed extremely close and intimate. Her artworks were brimming with life and her message of preserving mother earth in her truest form was well received by all those who witnessed her magnificent creations. With this beautiful exhibition 'Nagham', the artist has strongly advocated for nature and has shown the world the importance of forming a bond with the very being that nourishes us - Nature

Artworks by Ms. Nada Al Barazi exhibited @ 'Nagham'

 "I have always believed that it is my intimate interaction with nature that has helped me express my emotions freely. My work is 'Art inspired by nature'. Nature is the greatest inspiration to truly see the beauty that lies hidden in this world and to draw attention to some of the most pressing matters in human and environmental affairs. With art as a lens, we can learn to change the world. I use oil paint and acrylic paint to create my artworks. If we spend some quality time to observe instead of skimming through, we will be able to see so much art in nature. The colors that surround us, the plants, flowers, water bodies, creatures, everything we see is art that needs to be appreciated and protected. I always choose vibrant colors and deep warmth for my artworks because the world itself is a colorful place and through my artworks I would like to send a message of happiness and positivity to all those who look at my paintings. Inspired by nature and the energy that connects all things, I like to surround myself with color because it lifts my spirit and makes me happy. I know that color can affect one's mood and I feel good when I look at lively colors. I hope my paintings can help create a little joy in people's lives when they view them. I am also thankful to our special guests and my friends who have joined me today to share the happiness I enjoy when doing art." Says the creator of 'Nagham', Ms. Nada Al Barazi.

'NAGHAM' was graced with the presence of Mr. Yasser AlGergawi, Director of Programs & Partnerships in The Ministry of Tolerance & Coexistence - Chairman of Dubai National Theater. Mr. Yasser has always enjoyed an intimate relation with art and he ensures his presence in most of the art gatherings even during his tight schedule. Since I have been closely associated in the art scene in Dubai for the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Yasser in many events and his ability to closely observe and analyze artworks is highly appreciated by the art world. Mr. Yasser understands the work in the perspective of the artist and actively engages with them to gain a better insight into the techniques and styles used by them and this prompts the artist to further enhance their knowledge and to give life to some spectacular creations. The commendable contributions of Mr. Yasser in promoting tolerance and preserving tradition and culture in the UAE has helped the communities to work together and to respect and cherish the vibrant culture of this great nation. "The exhibition of the international artist Nada Al-Barazi, came during a very important period of time. These paintings that she drew during the period of Corona, expresses the beauty and harmony found in nature. While we are drifting through these difficult times, her initiative to utilize this time to create vibrant artworks and to host a solo exhibition spreads a very positive message which we really appreciate. I am really happy that the creations of Nada Al-Barazi is well received by the audience. All my best wishes to the artist." Says Mr. Yasser AlGergawi

Mr. Faisal Abdulqader, Eminent Emirati artist was the special guest in this event. "I was delighted to attend Nada Al Barazi's solo exhibition titled 'Nagham'. The exhibition was amazing and imbued with energy, power, and positivity. Nada always says that she loves nature, that nature inspires her, and that sentiment is reflected through her paintings in this exhibition. Moreover, this exhibition was particularly special and much needed since it brought the art fraternity together that have not seen each other since the start of the pandemic months ago and after witnessing her artwork and understanding the story behind each of her painting, I feel that Nada's artwork really reflects this sense of positivity and belonging. Says Mr. Faisal Abdulqader

"Abstract art is Art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality. Nada Al Barazi uses shapes, colors, forms, layers and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Strictly speaking, the word abstract means to separate or withdraw something from something else. The term in most of Nada Al Barazi's works are based on landscapes, where forms have been simplified or schematized such as order, purify, simplicity and spirituality. Abstraction past conceptual triumphs allow contemporary painters like Nada Al Barazi total freedom to explore new perspectives on the landscape and what Nada does in perfection. She expands the notions of how landscapes are explored and understood. Without referencing traditional landscapes, they presented abstracted images of their surroundings. She attests to the idea that the concept of landscapes contains multitudes of intriguing perspective waiting to be explored. As in the abstract, the layers, brushstrokes and colors decide how a painting affects the viewer. All these can be found in the works of Nada Al Barazi. As a critic, I don't say it often, but for me the self-taught artist Nada Al Barazi has a great future as an artist. Who, like not many, knows how to bring a mystical tension one to the canvas with the artist's tools. A tension that only builds up in the viewers after a certain period of viewing. Nada's works can be classified as abstract landscapes, but it is the mystical aspect of her works that prompts every viewer to bring in his or her own interpretation." Says Mr. Peter Gressmann, famous Art Historian/ Art Critic / Art Dealer and the founder of artforumuae.

"I know Nada since long and it is a very happy moment for all of us to gather here today at this beautiful venue to see the latest artworks of Nada. She is very closely connected to nature and all of her works are painted in lively and warm colors which represents and reflects the beauty of nature. Basically since she has selected abstract as the style to paint, the artist has the freedom to improvise and she has really balanced every aspects beautifully. If you closely observe her artworks you can feel the sense of movement and I feel that this factor helps us, as observers, to connect with the artwork more deeply and positively. I believe that a built of such emotions is required to raise an awareness about protecting and loving nature. As you know due to COVID there was no physical events organized and most of the galleries had limited their activities in virtual platforms, so I am also happy to meet our friends after a long time and we pray that these problems get over sooner and we continue to interact in a healthier and happier atmosphere." Says Eminent Emirati artist and businessmen Mr. Ahmed Rukni AlAwadhi.

On behalf of iltelevisionario2, I, Saju Nair and Ms. Alessandra Giorda wholeheartedly congratulate Ms. Nada Al Barazi for successfully hosting this wonderful art exhibition titled 'Nagham' and we extend our best wishes for all of Ms. Nada's future endeavors.

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