We are honored and happy to announce and to call you to apply with your art works for the unique 'online art fest!'
We are very proud to be hosting an ONLINE ART FEST 2020 in this pandemic situation to defeat Covid19. 
If you are interested in showing your work as online art, send us your proposals and projects and they will be shown for the whole world to watch. In these strange times, we are proud to start a digital project around the work that people are making in their artistic isolation. All visual art supports are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints ...) with the exception of sound and video arts.
Note that this is the unique and the first Online festival for the UAE Art Scene that runs on the website that is supporting online, digital and virtual platforms globally.

The Art Fest will go live online on the website, from May till Aug 2020. 
How to apply:Pls chk the below link for the application format:
Contact us for any
FAQ:What is Online Art Fest?The concept of this new art event is simply to go live with art when we are unable to have physical performances rather active in online ways... It gives the possibility to be watched from anywhere in the world globally, as a piece of art. 
Online art is a new art wave, new art style, upcoming period of artistic style, that uses live action directly going live on digital devices.Created by jesno Jackson - Founder of Art4you Gallery, the new form represents art work digitally, easily interpreted details to produce art virtual art exhibitions, art workshops, art talks, art campaigns etc...
When was established?The first edition of the Online Art Fest is to be held and shown between May 2020 to August 2020. 
Who can participate?All artists, individuals or groups, with art works can submit their art works.The open call is for all, we invite all artists to participate; Let's together make this FEST as much interesting and attractive to the world and to the internet.

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