(Dubai) The Virtual world has a lot of possibilities now, and its more diverse and opens the art scenes around the world. Like many art galleries, we ART4You Gallery also turned to hosting virtual exhibitions.

The quest for the Divine touch in ART has led to the establishment of a unique and prestigious divine event -"GANESHAS". Art4you is glad to share the 23 ARTISTS of GANESHAS Virtual Art Exhibition displaying their 58 artworks that includes the paintings and photography with the divinity series of Ganesha .Through several centuries the popularity of Ganesha paintings has prevailed amongst all his devotees and continues to be greater than before. Depiction of the various forms of Lord Ganesha is portrayed in this exhibition.

Representation in Art - In Hindu art, Ganesha is variously portrayed depending on specific cultures - Indian, Cambodian, Javanese etc. but he is most often depicted with the head of an elephant and a rather overweight human body. In his hands he often carries a broken tusk, an axe, a ladle, a noose, prayer beads and a tray of sweets. He sometimes also wields an elephant goad to master life's obstacles. Ganesha is often depicted riding Kroncha, his giant rat, famed for its agility and symbolic of the god's ability to circumvent obstacles. This art exhibition was a new and unique one which threw light on the rare works of "Ganesha Paintings".

"Ganesha is the patron God of writers and intellectuals, and arguably the most well-known of the Hindu Gods. He is worshiped across all sects of Hindus and by Buddhists and Jains. Mantras and rituals dedicated to Ganesha are offered before the commencement of any sacred rituals or festivities to ensure protection. The potbellied, elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha, son of Shiva and Parvati, is venerated throughout India. He is believed to bestow success and abundance through his removal of obstacles. Before any important task is begun, an offering is made to Ganesha. So, let us also remove all obstacles of Covid-19 pandemic, prior to this serious undertaking, by this initiative "GANESHAS" to join hands together with our 'GANESH ART' for a safe, colorful, and bright future ahead." Says the Curator Jesno Jackson.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is the God of wisdom, success and good luck and is believed to have the ability to protect his followers against negative energy and the evil eyes , Many also believe that he is the most intelligent of all hindu gods and can grant favours to students and academicians. Indian homes are often decorated by placing devotional paintings or sculptures at important corners of the homes and Ganesha painting is one of them. Lord Ganesha, the giver of health, wealth, and prosperity, is one of the most common art painting seen in Indian homes.

Lord Ganesha is the most popular deity of the Lords and called with 108 names. The name Vighanharta means-the one who destroys all obstacles. In every Hindu ritual, they begin with offering our prayers to Ganesha before initiating the main ritual. Lord Ganesha is worshipped before starting any new activity; thereby, asking for His Divine Blessings to make the project, work, or journey a success. 

"Lord Ganesha has been associated with Success, Happiness, and prosperity. His name Siddhi Vinayak means one who bestows success We worship him to destroy all our obstacles and to bring success in our lives. Believers seek His blessings and request Him to destroy all the obstacles that may come in our way and enable us to finish our task without hindrance. " says Mr. Yogi Arwind - Spiritual Leader 

 "The Face of Lord Ganesha symbolizes all the essential values needed to be successful in life. His Big Head signifies Knowledge and Wisdom; His eyes remind us to Focus on details and the task at hand. His Broken Tooth evinces that one must let go of somethings (Bad virtues and emotional attachments) while keeping the good ones close to him to achieve success. His Big Ears signify that we should listen more while his small mouth teaches us to talk less. His trunk epitomizes Wisdom. The Elephants trunk has the strength to uproot a tree as well as the finesse to pick up a needle. So, the Ganeshas trunk, signifies that the wise person has both immense strength and an understanding of the right and the wrong. If one can just imbibe these teachings in his life, he has the mantra to be successful and the blessings of the Lord of Success - Lord Ganesha.", says Khalajith Prabhu.

"As people celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and festivities continues across the world. On Thursday, 20th Aug, an amazing event promoted by ART4You Gallery was open to public from 11AM onwards, where the masterpieces of 'GANESHAS' by 23 artists, were presented virtually at Art4you Gallery Virtual Space. 

Utilizing every benefit of modern technology with innovative and creative idea, Art4you Gallery has rewritten the definition of virtual art exhibition. Jesno Jackson and Rengi Cherian has received enormous appreciation from the art industry for the perfect synergy of viewing virtual gallery and this is their 5th Virtual Art exhibition, designed this 3D interface platform by their son -Jenson Renji

Jesno Jackson and Rengi Cherian, Founders of Art 4You Gallery
Jesno Jackson and Rengi Cherian, Founders of Art 4You Gallery

Virtual Art Exhibition Vol 5 - GANESHAS: An urge towards inner reflection!
"Ganesha, who has been widely worshiped since the 400s, originated in India as a Hindu god who removes obstacles and is known for granting wealth and success. Ganesha has crossed both geographic and religious boundaries, inspiring numerous representations throughout the Asian subcontinent over time - all of which is surveyed in the exhibition to showcase the iconography changes of this popular god. Lord Ganesha has been the muse for many artists, both amateurs and professionals. But many aspiring artists never get to exhibit their works. That is why, for this year, we Art4you Founders have decided to conduct this exhibition as a part of the celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi.", says Rengi Cherian - Founder of Art4you Gallery.

In Art4you Gallery, you can explore a plethora of lord Ganesha paintings. Art4you Gallery offers wonderful works of art and paintings of the Lord Ganesha in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Grab the wonderful opportunity to shower some devotion and love towards one of the most loved deities by welcoming him into your home. The artwork of the Lord Ganesha is always in high demand among the art collectors, devotees, and idols. There is a varied range of artworks which has been offered to create a positive ambiance at your home.

According to some Vaastu experts, Ganesha in any posture is auspicious. Whereas others believe that a dancing Ganesha must be placed in a corner facing a direction to obtain the benefits. For example, if placed in the South East direction, a dancing Ganesha image is said to diffuse positivity. A dancing Ganesha image is good for people engaged in creative activities. However, it is always said that a dancing Ganesha image must not be placed in prayer room.

You will be able to see many forms of the God, portraying him in both traditional and modern ways of life. Submerge yourself completely in the 'bhakti' of Ganesha as you check out the exclusive divine art works by the immensely talented artists.

Please check the below link for viewing the virtual art show;

The displayed artworks have maintained the highest of standards in various mediums completely adhering to the set theme - GANESHAS.

Our Chief Guest for the virtual art exhibition was Mr. Yogi Arwind - Spiritual Leader from Rishikesh, India and Guest of Honor was Mr. Khalajith Prabhu - MD and Founder of Middle East Metal Can LLC.UAE .Celebrity Guest was Sheela Mani- Indian Singer, Special VIP Guests were Ahmed Rukni - Emirati Artist and Businessman, Peter Gressman- Art Critic, Anjini Laitu- Veteran Artist, Chitra Sudhakaran- Art4you Speaker, Prachie Shah- Artist & Researcher - Medieval Art History.

Motto of this exhibition:

"Bringing Artists Together

Inspiring, Soothing and Sharing

The Powers of ART."