‘RAMADAN EXHIBITION’ by Peter Gressmann


(Saju Nair - Dubai) The celebration of the century 'World Expo 2020 Dubai' that started on 1st October 2021 just concluded on 31st March 2022 after hosting over 24.1 million visitors from across the globe. The theme of this expo which was 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future' has indeed experienced wholehearted acceptance as we have observed millions visiting Dubai which has also opened up a new safest destination for the world. The fast-paced development of technology and artificial intelligence has enabled residents from across the nation to access and enjoy several platforms to broaden their horizons in the comfort of their homes. This is one of the main reasons the world looks up to the UAE as a role model in terms of sustainable development and opportunity. Art and culture have been at the top of the priority list to encourage creative minds and preserve the nation's rich history. Several mega art events such as Art Dubai, World Art Dubai, Sikka Art Fair, RAK Fine Arts Festival and many more are increasing in number in order to provide a greater platform to support artists and to encourage the growth and widening of the acceptance of art in all sectors. 

Sultana Kazim along with her artworks.

Just a day before the start of the holy month of Ramadan, the well-known curator, Mr. Peter Gressmann, joined hands with the Artist Playground at Pullman Deira City Center hotel, Dubai, to organize an art exhibition that showcased classic and modern artworks from 11 renowned artists. As the theme assigned was Ramadan, most of the artworks displayed were a dedication to the visionary rulers of the United Arab Emirates, to acknowledge their support in providing a home to 200 plus nationalities and the freedom to practice their religion and their faith in addition to providing the most advanced infrastructures, magnificent cityscapes, beautiful landscapes and many entertainments and adventurous facilities that enhance the standard of living.

Ahmed Al Awadhi along with his artworks

The event also witnessed one of the proudest moments for the artists who were selected for the 7th Geoje Art Festival in Korea as their certificates were presented by Ms. Sultana Kazim - Renowned artist, Fashion Designer and Representative and Coordinator of the Museum of Americas in Dubai. The commitment, determination, and dedication of Mr. Peter Gressmann were yet again acknowledged on a global platform as he was felicitated with the 'Excellent Curator Award' by the organizing committee of the 7th Geoje Art Festival, Korea. The artists who participated with TV2 Art Gallery in World Art Dubai 2022 were also presented certificates by Ms. Sultana Kazim during the event.

Bharat Thakur along with his artworks

To know more about the 7th Geoje Art Festival, I am happy to share the link to one of the reports that we published about this International Art Festival.

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Gulalek Esenova (GTn Art) along with her artworks

Time and again, Mr. Peter Gressmann has proved his ability to choose artists and artworks that fits perfectly within the spectrum of the theme assigned. He has curated several fascinating exhibitions that were conducted after thorough research of the theme at hand and the exhibition that was officially opened on 1st April 2022 at the Artist Playground at the Deira City Center Pullman hotel was just as splendid as the rest. The artworks were placed in positions that complemented the beauty of the hotels interior and the artworks natural flair. Each artwork was given equal importance and the lighting was adjusted according to the artwork displayed that has enhanced the viewing experience. The placement of the artworks, the dazzling ambience of the hotel and the friendly conversations between the artists and visitors contributed to the success of this event. 

Jack Lee along with his artworks

Peter Gressmann
Peter Gressmann

In a post event discussion, Mr. Peter explained the significance of this exhibition and he says. "With this year's Ramadan exhibition, I wanted to show the diversity of orientalism and in particular its transformation into the 21st century. It is significant that it was mainly artists from the western regions who shaped Orientalism and mainly brought market and village scenes from the Orient to the canvas. Numerous European painters of the 19th and early 20th centuries paid homage to the myth of the Orient as a place of sensuality and Decadence. Especially the harem scenes, which were very popular at the time, should be mentioned here. Eugène Delacroix, Théodore Frère, Jean-Léon Gérôme and later Alexandre Roubtzoff dedicated many of their works to Islamic culture. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres painted his famous 'Turkish Bath' in 1863. The sensuality of such scenes was made acceptable to the European world by the Orientalizing décor".

Labiba Ferhat along with her artworks

When asked about the selection of artworks, which qualifies as one of the hardest tasks a curator must go through with for any exhibition, Mr. Peter says "The artist Mustafa Chouhaibi from Morocco brought such a scene from the 18th century to the exhibition. The calligraphy and prayer scenes belong to Ramadan and so I chose 3 works by Sultana Kazim and 2 works each by Shobha Iyer and Veena Devagiri, both of whom brought the topic "Dua" to the prayer at the Islamic sanctuary in different ways on the canvas. Bharat Thakur, local siblings Noor and Noof Al Mazroo and Gulalek Esenova bring portraits of Islamic figures and horses to the exhibition, one of the most symbolic animals in the Arab world. Here are clearly the 5x7 foot paintings of the Crown Prince of Dubai H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on horseback by Bharat Thakur and the 3D paperwork portrait of H.H Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi- Member of the Supreme council of the UAE and Ruler of Sharjah by artist Gulalek Esenova werehighlights of the exhibition. Gulalek also exhibits 4 oriental paintings of mysterious doors. The 5 large-format expressionist orientalist works by the Chinese artist, Jack Lee show scenes from the desert around Dubai.
The artist, Labiba Ferhat from Algeria shows impressive portraits of various professions of everyday life in the Orient. The modern part of orientalism is represented in this exhibition by Ahmed Rukni with parts of mosques and wind towers in Bastakiya painted in Pop Art and the Iranian artist, Saber Taheri whose orientalist city views document the times of the 70s and 80s in the orient. Orientalism has not lost its mysticism, it has simply become more modern."

Shobha Iyer along with her artworks

The artworks exhibited were created using different techniques and mediums that covered a vast range of subjects, ranging from the amazing portraitures of the rulers of UAE to the iconic structures created in pop Art technique. There were brilliant artworks that were based on the holy month of Ramadan that radiated a sense of serenity and showcased the rich heritage of this great nation.

Veena Devagiri along with her artworks

The magnificent artworks of Sultana Kazim, Ahmed Al Awadhi, Bharat Thakur, Jack Lee, Gulalek Esenova, Shobha Iyer, Veena Devagiri, Mustafa Chouhaibi, Labiba Ferhat, Saber Taheri, Noor and Noof Al Mazroo adorned the walls of Artist Playground gifting a mesmerizing evening to the invited guests, artists and visitors from different walk of life. 'Ramadan Exhibition' that will run throughout the holy month has already become a talk of the town exhibition that witness an increasing number of visitors each growing day.

Mustafa Chouhaibi along with his artwork

Saber Taheri along with his artworks

Noor and Noof Al Mazroo along with their artworks

IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be a part of this event and I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate all participating artists and the curator, Mr. Peter Gressmann for giving life to this splendid event and wishes all our savant readers across the globe a blessed holy month.

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