REVISITING MEMORIES @ ‘Retro Revival’ by Ms. Sonal Purohit


(Saju Nair - Dubai) The increasing popularity of virtual exhibitions in the UAE has produced some mesmerizing online gatherings over the months since the intrusion of COVID19 into our life. UAE is rich with the presence of numerous art galleries and the beauty lies in the fact that almost all galleries are very active in conducting events consequently providing artists with a larger platform to display their talent to the global community. The various inspiring themes assigned for each exhibition by the galleries prompt artists to explore outside their comfort zones thus leading to the realization of potential for the artists themselves and the community. Needless to say, these experiments initiated by the galleries that are accepted by the art community has resulted in the creation of some magnificent artworks.

Artworks displayed @ 'Retro Revival'

16th October 2020 witnessed yet another online gathering organized by one of the leading galleries in the UAE, The Paintbrush Art Community. Dr. Romit Purohit Founder of TPBAC and Ms. Sonal Purohit curator of this show, has, this time, surprised the art world with a unique gathering that has indeed raised the benchmark of creativity for curating events. A month-long effort by TPBAC since their open call for a virtual exhibition titled 'Retro Revival', has gifted a mesmerizing evening that has unleashed various surprises beyond the boundaries of a normal exhibition. For over more than a year, TPBAC has acclaimed immense appreciations and acceptance from the art world with their highly professional capabilities in conducting regular events which are unique and makes a difference in the community, therefore all the artists associated with TPBAC has put their heart and soul into this event incorporating their talents and igniting their hidden talents as well.

Artworks displayed @ 'Retro Revival'

'Retro Revival' was a recollection of memories and the event was largely related to Bollywood (an Indian movie industry), in addition to that, some artists have also depicted vintage products in their own creative styles. The promotional videos created by TPBAC of each participating artist went viral well before the date set for the exhibition and these videos were soon found to be taking over social media platforms. 24 artists were finally shortlisted from many applications, the curator decided to have limited participants to ensure that sufficient time was allocated for each participating artist to express themselves and explain their art and talents for the world to see. World-renowned Bollywood personalities like Devanad, Shammi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman and many more celebrities were recreated by the talented artists during the show while the short dance sequences, songs and dialogues from popular Hindi movies which were performed by some of the artists, enhanced the magical experience of the event manifold.

Artworks displayed @ 'Retro Revival'

Fabulous portraitures of silver screen actors, all time musical sensations like Bob Marley, Worlds inspiring artists like Frida Kahlo, amazingly portrayed scenes from popular Bollywood movies, beautifully painted gramophones, striking captures that brought the nostalgic sense of retro days and various artworks created in distinguished techniques and in vivid mediums occupied the event's center stage. Music has been always an inevitable factor in Bollywood movies, especially the music from the 1950's onwards has attracted a huge audience irrespective of nationalities. So, the event also witnessed some beautiful musical and dance performances by the participating artists which has definitely transformed 'Retro Revival' into an event that is sure to be cherished by many down the lane. Anashwara - 8year old, pursing her education in Grade 3 in Delta English School along with her mom, Prabitha Rajesh surprised the gathering with a beautiful performance that has elevated the evening to the highest of its levels making this event unique and one of its kind. Mr. Vinay Joshi, professional singer also entertained the gathering with a beautiful classic song while 16-year-old Aarav Raj Bhatt enthralled the gathering with the song 'Photograph', a popular hit by Ed Sheeran. Eminent personalities from different walks of life graced the online event on a Zoom platform while thousands of viewers experienced the event through various social media livestreams.

Artworks displayed @ 'Retro Revival'

It was fascinating to witness that even the chief guest of the event, Ms. Ruby Sajan also dressed up in Retro fashion along with the participating artists and guests. Each performance was a surprise to the guest and the community as all the artists utilized this inspiring platform to sharpen their skills and to present themselves, as curator Ms. Sonal Purohit ensured no barriers would stand in the way of artists who would want to cross their limits and explore the heights of their potential. Having graced her presence throughout the event she was inspired and fascinated by the event. "This was my first-time experience in an art event. Trust me it was a riveting experience of nostalgia down the lane. Being a movie buff myself and that too in retro was mind blowing. In fact, I had dressed retro in polka dot to grace the event by participation rather being a formal one. Absolutely touching and hoping to see many more such gatherings that can produce such immense positive energy even during these times." Says Ms. Ruby Sajan- (Danube Family).

Special guests @ 'Retro Revival'

The artists who have taken the courage to come forward to accept the challenge and have truly surprised the gathering are Afshan Quraishi, Aditi Gupta, Aisha Mir, Anjum Daud, Farah Khan, Kavitha Vinod, Khan Ayaan Abdulla, Lalita Sharma, Manjula Kaimal, Maya Mistry, Megha Manjarekar, Neha Dua, Partha Kanjilal, Prabita Rajesh, Raksha Rathore , Shaikh Abdul Rauf Abdul Rashid, Renu Shivam, Rishu Gosain Roy, Shyamala Venkatesh, Sonal Purohit, Sugat Priyadarshi, Tanmay, Manan Virmani, Varsha Saju Nair and Vidhi Soni.

Artworks displayed @ 'Retro Revival'

The chief guest Ms. Ruby Sajan and Curator Ms. Sonal Purohit were assigned the toughest job of having to select the best retro performer in which artwork, presentation and performance were considered the key factors in selecting the winner. Ms. Vidhi Soni secured the best retro in female category while Mr. Partha Kanjilal scored the best retro in the male category.

The star of the day was indeed the curator as her concept that was carefully designed and presented received immense appreciations. When asked about the event, Ms. Sonal Purohit says, "If art has no boundaries, so does the showcase. In fact, the idea struck to me because the new normal had made us all focus in and around COVID 19. So were the art forms. Reliving nostalgia was something that I thought would bring the best out in an artist. In fact, the participation was enthusiastically propelling towards a level where the artists went beyond expectations to complement the retro era of 1950s to 1980s by dressing like their favorite movie stars, enacting a scene or dialogue and singing while showcasing their art. Those 24 artists on the day of the event were not canvas painters; they envisaged the canvas with their dreams and let go inhibitions. Success was obviously seen when more than a thousand viewers saw it online in less than four hours. So now I am more energized and so are the members of The Paintbrush Art Community who keep asking me 'what next'."

"When Sonal spoke to me about the concept, honestly I declared a sure shot success right away and my key job was to create the wow factor before the onset of the event. A month down the nostalgia lane, we started releasing our own produced and directed movie reels of the artists. When the first one was released, all artists couldn't stop themselves to let their inhibitions go off and participate to have their own movies as each one of them planned or enacted the scenes related to their artworks. These promos became the highlight of the pre event. In fact, viewers on Social Media asked to join the zoom room, but we had limitations, so was the outcome 'infinitesimal nostalgic in retrospection' - the success was obvious when chief guests and guests of honor wore retro attire and became a part of it as participants, a few went down their memory lanes. We, at The Paintbrush Art Community, always believe in making a family through emotions and when emotions are the crux of a foundation, it surely becomes unbeatable." Says Dr. Romit Purohit, Founder of TPBAC.

Zoom Video @ 'Retro Revival'

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IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be part of this event and I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate all participating artists and the founders of The Paintbrush Art Community for gifting a magical event for the art world to admire.

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