(Saju Nair - Dubai) We have never come across a situation like this, where we all have had to restrict ourselves at home, battling an invisible and yet catastrophic enemy, Covid19 - One of the biggest health crisis of the century. The current situation of the world is a serious matter of concern for all of us, it is not to be taken lightly. All across the globe, are people who live in fear, we all have a common enemy, the virus, so it's only fair that we all work towards its elimination. We mustn't forget that the best precaution you can take against this pandemic, is simply, staying at home and maintaining your self-hygiene. TV2 extends all our appreciation and gratitude to the medical professionals and all other people who are directly or indirectly involved in fighting COVID 19 - Thanks to all.

View of virtual gallery @ 'Salam Ramadan 2'

As is the tale, each challenge opens a new series of opportunities to creative minds and that's what we are enjoying here in the UAE. The year 2020 has witnessed a remarkable streak of art related events conducted by numerous art galleries in the first three months itself. Unfortunately, the intervention of the global health crisis has forced these galleries to postpone many events which were scheduled. There are some galleries who have taken it upon themselves to challenge these challenges and that is what makes the art community, here in the UAE, great and unique, the art fraternity in the UAE is closely associated with each other and always rises to support as per the situation demands.

Participating artist @ 'Salam Ramadan2'

'Salam Ramadan 2' is an art exhibition announced well in advance by one of the leading galleries in the region, Funun Arts. The first edition of 'Salam Ramadan' was hosted in Zero Six Mall, Sharjah last year with an idea of welcoming the holy month by giving opportunities for artists to portray their love and affection for Ramadan in their own unique perspective. The first edition received significant appreciation and the success has prompted Funun to continue with the second edition this year as well. In the current scenario, the concerns and dubiety of artists and the community was addressed by Funun as they decided to launch a virtual exhibition.

Artworks displayed @ 'Salam Ramadan 2'

The exhibition was a well-designed concept giving equal importance for each artwork and its creators. 'Salam Ramadan 2' was inaugurated by Ms. Sultana Kazim - Artist, Fashion designer and Representative of Museum of Americas in UAE followed by an official address by myself on behalf of IlTelevisionario2. Utilizing each and every benefit of modern technology, Funun has rewritten the definition of virtual art exhibition. The presentation of the event by the famous Khan Sisters - Ms. Shiba Khan and Ms. Farah Khan has received enormous appreciation from the art industry. Almost all the participating artists and other eminent personalities ensured their presence LIVE through Zoom Video meetings wherein each artist was presented with an opportunity to introduce themselves and to give a brief about their artworks - A perfect synergy of viewing virtual gallery and active interaction. Thanks to Ayaan, son of Ms. Shiba Khan, who has designed this platform to produce an eventful evening and to share wishes to welcome the holy month of Ramadan.

Prominent personalities like Mr. Yasser AlGargawi - Director of Programs and Partnerships, Ministry of Tolerance, Chairman of Dubai National Theatre, Mr. Khalil Abdulwahid - Acting Director of Visual Arts, Mr. Peter Gressman Art critic / Art Historian/Curator & founder of artforumuae, Mr. Anjini Prakash Laithu, a veteran and one of the most admired artists and an inspiring personality and many leading artists occupied the web space to express their support and solidarity to the initiative taken by Funun.

The displayed artworks have maintained the highest of standards in various mediums completely adhering to the set theme 'Salam Ramadhan 2'. Diverse dynamic postures of traditional dance forms, spectacular views of desert, beautiful mosques synergized with the beauty of nature, Stunning Arabic calligraphy that blends with vibrant colors, Elegant portraits which echoes the rich essence of Arabian culture and iconic wind towers were only some of those subjects which were chosen by immensely talented artists.

"Funun arts finds innovative solutions for showcasing art and warmly welcomes the holy month of Ramadan in this Pandemic situation. Respect and enjoy every moment of life and always be ready to accept any challenges that get thrown onto your path. Organizing this virtual exhibition which involves 50 artists from various nationalities, was indeed a challenge but by the grace of God, support of artists and art lovers, we have been successful in hosting this show. Our focus is always to serve the community and bring light to the society through art exhibitions as we believe that art is the best way to express and effectively communicate. I also take this platform to express our gratitude to the artists and all eminent personalities who have participated in this exhibition and to those who have sent us their well wishes and love through various online mediums. Your support and prayers are key elements which gives us courage and confidence to give shape to more creative platforms which we will continue to do." Says Ms. Shiba Khan, Founder of Funun Arts.

Ms. Farah Khan, Creative designer of Funun Arts says" Art can bring the world to life with vibrant colors, inspiring all happenings, being a strong pillar of support and the centrifugal force of our little world. The main objective of this exhibition was indeed to welcome the holy month of Ramadan and to spread hope and love in all artists and art lovers during these difficult times. As we all know Ramadan is a holy month, which teaches us Patience, kindness, tolerance, love and happiness and with this virtual exhibition we intend to spread this message to the society. Funun has always believed in the philosophy 'The Principal of true art is not to portray, but to evoke, as Creativity takes courage' and all our efforts have been to instigate that passion in artists, and this passion will act as a driving force which leads them to bring out the best in themselves. Our sincere thanks to all participating artists and our valuable mentors for their support and confidence in us."

"IlTelevisionario2.net has been media support for Funun events and we have experienced some extra ordinary curations by The Khan Sisters. This virtual exhibition 'Salam Ramadan2' is very special for the simple reason that they have explored options to keep the art community live even during the lockdown period. I really appreciate Funun for organizing such a beautiful event involving all artist and important people who came up live to be part of this event. It has been always our pleasure to report events curated by Funun in our online platform and even more promising is that we have experience a considerable increase in the number of readers for these reports pertaining to art events organized by various galleries in the UAE. We are happy that the artist and galleries from UAE are getting more admirers from the international community as well." Says Ms. Alessandra Giorda, Founder of TV2.

IlTelevisionario2.net congratulates Funun Arts for the success of this beautiful event and we tender our best wishes to all the artists and the organizers and we hope to witness and enjoy many more such events in the future.

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Ramadan Mubarak!

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