(Saju Nair - Dubai) The busiest month in 2019, till now that is, for the Art Industry in The United Arab Emirates is the month of November. Indeed, it is quite a revelation to know that there are so many immensely talented artists in this region with their own unique style and splendor. Many artists experiment on various styles incorporating the benefit of modern technology while other artists follow their passion in traditional forms of art with a mission to ensure that these cultures and styles are preserved and passed on for the future generations to enjoy.

Moment from the event
Moment from the event

The art industry is really fortunate to witness dozens of high quality art gatherings and to meet and know renowned and emerging artists who have taken the art community by a storm of success. Their thought processes, the subjects they choose, the way they portray their imaginations, the various distinguished styles, amazing color combinations and the impeccable usage of different mediums to create a magical artwork has really enthralled the community and this has also inspired a lot of people, irrespective of age, to ignite and to nurture the passion in them.

Moment from the event
Moment from the event

One of the busiest and most successful galleries in the region who has constantly been starring in the headlines of various events by hosting continuous exhibitions involving amazing artists from across the globe, is ART4You gallery. Devoting their life for art, Rengi Cherian and Jesno Jackson the founder of ART4You Gallery have given life to many art exhibitions which has supported artists to gain a larger exposure and a global attention. They have been widely appreciated for their wonderful organizing abilities which have paved ways for commercial success for artists and this acceptance has also given the opportunity for artists to dream big.

Sofitel Hotel at The Palm Dubai has staged an art exhibition titled 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' by ART4You gallery in support with Monda Gallery involving Six astounding artists of different nationalities.

Moment of event
Moment of event

The artists that are participating in this exhibition were given a massive platform to display their works of art in the exquisite and chic venue of Sofitel. All the artists put forth their best creations and stunned the visitors into a state of utter awe and amazement. The artists that took part in this exhibition were Peter Farrington, Saddaf Saeed, Wang Lei, Anju Mehta, Lalu Syaukani and Mena Malgavkar.

The exhibition 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' was inaugurated on 24th November 2019 by Mr. Abdul Qader Al Rais, the award-winning Emirati artist who has gained immense appreciation across the globe during his half-century long artistic career. The splendid creations of Mr. Rais has been exhibited in various exhibitions and museums in the Middle East, the United States of America and Europe. Beautifully created landscapes, abstract and calligraphy works of Mr. Rais has been a reference for many upcoming artists in the region and journey of the most inspiring Mr. Rais has been honored with numerous number of awards and recognitions from the region and abroad. Being one of the key artists, along with 48 other Emirati artists, Mr. Abdul Qader Al Rais has been assigned by the government of this great nation to create a logo for The United Arab Emirates.

The stage of 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Faisal Abdul Qader, Eminent Emirati Fine Artist, Ms. Sultana Kazim, a renowned fashion designer, an artist and Representative and Coordinator for The Museum of Americas, Mr. Ibrahim Juma- World renowned Emirati Music Composer, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ali Al Madani - Chairman of Dubai Hospital, Mr. Peter Gressmann founder of artforumuae, Entrepreneur and Eminent Emirati Artist Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Ms. Catherine - CEO of Madame Magazine, Dr. Raaed - Dubai Media ,Ms. Tanya Ashraf - Creative Director -Roxx Fashion, renowned artist Ms. Nada Al Barazi and other invited dignitaries, artists and art enthusiasts.

Jesno Jackson, the captain behind various mesmerizing evenings, has, this time, showcased 34 brilliant creations of six talented artists in Monda gallery at the Luxurious ambience of Sofitel Hotel at The Palm Jumeirah to gift yet another stunning evening to the art world. Beautifully created figurative abstracts, stunning mural arts created with utmost discipline and crispness, Splendid resin works, elegantly created landscapes and the brilliance of traditional Chinese art has been given the most appropriate placements by the amazing curator which has added a touch of professionalism coupled with enhancement of the quality of this exhibition manifold.

An insight on the participating artists...

Anju Mehta, a Dubai based Indian artisthas surprised the gathering with her striking mural artworks. Mural art has had decades long of importance in India as it was one of the most prestigious forms of artistic expression during the age of the monarchs. As any art form, Mural art also carries its own prominence and requires in-depth research and study by artists as certain qualities like Concentration, discipline, color sense and willingness to study the story behind each subject chosen are key factors to give life to such beautiful artworks. A Self-created & highly motivated artist Anju Mehta shares her experience and she says "I began my journey in art fourteen years ago with crafting. Eventually delving deeper, and learning new forms of art, I finally found bliss in Mural paintings and clay work. I am very passionate about what I do. In all my painting, I try to integrate the basic elements of love and nurturing. I find murals very intriguing, due to the fine intricate design, patience and vision with colors it requires. With clay work, I can always get creative, free and mold the pieces as I carve and paint them". She was also impressed by the outcome of this exhibition and she says "It is a wonderful experience here. the ambiance, the vibe, the setting, just amazing. Being amongst such great artists, and showcasing my work among them, is one of the most intriguing and exciting things. I am an artist, and at every artist's heart lies his /her soulful wish to showcase their work to the right crowd, who understand their insight, and imagination. With Sofitel, seems like, this is all I could ask for".

Peter Farrington, a Canadian artist based in UAE is a well-accepted and admired artist in the region. Most of his artworks are related to nature as he always ensures all of his creations are complimented with an inspiring story and an important message on spreading awareness to enjoy and to preserve nature for coming generations. While, with the support of modern technology we try and explore different planets to inhibit, it is equally important that we should not forget to give space for Nature to sustain its growth on Earth and Peter, being a keen observer of the surroundings, his love and affection towards nature has influenced him to use his god gifted talent to spread the message of love in nature and a visual treat to those eyes wandering for his striking creations.

Saddaf Saeed, an artist from Manchester and now based in UAE has always surprised the art fraternity with her incredible creations. Saddaf is a self-taught resin artist, working with mixed mediums including semi-precious gems, acrylics, crystals, glass, glitter, and cosmetic pigments and her unique style has indeed attracted many appreciations and recognitions from the Art Industry. Having gained a GCSE in Art & Design, she has also achieved her eminence in Law & Mathematics which she continues as her profession. Her creations have graced art exhibitions in United Kingdom, Mauritius, in addition to several exhibitions in The United Arab Emirates. 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' has displayed multiple creations of this extremely talented artist and an installation which comprises the different names of Allah has really enthralled the visitors and gained huge acceptance during the opening day itself. Being a commercially successful artist her creations have rooted inspiration, as many have chosen her magnificent works to be part of their private collections of both local and international Art lovers and collectors.

Wang Lee, is an artist from China who has been accepted across the globe for his astonishing creations and appreciated for his effort to showcase subject related to Chinese tradition to the world. The superlative creations of this master artist has inspired many across the globe and has also been commercially successful resulting in six-digit values for his creations in the art market. 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' has showcased his beautiful landscapes comprising the beautiful view of mountains and women in traditional Chinese attire.

Mena Malgavkar an Indian artist holding Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Bangalore University has been associated with advertising profession with multinational entities for as long as 14 years which has acclaimed several recognitions for her creative works. Having an undying passion in painting, she converted herself into a serious and professional painter from 2010 and since then she has featured in various domestic and international exhibitions wherein she was fortunate to gain immense acceptance and numerous awards. 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' has featured her magnificent creations of landscapes which has surprised the visitors.

Lalu Syaukani, an artist from Indonesia has displayed certain collections from his series 'FACES". These magnificent creations are of figurative abstract which portrays various emotions of women on huge canvases pouring colors to communicate those emotions with the onlookers. His splendid creations capture the concept and themes around love, death, life and the eternal beauty of a woman, augmented by hand written poems, feelings and wisdom written directly onto the canvas. His bold use of colors and layering of techniques creates an impression of beauty that is both dramatically atmospheric and stunningly eye catching. We understand from the curator that his collections showcased at 'Solivagant - Wandering alone' which originally stemmed from the sadness surrounding the death of the artist's mother. However, the story has evolved into a celebration of Life, eternal love and beauty, powerful feelings which sometimes are masked beneath a veil of personal loss and social boundaries.

Moment from the event
Moment from the event

Glorious collection of these six extremely talented artists are on display in Monda Gallery at Sofitel Hotel - The Palm and shall be displayed till 5th December 2019. Since the opening this exhibition has been a talk of the town as the gallery is busy with many hotel guest, Artists, collectors and people from different walks of life. Moreover, knowing the past record on the events curated by ART4You gallery the entire art industry has acknowledged and expressed their appreciations on the professionally curated event.

We at Televisionario2 extend all our best wishes to the participating artists, ART4you and Monda Gallery and urge the community to find your time at Sofitel hotel to experience these stunning creations and get delved in to the happiness of colors.