(Saju Nair - Dubai) The art industry in The United Arab Emirates is all set to fly high as multiple back-to-back events are scheduled to be organized throughout the year ahead. In addition to the small gatherings conducted by the galleries in UAE, there are a couple of onsite International art exhibitions and events where artists and galleries from across the globe are set to display their creations while opening a wider scope of opportunities for art enthusiasts to own magnificent creations to adorn the walls of their offices and living space. UAE always plays a lead role when it comes to uplifting and providing large platforms for artists to showcase their works and attain global recognition. Art Dubai and World Art Dubai are such large-scale art exhibitions all set to open during the last week of March and the second week of April respectively.

Artworks displayed @#Choose to Challenge

Ever since the establishment of Funun Arts, they have given life to several art exhibitions, art talks, and many other events related to art by collaborating with artists from all across the globe. Curating events with innovative topics and elements of surprise has established Funun as one of the most trusted galleries in the community. By utilizing the vivid culture and tradition available in the UAE, which has come from 200 plus nationalities who consider UAE as their second home, has always benefited the art industry especially when themes for events are required to be selected. Hence, festivals, social causes etc. are sources of inspiration to come up with a theme like none other. This is one of the many factors that has prompted artists to step outside their comfort zones and experiment with new subjects, styles and mediums.

Artworks displayed @#Choose to Challenge

In continuation to the worldwide program to celebrate International Women's Day, Funun Arts has conducted an onsite art exhibition involving 30 artists of different nationalities at the opulent ambiance of Novotel, DWTC. By adhering to the strict guidelines issued by the authorities to fight the pandemic, the spacious venue was beautifully illuminated and ornamented with 60 splendid artworks, each echoing the importance of women empowerment and gender equality. Globally, March 8th is celebrated as International Women's Day. On this day, people from all across the globe join in unity to celebrate and cherish the roles played by women in social, economical, cultural and political fields. This day is also a reminder to the world that the only way to move into the future is to respect women and to establish gender equality. This year's selected theme for the IWD #ChooseToChallenge has received immense acceptance and appreciation from communities across the globe. Every sector has its own way of celebrating this remarkable day and in UAE, the well-known curators Ms. Shiba Khan and Ms. Farah Khan decided to celebrate and cherish this day by gathering artists of different nationalities and providing them with a large platform to showcase their creations and express their solidarity.

Artworks displayed @#Choose to Challenge

As a perfect example of gender equality, the participation of artists was not limited to only women, here we witnessed the strength of togetherness and mutual respect. The artworks displayed were wide in variety with a common goal to cherish the beauty, strength, and determination of women. Exceptional creations in distinguished techniques and mediums covered all aspects of life. Portraitures of known and unknown faces in artistic perspectives, striking abstract creations that carefully, yet gracefully incorporated feminine emotions, highlighting the various definitions of women with the help of vibrant colors, elegantly portrayed calligraphy, collages of empowering female icons, beautifully portrayed Mira Bhai - a character from Hindu mythology, a newborn clutching it's mother's finger and many more subjects were chosen by artists to express their views and perspectives.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Ahmed Bin Essa Alserkal, a businessman and entrepreneur and an art enthusiast. Even though his schedule was packed, he ensured his presence and thoroughly analyzed each work with an intention to understand the thought process of the artist while creating the artwork. To physically be able to see the painting while the artist was narrating the story behind it, was truly inspiring. Mr. Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Eminent Emirati Artist and Entrepreneur, Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae, Ms. Nada Al Barazi - Eminent artist and art activist, Mr. Anjini Prakash Laithu - Veteran Indian Artist also graced the event to celebrate women empowerment on this special day.

Artworks displayed @#Choose to Challenge

His Excellency Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni, Guinness World Record Holder, A Philanthropist, An Author, An Emirati Collector, Ambassador for UAE for President Abdul Kalam Foundation, Ambassador at Large and Emirati Businessman and Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas where also the chief guests to the event, unfortunately they could not ensure their physical presence but had conveyed their best wishes to the curators, the participating artists and to all women around the world.

Participating artists @#Choose to Challenge

"There are many women struggling in many ways as they themselves find in the so-called 'Locked Cage' which is not correct and when this is accepted by them everything falls apart. Life is never a locked cage, even though if you feel that there is a cage around you one should search for the door and find ways to open the doors of suppression to fly to the world of opportunities that are waiting for you and all that required is a little courage to take the first step towards your dreams. Never give a chance of illusions as it is rightly said 'Girls with dreams evolved to be a woman with a vision and this is something everyone should believe in and this is possible when each of us takes the responsibility to empower each other. Self-belief is the key factor that initiates passion and courage in you and we as a society should collectively work towards creating awareness within the community to make them mentally strong enough to face the world. The mentality is the first key, a complete transformation of conservative to open mind that accepts empowerment and dignity. Education is the second key as I feel that there is no greater pillar of stability than educated women as this will enable to work towards her potential and to achieve inspiring milestones as the society always cherishes women and champion their leadership. When these two factors are successfully incorporated in life Self Esteem is automatically generated within us that gives us the courage to give wings to our passion and confidence in us to perform. That is how they have successfully broken norms and paved their way through mindsets to prove the wrong what is right. I am indeed happy with the response on this exhibition that also justifies the value of acceptance and equality in life." Says Ms. Shiba Khan, Founder of Funun Arts

"'#Choose to challenge' was such a successful exhibition organized by Funun Arts on the occasion of International Women's Day. I really admire the efforts of Funun as they are doing a great job and service to the art community as such exhibitions encourage artists to retain hope and to stay active in this time of COVID. As we all know International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and this day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. I believe that we all should understand that each woman has her own character and her own beauty so we should refrain from comparing with others and enjoy and nourish the uniqueness that makes us strong and confident. As we believe that all of us have been sent to this world for a reason and we should search and discover our potential and work towards it and when you start loving yourselves then the whole world seems colorful to you and surrounds you with positive energy. So let us embrace the uniqueness in us and thank god for this gifted life." Says eminent artist Ms. Nada Al Barazi, who has acclaimed several international recognitions and has appeared as a participant and as a special guest in the event.

Mr. Ahmed Rukni AlAwadhi, Eminent Emirati artist and business man who was the special guest in this event says "I am happy to be a special guest at this event where we all celebrate women empowerment. Women have played an important role in the making of UAE and we have leaders who appreciate and support women to be more courageous by giving them individual responsibilities and providing them with all required resources to scale new heights in their professional and personal career. The participation of women in the UAE Cabinet shows the importance of women in our culture. I am sure that the latest urban masterplan titled 'Dubai 2040' announced by our prime minister and ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will have considerable participation of women force as we have valued and respected their contribution to the wellness of the society and their commendable service in all major sectors. Even in art, we have brilliant world-acclaimed Emirati visual artists who are the real motivators for the generations ahead and I am happy to have worked with some of the most amazing people. The artworks displayed at this event were beautiful and I am happy to see the creative thought process and stories behind each artwork. Congratulations to all artists and Funun for organizing a great event and all my best wishes to women across the world."

Ms. Farah Khan, creative director of Funun Arts says" International Women's Day is all about feeling self-worth and achieving the goals as per the potential. Besides that, women should gather the courage to cross all the hurdles in all the spheres of life to make a tremendous improvement. The 8th of March should not be limited to a day to receive gifts, love, and respect, on the contrary, it should be a complete realization of the strong commitment, determination, and discipline of Women in family and Social life. I am really inspired by the theme #Choose to challenge and what we have seen in this event is amazing artwork that has portrayed the brilliance of extremely talented artists. As Funun we are happy that our efforts to express solidarity on the IWD has been accepted and appreciated by the industry."

IlTelevisionario2 is proud to be a part of this event and I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate the curators and the artists who have worked together to express their solidarity on the International Women's Day.

It is with great pleasure and pride, we would like to inform all our valuable readers that ilTelevisionario2 is now the official media partner for World Art Dubai 2021. We humbly acknowledge this selection as an appreciation for our service to the art world. We assure our continuous efforts to extend our support to the art fraternity and to provide global exposure for artists and galleries from The United Arab Emirates.

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