(Saju Nair - Dubai) Concerns regarding the ongoing pandemic have raised challenges in many sectors across the globe. To keep society vigilant and informed about the variants, several awareness programs are conducted through various digital platforms, and measures are also taken to limit participation in social gatherings in addition to the routine of wearing masks and carrying out regular sanitizations. With a calculative approach, the administration of UAE has rolled out a massive vaccination campaign in the country. To the date of this report, i.e. 06.03.2021, a total of 6.2 Million jabs have been taken by the citizens from all sectors, which has provided them with added protection against the COVID-19 virus.

As the saying goes, every recession creates opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to flourish and often, Dubai has proven time and again that challenges are simply disguised opportunities that inspire and motivate enthusiastic minds to explore and create history. We have witnessed this brilliance in various segments all across the Emirates and it is this outlook that prompts the growth of this country as a unified nation. When the world was fighting a pandemic, Dubai was preparing to create history, a history in honor of humanity - 'Humanity Inspired'. 25th February 2021 was a noteworthy day in the history of Dubai as the hard work of Eminent British Visual artist, Mr. Sacha Jafri to create the world's largest painting to have ever been created on canvas was unveiled at the majestic ambiance of Atlantis, The Palm. A monumental artwork scaling over 17,176 Square feet was created in 28 weeks, 20 hours a day. By using a whopping 6,300 liters of paints and 1065 paintbrushes, the artist has explored the concept of humanity along with its various intricacies and has created one enormous artwork that accommodates the entire journey of humanity. This is not simply an artwork but instead, this is a magnificent creation with an even more fascinating story to tell, a story of humanity and so it is called 'The Journey of Humanity' - 'Humanity Inspired'.

The Royal Unveiling of 'The Journey of Humanity' - 'Humanity Inspired'

This project is a philanthropic humanitarian mission led by the artist, Sacha Jafri in partnership with Dubai Cares, UNICEF, UNESCO, The Global Gift Foundation, UNHCR, and The UAE Government. This great initiative has hit global headlines and has now reached 2.5 billion people across the globe. This massive artwork was split into 70 individual framed panels of different sizes and is scheduled to be placed for auction with an aim to raise USD 30 million. The Journey of Humanity, with the project 'Humanity Inspired', is the largest worldwide Social, Artistic and Philanthropic initiative in history.

The artwork 'The Journey of Humanity' - 'Humanity inspired' has already achieved a place in the Guinness World Records for being the largest painting to have been created on a canvas. The entire painting is a beautiful story board that depicts the life of the earth and the mystical beauty surrounding it. The painting takes us through the various ups and downs in our life. From the Soul of Earth, the pain of disconnect, the concern and agony of suffering, rebuilding through the process of healing, spreading pure emotions that emerge from birth, revival of the planet and happiness on earth, the appearance of a pleasant dove that symbolically represents peace, growing trees that symbolizes the flourishing of humanity, a pregnant mother that represents love and nurturing affection, the support and guidance from the father and finally, life thrives as it ushers hope and light into the souls of mankind. The love and affection felt towards children was clearly visible in the painting and it was deeply moving to witness the raw power of such strong emotions that was conveyed through this artwork. The artworks created by children from 140 plus countries were affixed on to the canvas to express love, care and respect towards the young minds who are the leaders of tomorrow.

During the unveiling of this magnificent creation, the artist says" So, this is what I tried to create and I am really hoping you enjoy it." He also explained the entire story behind the painting "The only three things in life that matters, you must make your child feel safe, loved and brave. It's the only thing they need. Without it they have no chance but if they feel safe, loved, and brave they can do anything, imagine how many children in the world do not feel safe, loved, and brave and we can help them." Looking towards the painting he continues "This is what it looks like in my mind to feel safe, loved and brave, as a child, and then, they connect they create their own identity and then they go own their own journey and the world becomes theirs and that's a beautiful moment but how many children are not having that moment. They create their own journey and then they grow their wings and enter the solar system and make their dreams come true. That's what we are trying to do with this painting, we are trying to empower children to change the world around them. The child's wings begins to grow and the child enters the solar system and makes their dreams come true with infinite possibilities, the world ahead of them, all their hopes and dreams and aspirations, and then they're flying through the solar system and then something magical happens, they reconnect to planet earth. As we know, the moon controls so much of us, our emotions, our moods, everything we are is hidden in the essence of the moon. The moon becomes the guide. My hope for this painting is that we can reconnect to humanity, we can become less self-important, we can embrace humility and we, as humanity, can become truly great again but we can only do it together." Says the creator of 'The Journey of Humanity' - 'Humanity Inspired'.

Glimpse of the artwork

When the world is sailing through rough seas and is going through one of the toughest times of the century, this action will surely bring priceless smiles to millions of underprivileged kids from across the globe. The proceedings from this auction shall be utilized to support the scaling up of digital connectivity to ensure equitable access to remote learning for all children and youth in the world. Initiating up to 5000 lifesaving education and medical hubs, providing not only a desperately needed education for children but also a lifeline for families to survive day-to-day. Children in these hubs will have access to vital education, 3 meals-a-day, medical attention, access to clean water, advice and aid with issues of Health & Sanitation, life-saving inoculations and vaccinations.

Dr. Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, Dubai cares shared his experience and views on this project. Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan inaugurated the event and presented the artwork for the world to admire and cherish. The event also witnessed some extraordinary moments gifted by the famous Opera Singer, Angelica de la Riva while the partners expressed their delectation and experience through the project 'The Journey of Humanity' - 'Humanity Inspired'.

"The journey started last February, a year ago, just before lockdown when Sacha got in touch with me. We lost a lot of lives in the world and here in the UAE as well. Let's all remember that this pandemic is another hope for humanity to change and evolve into something else. Let's not forget that over 1.6 Billion children got disconnected from education around the world in over 190 countries. We are talking about 60 million teachers who didn't know what to do around the world and the only solution to that was to move from actual schooling to remote learning, which we all pride UAE as one of the most pioneer countries in the world that was able to do that shift with a snap of finger, overnight. We were prepared since 2012 for this shift." This statement from the CEO of Dubai Cares reaffirms the confidence of the visionary rulers of this great nation who strive hard to provide the best living experience to its citizens. Dr. Tariq Al Gurg continues "Mr. Sacha coming in with this painting and I know we are talking about 30 million dollars, we're going to sell them and we can have fund programs in digital literacy into remote learning globally, we're working with UNICEF who is here, we're working with UNESCO with the Global Gift Foundation, Dubai cares but let's remember one thing, this painting will touch every child's heart, the painting tells a story which Sacha has shared earlier today in the press conference and will share once we walk the aisle with his highness and the story will reflect the true meaning of life and sorrow and moving towards humanity and moving towards opportunities and hope and a new life so, thank you, Sacha, for doing this, you are a global citizen, Thank you." Says Dr. Tariq Al Gurg.

This event was conducted inside the spacious ballroom of the Atlantis - The Palm by strictly adhering to the protocols issued by the administration to fight the pandemic. Hence the invitees were limited and I was indeed fortunate to be a part of this event and my sincere gratitude to Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas, for extending this opportunity for us to be a part of a historic event. This invitation was extended to Ms. Sultana Kazim by HRH Prince William's office, Sultana regrets as she herself was unable to physically attend due to health reasons, but, according to her, she was present in spirit every second of the evening's program.

We are happy to share the link of Humanity Inspired web page, so that our savant readers can get to know more about this project and also remain updated on the inspiring Journey of Humanity - 'Humanity Inspired' by Sacha Jafri.

Humanity Inspired https://humanity-inspired.com/

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