(Saju Nair - Dubai) Increasing number of exhibitions in The United Arab Emirates has opened up an array of opportunities for lots of new artists to showcase their creations all the while, established artist grab each and every prospect to display their latest creations. The art industry in this region is really thankful to these galleries as such regular exhibitions has always motivated the artists to give life to new creations which helps in enhancing their talents and also the art enthusiasts to experience their magical creations.

Well known for their collection of works, amazing curating abilities and selection of venues, The Khan sisters has always gifted a magical touch to the events which they bring to life. 'SHEROES' was one such event which has unleashed a massive yet elegant collection of artworks of 20 astounding female artists at the aesthetic ambience of Canvas Hotel on 10th November 2019 at 7pm in an event supported by The Canvas Hotel & MGallery Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor.

Being strong personalities having abundance of self-confidence, The Khan Sisters have this time given opportunity for 20 female artists, from diverse nationalities, to ornament the venue with their magnificent creations. The artists who participated and surprised the art fraternity with their splendid artworks were Amani El Bayoumi, Alia Medhat, Afshan Quraishi, Bushra Malik, Farah Khan, Fasiha Farouk, Gwyneth Rasquinha, Madeleine Kursdotter, Natalie Yazigi, Naznin Vajitha, Salma El Tanamly, Salwa Saeed, Nafisa Ali Sayed, Saddaf Saeed, Safa Muhammed, Saima Hasan, Shiba Khan, Sonu Sultania, Shazia Jaffery, & Varsha Saju Nair.

As the title depicts the main focus of The Khan Sisters is to enhance vicinity of the talented female artists and give them utmost important in an event which is organized in the most luxurious ambience of The Canvas Hotel. When the splendid artworks, ornamented the gallery which was perfectly arranged and illuminated by the curators, a mesmerizing evening was gifted to the art world by Funun.

The artists have ensured that all of their creations displayed had a SHE factor, be it the spellbinding abstract paintings, bold and beautiful Portraits, amazing landscapes or of those which showcase the elegant traditional subject all the while preserving the culture supported by an inspiring story behind each of their creations which has enhanced the glory of the artworks and the evening.

On behalf of The Canvas Hotel, Ms. Nathalia Warnings, Assistant Marketing Manager welcomed the amazing and inspiring artists and the art enthusiasts present at the venue while Mr. Mirco Iada, General Manager extended their gratitude to Funun for hosting such an event giving importance to women empowerment which carries immense relevance in current world. Arrangements and facilities provided by the hotel management were widely appreciated as the theme precisely fit in to the beautifully designed space. Founder of Funun Gallery and curator of the show Ms. Shiba Khan introduced the event and invited guests to the gatherings and shared her views on the importance of women in daily life and the reason for selecting the title 'SHEROES' for this exhibition. Her speech echoes the importance of women and urge them to be courageous and to come forward to live their passion and to face the wonderful crowd waiting to accept and appreciate her talent.The curators also praised the unconditional support extended by Sarita Dadlani, Cluster Asst. Marketing Manager of Khamas Hospitality which has helped Funun to successfully execute this event.

There is no better choice than much respected Sultana Farooq Kazim an Artist, Fashion designer and Representative of Museum of Americas to inaugurate this event as she is an inspiring personality who has acclaimed immense recognition and acceptance with her commendable contribution to the art fraternity and indeed she precisely fit into the title of exhibition 'SHEROES'.

Her presence in any gathering has been very special for artists and the industry and it's always a pleasure to listen to her encouraging words of wisdom. The event also witness her inspiring speech and she expressed her gratitude to the Khan Sisters for the concept and the selected title while she explained the importance of women in life and urged the community to be bolder and to come upfront to showcase their talents.

Mr. Pawan Kachroo, Managing Director of Khamas Hospitality, also the chief guest of the evening interacted with artists along with other invited dignitaries. During the art tour artist were also given opportunity to introduce their art and to narrate story which has inspired them to create such fabulous artworks.

A late entry of Ms. Sana Sajan, Director of Danube Welfare Center, enhanced the glory of evening and it was indeed an amazing experience to watch her curiously communicate with the artists and sharing her feedback / views. She also finds time to individually congratulate each artist who has been a part of 'SHEROES' and praised the efforts laid by Shiba Khan and Farah Khan to organize an evening of enlightenment.

The presence of gorgeous Tanya Ashraf, an entrepreneur, artist and a fashion icon has also enhanced the glory of the evening as many heroes appreciated and applauded for 'SHEROES'. Event was also graced by the presence of Peter Gressmann, founder of artforumuae and Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi, Eminent Emirati artist in addition to various other dignitaries, artists and art enthusiasts.

FUNUN established in 2016 has been always supporting the artists by providing multiple quality platforms to showcase their talents at an affordable cost. The inspiring commitment, dedication and passion of founders Shiba Khan & Farah Khan has already gifted numerous number of magical events to the art world and so as the exhibitions hosted by them are received by the art fraternity with huge enthusiasm. A fashion designer by profession who follows and nourishes her passion in art, Ms. Shiba Khan, founder of Funun, was seen extremely happy and proud as yet again their exhibition titled 'SHEROES' has hit the headlines and was well accepted by the large gathering at the venue and says "We believe in team work giving equal respect and acceptance to all those associated with us as we always work on a philosophy of togetherness. 'Coming together is the beginning, Keeping together is the process, Working together is success.' This statement has really inspired us and we are indeed very happy and privileged that all events announced by Funun receives remarkable appreciation and acceptance which is not possible without the support from the artist and the art enthusiasts. We are really obliged to all those wonderful artists who are part of this show and we as a team has made this event a great success. We admire the wonderful support extended by the Hotel management which also is a key factor for the success and on behalf of Funun and all artist I would tender my gratitude to the entire team who have been with us throughout the event"

Farah Khan, Creative Designer of Funun who is also a passionate photographer has played a major role in the success of events by them. Her contribution in various fields to bring the artist to the lime light is widely appreciated by the society. Having asked about the success of 'SHEROES' she says "We really admire the support of all the artists and the art industry in having faith in Funun and indeed that's the energy which helps us to come out with more creative platforms to generate opportunities to the artists from different walk of life. We always analyze and respect the constructive feedback from the industry and initiate all those actions which requires to raise the benchmark of success. By the grace of Almighty those actions which have been incorporated has always produced positive results. This country has produced enormous talents be it an Emirati national or an expatriate, the charm we as Funun enjoys is that the association with the artist irrespective of their nationality, if you analyze the artists participating in 'SHEROES' you will find the it's diversified and that justifies our aim to spread the message of togetherness."

Overall, an incredible exhibition wherein the MGallery is encircled with spectacular artworks of different mediums created with vibrant colors in specialized techniques which has taken the gatherings to a different world of imaginations.

Televisionario2 congratulates Funun and all the participating artists for putting up a great show which will be cherished down the memory lane.