(Saju Nair - Dubai) The art fraternity in the United Arab Emirates is getting active after two months of summer vacations, the schools have reopened and all those expatriates are back to their places of paradise here, in the prosperous country of UAE, from their annual vacations and to jog the busy minds, the art galleries have already started planning their activities to rejuvenate the artistic minds with more and more mesmerizing art gatherings.

One of the most prominent galleries of the region, Funun, lead by the Khan sisters Shiba Khan & Farah Khan is all set to create a massive art gathering in the month of September with a couple of back to back events involving various artists from the region. Funun has been always applauded for their splendid curation of mystical events collaborating with various artists in the country and abroad. The art community in the UAE has always accepted the announcement of Funun organized events with lots of enthusiasm as they believe each of Funun's gathering will be scripted professionally with loads of surprises in terms of collection of art works and the styles of executing the events.

Artists and art enthusiasts in the Emirates are expected to witness a Live Painting involving people from diverse backgrounds, some who are beginners along with some who are emerging or established artists on Saturday, 7 th of September from 11:00am to 1:00pm at IRC Gallery in Sharjah. In order to provide freedom in the selection of subjects and to ensure the availability of vast options of improvisation, Funun has designed this event with the theme "The Walk of Life".

The United Arab Emirates celebrates 2019 as "The Year of Tolerance" and this event carries immense significance as the participating individuals are from all sectors of life largely from the service sectors like Construction workers, Drivers, Maids, Security personnels, Office Boys and so on along with the established and emerging artists. Here, Funun is aimed on breaking the restrictive barriers to bring people from all sectors under one umbrella and to forget the differences that divide us but instead cherish the uniqueness of each individual by the means of art as they feel art is the best medium to exchange ideas and to bring a smile of satisfaction and affection in the diversified community with a sense of equality.

Acknowledging the participation, Ms. Shiba Khan and Ms. Farah Khan have taken the extra mile to bring smiles to all the participants of live painting as Funun has decided to showcase their creations during the art exhibition again titled as "The Walk of Life" at Sharjah IRC Gallery on 12 th September 2019 wherein 25 artists will display their astounding creations which was inspired from the assigned theme. The exhibition will be inaugurated at 7.00pm in the presence of Special guests and dignitaries from various paths of life to commemorate this wonderful event.

The artists who are all set to surprise the art enthusiasts with their stunning creations are (UAE) Ahmed Rukni (India) Anjini Prakash Laitu, Ahsan Khan, Farah Khan, Jyoti Sethi, Lavanya Varma, Nafisa Syed, Shiba Khan, Saima Hasan, Sumedha Ramdev Goel, Sonal Purohit, Shilpa Abiraj Vandana Chaudhary, (Pakistan) Bilal Siddiqui, Imran Manzoor, Rubab Zahra, Syed Hassan Pasha (SriLanka) Fatima Nazrima (Syria) Jamal Khadou, (Philipines) Joel Borja, Victoria Heath (Poland) Mary Nova, (Egypt) Salma Elserafi . This exhibition will also feature the artworks created during the live painting giving an opportunity for those emerging artists to share the dais with established and inspiring artists. As the title conveys, one has the freedom to select a number of subjects which will fit into the assigned theme. 

The Founder of Funun Ms. Shiba Khan who is the curator of this event says "We are moving one more step towards the improvement of the society, in bringing attention towards peoplefrom different backgrounds, different job natures, who are not always noticed. Bringing 25 artists from diverse nationalities to showcase their artwork depicting their view on "The Walk of Life" through their creativity. Our motive is to give them chance to think and feel beyond what they are going through every day as "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Creative designer of Funun Farah Khan who works shoulder to shoulder with Shiba Khan to give wings to their dreams says "Along with participants in live painting there are people, who never painted before but as Pablo Picasso said: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Following his words, we tried to bring people from diverse backgrounds and with the support of artists we are trying to provide them a platform to express their thoughts on the canvas."

This event is curated by Funun under the able leadership of Shiba Khan and Farah Khan alongwith Ihsan Khateeb, from Inter Craft Gallery supported by Dr. Ahmad Al Serafi, founder of IRC and his team and is sure to be an event that will turn the heads of several enthusiasts across the nation and across the globe.

Funun always believed in togetherness and that has proved precise as success kept following them on each and every event they got into.Funun is still and will be one of the most prominent art galleries and will continue to provide immense opportunities to the art world as they believe in the famous quote: 

"Coming together is the beginning, 

Keeping together is the progress,

  Working together is success"

Televisonario2 is privileged to be the official media partner for the events organized by Funun and we tender all our best wishes and appeal the community to grace the opening ceremony at IRC Gallery on 12 th September 2019 from 7.00pm onwards to experience the magical curations by the very talented Khan sisters. We shall bring our savant readers across the globe the detailed report on the inauguration of "The Walk of Life".