UNVEILING ‘Al AMAL’ by Funun Arts


(Saju Nair - Dubai) The ongoing pandemic has given rise to a turbulence of negative emotions but the art scene in the region has surged through and given rise to several lively events during this period of great difficulty. It is even more interesting to witness the courage and initiative taken by some galleries to break through the notion of a dull year and come forward to introduce the comeback of physical events by giving the utmost of importance to rules and regulations announced by the administration to keep its citizens safe and sound. The venues have been remodeled in order to ensure sufficient space for visitors to move around while simultaneously adhering to the social distancing protocols. Several Sanitation stations are now made available in multiple locations so that visitors will have easy access to quick sanitation facilities for the purpose of keeping them safe and protected.

Moments from the event @ Novotel DWTC

In continuation to a virtual art event hosted on 26th September 2020 titled 'Al Amal' organized by Funun Arts in coordination with the Special Needs Future Development Center, yet another event was conducted by the founders and well known curators, Shiba Khan and Farah Khan, which has indeed received tons of appreciation from the art fraternity. Before we proceed with the main report, it would be advisable to read the report on the virtual gathering that took place in the last month of the third Qtr of 2020. Please click on the below link to read the report A CASCADE OF TALENTS BY FUNUN :: TV2.net (iltelevisionario2.net)


Moments from the event @ Novotel DWTC

This time Funun Arts has decided to organize a physical gathering to acknowledge the phenomenal efforts laid by 9 students of SNF Development center under the guidance of 6 well known artists who are settled in The United Arab Emirates. The famous hospitality chain 'Novotel' has graciously offered to provide their beautiful venue at DWTC which has helped Funun Arts bring their vision to life and produce yet another exemplary event. This event was a bit closer to my heart for the simple reason that I, along with others who were present at the venue, got the rare opportunity of meeting these amazingly talented kids and moreover got to witness and experience their innocence and happiness. It was nothing but a pleasant treat to watch these kids go over to the podium to collect their appreciation certificates and gifts from the chief guest. There is no doubt when I say this was a memorable event, not just for me but for every single person that witnessed this event because seeing those kids, on stage, and watching their happiness expressed in its truest form was fulfilling in ways that can't be expressed through words and this, was the highlight of the event.

Unveiling 'Al Amal'

The assigned theme was a tribute UAE's Mars mission that was beautifully portrayed in 16 blocks of 40 x 40 canvases by 9 students of SNF with the support of 6 artists and later was consolidated as a single artwork and was presented to the art world in a beautiful gathering at the majestic ambiance of Novotel DWTC. The event was inaugurated by His Excellency Suhail Al Zarooni - Guinness World Record Holder, A Philanthropist, An Author, Art Collector, Ambassador at large and Emirati Businessman in the presence of various invited dignitaries from different walks of life. 

Moments from the event @ Novotel DWTC

Founder of Funun Arts and curator of this show, Ms. Shiba Khan says "We have conducted a virtual event 'Al Amal' in support with SNF Development Center in the month of September 2020. Even though we used to conduct regular events with the beautiful kids of SNF, this event was a little different. This was the first time we went ahead with the online exhibition and to our surprise, the excitement and participation from these little kids was incredible and their happiness inspired us to conduct an event with an aim to unveil their truly amazing creations. 'Al Amal' meaning 'Hope' is a tribute to UAE's Mars mission and our intention was to draw attention towards the artworks created by the kids under the guidance of 6 artists including me. We are really thankful to 'Novotel DWTC' for providing the space and all other amenities to organize this gathering and we are happy and proud to introduce these little artists to the art world. SNF is an extended family for Funun Arts and it gives a deep sense of satisfaction when we curate any event in collaboration with them and we will always value the unconditional support extended by the management of SNF. With this event we would like to send a message of optimism to millions around the globe and encourage them towards the race of knowledge and creativity."

"Every year we partner with the children of determination of SNF Development Center, Dubai and each and every time, associating with them, gifts us so much of positive energy and inner satisfaction. Year 2020 was a little different from previous events due to the pandemic but even though the event was conducted in a different manner, the happiness and love we received was as bright and fulfilling as it could be. We proudly acknowledge the commendable support from the art world and this will surely give us added motivation to push forward and curate more of such events. We have always believed and accepted that every individual is equal and every child deserves equal opportunity. We, as Funun Arts, will continue to turn new leaves and build up platforms for these children to rise up to their full potential. For us as curators it was really heartwarming to experience the various emotions displayed by the crowd gathered at the venue and one of the most memorable things we saw was the whole hearted unanimous appreciation for what these talented kids have portrayed. We are honored to hold their hands and walk by their side in their journey in art." Says Farah Khan - Creative Director of Funun Arts

The Special Needs Future Development Center based in Dubai renders their service as an institution that supports young adults with determination by giving them various platforms to learn and engage in anything and everything the students would want to pursue in. By forming a deep bond with these kids, the faculty of SNF identifies the talents / interest of each kid and then provide customized platforms as per the need of the student to help them grow in the area of their choice and live out their dreams. "It is indeed a very different and important event. This is first time we have seen a collaborative work created on 16 separate canvases and the experience was nothing short of amazing. A very big thanks to Funun arts for this because every year they come with artists and create beautiful artworks with our students. This time we have also created a desktop calendar by incorporating some special moments and some of the artworks created by our students in the last three years with an aim to expand the reach of the talents of our students. Today, we are happy to be a part of this event and it is a really joyous moment for all of us. It made all of us happy to see our children with their creations on stage with everyone applauding and appreciating them. It was truly a very touching moment." says Ms. Safia Bari, Director of SNF Development Center

Artists who helped kids to paint their imaginations
Artists who helped kids to paint their imaginations

On behalf of ilTelevisionario2, we extend our warm appreciations to Funun Arts, SNF and Novotel for collectively organizing a great event that has spread joy across the community.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year!