(Alessandra Giorda) Very few events in the world, bring artists together in such a vibrant, cultural cadre that is infused with heritage and invites artists, locally and internationally, to inspire and enlighten visitors. "Colours of Love"-Dubai, organised by Art4you- embraces the artistic talent inherent in people and showcases their skills for the world to see and celebrate, in Tolerance and Diversity Art Exhibition. The bright star of the event is the young talent Varsha Nair. Her strokes remind  of the painter, Vincent Van Gogh's style ! She is beautiful, cultured with a wonderful family. In the interview to follow the artist tells her love for art, music and much more.

Will you describe this painting?

Title is Shadow- The truth ((Size: - 65Cm x 85Cm Mix medium - Acrylic on canvas)

Shadow is the simple truth which justifies tolernce. We are blessed to experience and visualize many faiths, language, cultural diversity in a larger canvas of reality which should embrace all of us together with enormous love and admiring respect. Whom so ever we are and how so ever we look like, our shadow portrays the single color which emphasis on the mundane truth that all of us are equal. Difference in us is the beauty,harmony & tolerance we cherish. 

Ms Varsha Nair
Ms Varsha Nair

How do you choose the subjects about your works?

Oh that's a tough question! Since I am still learning art I don't really limit myself to any specific subject or to any medium. For me, each of these techniques and subjects are a way of exploring more about myself as an artist. I let the moment decide my subject - whether it is something I have experienced in the recent past or even the theme of an exhibition or event that I'm participating in. Each event, each exhibit has helped me meet artists and members of the art world who influence my chosen subjects. Over the years though I have realized that nature is a subject I hold dearly and you see it as a visible element in most my works.

What techniques do you use for your work?

I discovered my interest in art in 2016. Ever since, I have been creating using various media like Pencil Sketch, Soft Pastels, Acrylic on canvas & Water Color. I use Acrylic paints a lot because they work across various mediums and can be used to paint with both brush and Palette knife.

My technique is honed by the inspiring members of the art world that I meet along the way. Being an active participant in various gatherings in Dubai, I am blessed to get opportunities to discuss and learn about various legendary artists. Mr. Peter Gressman, who is an Art Historian, Art Critic and curator has really helped me gather knowledge on art and his valuable guidance and advice has helped me improve my work.

MsVarsha Nair with family, Mr.Ahmed Rukni and Mr Peter Gressman
MsVarsha Nair with family, Mr.Ahmed Rukni and Mr Peter Gressman

I vividly remember Mr. Peter Gressman once saw me painting live and told me my strokes reminded him of the painter, Vincent Van Gogh's style. This was a huge compliment and encouraged me to immerse myself into learn more about Van Gogh and his various artistic phases and to realize how style and technique can be moulded across themes.

Jesno Jackson who helped me learn art has been a huge encouragement when it comes to experimenting across forms and medium. A fine artist and curator herself, she has actually helped build on my skill and build my faith in what art can express. Her contribution through my journey is immeasurable.

For me each technique and style is a way of finding inspiration to building my own, unique voice. I know the journey is long but the process of discovery has been exciting so far with thanks to the many inspirations I meet along the way.

About this wonderful painting?

Title is"Exquisiteness": an artwork that depicts the bold demeanor of a woman. A strong woman is self-assertive who loves herself fiercely and proudly owns the privilege of what she is. She demands to be herself and confidently meets the challenges and establish amongst those who never believed she could. (Size: - 65Cm x 65Cm Medium: - Acrylic on Canvas)

What type of music do you like?

Actually music, along with art, means the world to me. Listening to music always calms me down and lifts me up and keeps inspiring and enhancing my creativity. I always listen to music while I paint. My choice of songs is dependent on my mood at that particular time although I mostly listen to soft melodies and pop music. Halsey, Daya, Sasha Sloan and Charlie Puth are some of my all-time favorite artists. Music is a stress buster for me and I truly enjoy allowing the musical notes to work their magic by making me sway to the rhythm, instantly forgetting all my worries. I always try and find time on most of my days to play the piano as I am also a student of music. in different languages.

I recollect the famous quote of Plato who was an Athenian philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece & founder of the Platonist school of thought, he says "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."

All in all, music is an integral part of my daily life and instead of sticking by one type of music, I prefer exploring all the different varieties even.