( Alessandra Giorda) She is a very important talent. She was born 14 years ago in Kerala , but now she lives in Sharjah. Her of her talent is precious and she is an enfant prodige. The music in an integral part of her life and your work. Her skills were highlighted by two major teachers Mrinmay Sebastian and Jesno Jackson, but also Mrs. Vandana Marwaha is who has motivated and supported me through my journey in art.

Her artwork titled "Whimsical" is selected for the cover page of the invitation designed by the gallery and Ms Varsha in a great young talent at BLOOM ART EXHNIBITION at Sofitel Hotel & Resorts - The Palm, Dubai. With great attention the Televisionario2 carefully follow this talent, Varsha Saju that, in the interview to follow, tells her passion and sends a message to young paint enthusiasts around the world.

What does it mean to paint?

Oh .. painting is everything for me now.

I started scribbling on paper during my leisure time from my early age itself but I was never serious about it. My parents always felt that there is some talent in me which can be nurtured, so they designated me for multiple painting workshops & took me to various art exhibitions in UAE where I got the opportunities to interact with the artists and to know more about their works which I believe has initiated a spark in me to approach painting seriously.

Painting helps me break the bonds that tie me to the negative side of this world. It helps me free my mind and soul as I begin to play with colors, temporarily leaving this world of fear and worries and entering one filled with fun and excitement. I think that art makes me more focused & disciplines my approach to any situations I come across whether it's in my educational or art career. Even though I have just started my art journey, I now feel that painting has become an inevitable part of my life.

You are so young and with a great talent. What do you dream for your future?

Many thanks for your appreciation and kind words. I am really thankful to god for giving me the opportunities to study and perform. Like every child, I also look forward to mastering in the areas I work with. I would like to give equal importance for my studies and art related activities & always wants to give justice to the works I get involved in. Pursuing my education in 9th grade, science has always been my subject of interest, so of course I would like to get into a profession related to science. In my art career, I am always fascinated with the vibrant colors and serenity of nature, it's very refreshing. I dream to make a mark in the world and to inculcate in people a love and appreciation for all that we see around us. I strive for the same with my artistic pursuits. By keeping my latest success as the next bench mark I will proceed with exploring more avenues in the field of art and to be known as an artist inspired by the wonders of nature.

Where do you get inspiration for your paintings?

Well, my inspirations are always my surroundings. As I told earlier, painting nature related subjects gives me immense satisfaction and confidence. A street during an autumn season, pretty birds gazing through the sunshine, a lovely sunrise and stunning sunset, breathtaking waterfalls & tropical forests, alluring flowers and plants and much more are the gifts offered by nature which are the inspiring subjects for me to portray.

How important is it to have a teacher who can bring out the best?

I think it's very important to know and learn about the technicalities of strokes to be used, positioning the subject on a canvas, mix of colors and various other subjects in painting, so presence of a teacher can of course help to identify one's talent and guide them through their journey. I was fortunate and blessed to have supports and helping hands in my art career.

I recollect my first participation in a workshop by Artist Vikrant Shitole @ Dubai Cartoon Art Gallery and I am really grateful to Artist. Mrinmay Sebastian of IWS Dubai chapter for holding my hands to climb the first step towards my art journey. It's then I met Artist Jesno Jackson and my close interaction with her has really helped me understand my potential in creating artworks. Having spent around 24 classes with her was very informative and that gave me the confidence to play fearlessly with colors. She has played a major role in molding me to what I am today. I was fortunate to interact with lot of talented kind people who has always motivated and inspired me. Apart from my family and friends, I admire the support and guidance extended by Emirati Artist Ahmed Rukni, Founder of Artforum UAE - Mr. Peter Gressman, Wildlife Photographer & Co-Founder of Paws Trails - Mrs. Nisha Purushothaman, Principal of Delhi Private School, Sharjah - Mrs. Vandana Marwaha who has motivated and supported me through my journey in art.


You were born in India, but you live in UAE, what you lack of Kerala and you like of UAE?

If you really notice, both the countries I belong to are very rich in their cultural diversity. India is such a large democracy with 1.3billion population with different languages and culture and UAE accommodates nationalities from around 170 + countries so as it's a mix of culture here as well.

Kerala, also known as Gods own country is blessed with scenic beauty and greenery which I normally experience only during my annual vacations, so that is something I am missing, at the same time UAE is such a beautiful place & fast developing country which provides various platforms for artist to showcase their talents. The art community in UAE are very active and cooperative. There are regular events organized by various art galleries in UAE and I always ensure my presence in such events where I am able to meet various artists and their artworks. That's something which I always like about DUBAI - keeping connected with the community. Yeah, I stay in Sharjah which is also known as the cultural capital of UAE.

Will you describe BLOOM ART EXHNIBITION and what do you think?

Bloom art exhibition is organized by ART4U Gallery curated by Artist Jesno Jackson @ Monda Gallery, Sofitel Hotel & Resorts - The Palm, Dubai. This event was inaugurated by Mr. Awad Mohamed Bin Sheikh Mejren on 24th May 2018 and the exhibition will continue till 24th June 2018. This is actually the third edition of student art exhibition organized by art4u gallery. First volume of student art exhibition was hosted @ Dubai cartoon art gallery in November 2017 followed by the second edition titled "Le Miracle" @ The Workshop, Jumeirah and now ththe 3rd edition titled as "Bloom"

Gliding Beauty

There are 26 students of different nationalities displaying a total of around 48 artworks in this exhibition which attracted the art lovers in UAE. I think such platforms provided to showcase the talents of students are really appreciable and this will also motivate and inspire the young artists to pursue their passion in art with larger responsibilities.

"Bloom" is close to my heart as my artworks displayed have been accepted and received inspiring feedbacks from the art community. I am also delighted that my artwork titled "Whimsical" is selected for the cover page of the invitation designed by the gallery.

You love music a lot, what do you tell us?

Yeah, music is an integral part of my life, in fact, I also listen to music whenever I am engaged in painting. BTS and 5sos are my favorite bands and I also follow songs of Liam Payne and Ed Sheeran.

Apart from painting I am also engaged in Piano and have completed 3rd grade exam conducted by Trinity College of London. I was also fortunate to perform on various stages in UAE.

What message do you send to young people who would like to learn how to paint?

Oh, it's a tough question for me being just a newbie to the art field

However, I feel art is a vast subject which requires complete dedication, commitment and regular practice. With the little experience I have, I felt that engaging in paintings enhances your creativity and it's also a medium where you can express your mix of emotions to the onlookers. For those young aspiring artists, I would like to say, don't be afraid to pour your emotions on a canvas, play fearlessly with the colors and allow your imaginations to take shape. Keep on scribbling on paper and soon you will start to notice the beauty in those scribbles which will surely motivate you to enhance your skills.

I recollect the famous quote of Pablo Picasso. He says "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

This quote affirms the importance of art in one's life so be brave to take up the challenge and start scribbling.