I lavori artistici di Mr. Ahmed Awadhi Rukni

 Mr. Ahmed Awadhi Rukni's artworks

"The Artist Rukni started to paint when he was young and he always tried to increase his stylistic trait.He started, with landscape depictions then moving on to portraits also of characters famous.Over the years he has reached different and important artistic levels, in the deepening of the pictorial effects, in the participation ofpersonal feelings and in the analysis of his multifaceted and at the same time non-artificial personality.His works have been exhibited in various collective exhibitions as well as events organized expressly by Government agencies.His work over the years has focused on portraits where, there is a pieceof his aesthetic, trying to convey emotions through the nuances of the faces and the looks of the characters.Except for some works, his is an essentially monochromatic production.In more recent works with a dark background, the colours used are neveraggressive, and always in line with what the Artist's personality is anyway.However here the scene takes on another dimension given by the black background that gives the three-dimensionality of the work that almost seem to come to life and come out of the plane of the painting.In the artist's works, the characters take shape and life first of all in the Artist's thought, and his works are also an example of how the art of an Artist can, first of all, reflect the way of being of anArtist himself".

By Emma Chiaramonte 

Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi
Ahmed Rukni Al Awadhi

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