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"In this episode we will talk about a different aspect of Art.There have been many collaborations between artists and fashion creatives or artists and architects.In 1965, for example, Yves Saint Laurent proposed a collection that became famous where the lines and colours of Mondrian's paintings were used.But one of the most interesting collaborations that still today after almost a century continues to amaze, is certainly the one born betweenElsa Schiapparelli and Salvador Dalì.Historically we talk about the period between the two world wars and theartistic current of surrealism.From this collaboration, various objects were born including thehat-shoe ( see the picture) and much more.Today we will talk about a particularly interesting collaboration between the stylist Tanya Asharaf and the painter Petra .Both live in Dubai and their collaboration has resulted in a collection of garments that mixes the designer's sartorial lines with colours and images inspired by the works of the Artist.The works are in mixed technique and are almost halfway between tradition and innovation. As well as the outfits created by Tanya Asharf.In fact, the subjects borrowed from the paintings are inserted in modelswith a vaguely retro style.The subjects of the collection are The Pomegranates and the Cupids, and both are positive subjects and with a charge of love and well-being. The Artist PetraKaltenbach does not disdain the use of a lit palette, where pomegranates symbols of well-being and abundance, are represented with various shades of red.These subjects are included in Tanya Asharaf's outfits where we also find typical subjects from her collections which remind us of something vaguely street style."

By Emma Chiaramonte