Lavori artistici dagli Emirati Arabi Uniti e Italia

Artworks from United Arab Emirates and Italy

In this episode, we will talk about Art and some different artists in the UAE. The art scenario in Uae is very colourful because many Artist and culture join together.

An example is the works of an Artist Marco Pavone.

He creates his works also interpolating personal photographic shoots as well as pages of books or images taken from various sources. The result is works that seem to tell a story.

In the slide number 1 we can admire "The great Father" a personal interpretation of Sheikh Zayed. In the next slide we can admire the current ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

In the slide number 3 an oil on canvas the Artist is Miss Roa al Madani.

Tthe accuracy of the details and nuances and as far as the subject can be interpreted in a more classic way is immediately noticed.

I was struck by the first time I admired him in presence, that little smile that adds a touch of wonderful humanity to the importance of the subject.

The slide number 3 shows another Artwork in grafite made to the same Artist and slide 4 shows Sheik Hamdan, in a way slightly different from the classic depictions also in some ways a little ironic and fun.

The next Artist is mister Ali al Ameri and the first Artwork shows the calligraphy with the colour of the UAE flag.

The Arabic script itself is beautiful, it lends itself well to artistic works since the sinuosity and the softness of the lines. The next two artworks are other interpretations of calligraphy.

Last but not least is the Artist whose works I have the pleasure to show is Mister Raouf Meftah.

The latest creations were inspired during his last visit to the United Arab Emirates.

The works I admired are all surprising and never predictable. The title of third Artwork is Love, Amore, where you can read the Arabic calligraphic signs, but inserted within an intense and joyful colour palette. The Last one is a stylization of the Vitruvian man's scheme where the author is clearly inspired by Leonardo Davinci.

By Emma Chiaramonte

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