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Artworks from United Arab Emirates 

I begin with Miss Gwyneth Rasquinha which has been included in the Fabriano world catalogue in watercolour 2020, an extremely largecatalogue with watercolourists from all over the world.The works you can see are instead acrylics on canvas with an extremelysoft and delicate colour palette, which somehow recalls the deepreflections of the impressionist atmospheres.Everything conveys serenity which also represents a lifestyle, as I havesaid several times in the past for some artists. As in the case of thisartist.Another Artist is Mister Anju Laitu, where his works are as colourfulas the clothes he wears and which are his creations. Despite his nearly80 years, he claims to paint 3 to 5 hours daily.Here the colours are bright and the features defined as almost to remindthe cubist atmospheres.As he himself admits, it is "as if he wanted to touch the soul of Artlovers with his colours" and it is certain that they convey joy andvitality.I have mentioned several times to the multiple nationalities residing inthe United Arab Emirates.One of the most ethnically numerous groups is the Indian one which, ofcourse, also carries its socio-cultural background. Below you can seethe colourful works of two artists.As you will be able to see in both Artists, you immediately notice theskill and detail with which the complicated designs were made.The first one is Miss Sonal Johar who uses typical Indian motifs butwith a touch of topicality. The palette is very colourful but nevertheless everything is harmonious and balanced.The second one is Miss Shoba Iyer which uses sacred images typical ofIndian culture. These works are in mixed technique where only brushesare used, some very small.The figure on the left represents Ganesha also a symbol of the Arts,very common throughout Asia, on the right another very frequent symbolic figure which according to their iconography shines more than a thousand suns.The next is Miss Pari Sagar, another artist who is also a writer.I have known some works by the Artist that have both a very brightcolour palette and very intelligible subjects.The works that I show are more meditative and introspective and arethose where in my opinion the Artist finds the best expression.The atmospheres, as you can see, are muffled, dreamy and almost dreamlike.Last is Miss Divija Suratkal. The Artist has been included in variouseditions of Fabriano in Watercolors of 2020.The first portrays shows a curious girl and the second of the fisharranged on a market stall. Both are watercolours.The second is "Freshly Frozen" and has also been exhibited in Prague and various international exhibitions.The works I know of the artist are only watercolours, however, I believethat with this technique the Artist finds excellent pictorial expressions.
By Emma Chiaramonte