VIAGGIO TRA ARTE E MUSICA-Puntata4 -Seconda edizione


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In the previous episode I talked about the technique and the difficulties found in dealing with a material so different from oil colors rather than acrylics. The decision to use lava ashes in her works
stems from a traumatic experience that the Artist had on the Etna volcano, during an excursion. The group guide did not orient himself during the excursion and the participants were forced to spend the night
on the volcano.
After the first moment of fear, the participants were able to spend the
night peacefully. However this experience marked the artist by deciding
to use ashes in her works.
The collection that I will show is subsequent to the collection entitled
"The Butterflies".
The collection is entitled "The preciouses" which was commissioned by a
jeweler, and which draws inspiration from precious stones and where the
lava stones are set like gems, as well as individually decorated.
In this collection the colors are particularly vivid and bright.
They certainly represent an evolution from both a technical and artistic
point of view.
In this second collection the line becomes more complex, and a greater
mastery and knowledge of the subject is clearly evident.
Sometimes the artist begins by not painting the canvas but using the
ashes and the spontaneous way in which drawings are created on the
canvas, thus suggesting the evolution of the work. 
Diego Cavzzin sings " E lucevan le stelle" by Tosca- G.Puccini
Hots Alessandra  Giorda

 by Emma Chiaromonte