Varsha Nair, artist
Varsha Nair, artist

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 "Today we will talk about the young artist Varsha Nair. We met the Artist some years ago, and we have noted that there has been an evolution in her style.

In her first period there was a clear research of identity, and she used bright colours, therefore red, orange, yellow and purple.The Artist used pale colours such as light blue offwhite and and light green, often to describe landscapes.
I personally believe that the turning point is two types of works: the first appeared on the cover of the first issue of the 2020 Times Young which is a monthly newspaper printed in the United Arab Emirates, entitled "Whimsical".The painting showing a girl on a swing, portrayed from behind and with her face partially rotated. It is not clear what the girl is looking at, but in line with what is happening in these particularly difficult days, I believe it can be interpreted as an optimistic hope for a rosy and better tomorrow.

In this work, we note a further evolution of the artist's technique as if she wanted to put into practice what she previously experienced.Two different types of techniques are used both soft brush strokes and long brush strokes in order to give the illusion of movement.
The artist's work is an example of how, even without clearly distinguishing the faces, the observer has the impression that the image leaves the surface of the canvas and takes on a three-dimensional dimension almost as if the subject should is in front of us."  by Emma Chiaramonte- AvA Gallery- Dubai