(Saju Nair - Dubai) The administration and the society, by collectively working together, have managed to bring down the curve and they have already administered more than 14 Million vaccines to date which implies that almost 80% of the population is vaccinated and even though, the pandemic has scaled down considerably, the community in the UAE is as vigilant as ever in following the stringent measures for the safety of its citizen. Based on the improving recovery rate from the pandemic, after thorough analysis of the situation, the government has introduced certain relaxations in procedure, however, the concept of virtual art events remains popular in the art sector in The United Arab Emirates. Art has increasingly become a medium for people to speak up about current affairs whilst simultaneously creating an atmosphere of togetherness. Such specialized themes have always resulted in the creations of some of the most expressive artworks which delicately touches the subject of interest and subtly conveys a very deep message.

Artworks exhibited @'On-Thin-Ice'

One of the leading art galleries in The United Arab Emirates associated with 27 artists to organize an online event to raise awareness on the valuable life that is on the verge of extinction. The motive and concept behind the virtual event titled 'On-Thin-Ice' was an effort to draw the attention of the world to the importance of preserving nature and its life. Often, we choose to ignore nature just so that we can live in the most luxurious way possible but it is at these times, we must stop and think about the unnecessary sacrifices that were made to quench mankind's greed for luxury and this event brought this issue to the front stage. We work hard to make our mansions, we work hard to have the most expensive decorative products in our offices and living spaces, we work hard to become more superior than your neighbor and all of this is just so that we can elevate our so-called 'social status'. Society evaluates, judges, and declares the elite crowd by considering all these parameters. It is high time for all of us to understand that an elevation in our social status at the expense of something far greater than any of us is no accomplishment but a mark of how we compromise our humanity in order to gain something temporarily. All the damage that we have done will come back to us in a way that is much more devastating than we can imagine but, there is a way to stop this and that is to take initiative before it's too late.

Founders of The Paintbrush Art Community ensure that the event curated by them always stands for a cause. The introductory video by the TPBAC just at the start of the virtual event raises alarm on the seriousness of the theme they choose to portray. A post-event report by Ms. Sonal Purohit in her social media handles expresses the idea behind the event. "Another evening graced by art, artists, and a message for humanity to acknowledge the innocent lives that have been endangered because of us. The idea behind this exhibition was to spread the message of compassion towards the fading lives, the cutting down of forests, the melting glaciers, and the changing ecosystem because of irresponsible human behavior. We were enlightened by the wisdom of our elite guests and artists who brought magic to the theme by their creativity". - Ms. Sonal Purohit the curator of the event 'On-Thin-ice'

Artworks exhibited @'On-Thin-Ice'

The event was graced with splendid artworks created by incredibly talented artists. The assigned theme was well received by the artists with all the seriousness it deserves and they also voluntarily took the initiative to narrate the story behind their magnificent creations. Anjini Prakash Laitu, Anil Kamble, Aisha Mir, Anjum Daud, Aparna Sreejith, Alejandro Carlos Maas, Jasmine Mohd Rizvi, Khatija Khan, Marjan Esfandi, Manasvi Boradia, Manjula Kaimal, Moin Ahmed, Nabin Kumar Panda, Priyanka Das, Prabita Rajesh, Ramya Abhilash, Ruben Antonio Molina Perez, Dr. Rohita Ann Thomas, Renu Shivam, Sugat Priyadarshi, Sonal Purohit, Shilpi Jain, Snehita Gehlot, Sana Bano, Sindhuja Galipalli, Shiba Khan and Varsha Khatri were the artists who came forward with revolutionary artworks that conveyed the message of conservation and protection of our home and all those who reside in it.

Artworks exhibited @'On-Thin-Ice'

The artworks displayed in the event were true to the theme and they all passed on an important message of how this planet is shifting through dangerous lanes. The artworks prompted the visitors to ponder about the condition of our home and to think of innovative ways to protect and conserve the essence of nature. Beautifully and colorfully portrayed underwater scenes, the graceful form of a mermaid, unique wildlife that are on the verge of extinction, the expressions of love and motherhood in the animal kingdom, the magnificent display of landscapes and much more were the key subjects chosen by artists for this event. There was also a heart-wrenching artwork that depicted the disposing of heated industrial wastage in to streams thereby endangering the marine life of that entire area which has raised concern about how industries tend to directly discard waste materials which are normally heated due to the action of machines without proper treatment and the manufacturing wastage. An artwork that depicted the earth with an oxygen mask was also a strong warning of what is currently happening in our world and how it has impacted all of us. The story behind each artwork was narrated beautifully and emotionally by the artists and I am indeed happy to realize that every artist has taken the effort to truly understand the significance of what is happening right this moment in different parts of the world. Every sentence spoken by the artists were laced with strong emotion and concern for the world we live in and there was a very strong appeal raised during the event and that was to avoid purchasing any souvenirs that are made by slaughtering endangered animals.

Special guests @'On-Thin-Ice'

The virtual event that took place on 03rd June 2021 was rich in participation with various distinguished personalities who came forward to support the cause and to join the artists and The Paintbrush Art Community in a 3 hour live show. As always, the host, Dr. Romit Purohit, ensured that the event was brought to life with some all-time favorite Bollywood songs sung by the celebrity performer Mr. Belaal Shaffi Patel. Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae, Mr. Anjini Prakash Laithu - Veteran Indian Artist, Ms. Alessandra Giorda - Founder of IlTelevisionario2, Mr. Vikas Bhargava - CEO DCOM Designs, Ms. Shiba Khan - Eminent Artist, Art Activist and Founder of Funun Arts, Ms. Farah Khan - Ace Photographer and creative head of Funun Arts also joined along with the Chief Guest Mr. Ahmed Rukni AlAwadhi to experience the unique show.

Artworks exhibited @'On-Thin-Ice'

Ms. Sultana Kazim, renowned artist, fashion designer, and Representative and Co-coordinator of Museum of Americas couldn't attend the show due to personal reasons, however Ms. Sultana addressed the gathering and conveyed her best wishes to all the artists through a prerecorded video that was played live by the curator during the event. "Thank you very much Sonal and Dr. Romit for giving me the opportunity to speak today on this platform regarding global warming. God has created so many wonderful things in this world and the finest of his creations are human beings and he has allowed us to enjoy every single creation on earth of all shapes and forms and what do we do? we abuse it and leave behind a pile of rubbish that later comes on to haunt us. What is the answer to this? I would say more education of informing people that it is not good to leave the earth in such shambles, we must take care of it because one day we're going to need it so take care and consider that and act accordingly." Says Ms. Sultana Kazim

"We have already crossed the time to debate on this growing concern, what we should do now is take initiative - something that can change the world, that can ensure the survival of our future generations on a safe and healthy planet, a place where the word "endangered" becomes history. We salute all those people from across the globe who works towards developing a sustainable community. We have to start taking these small steps which will, later, mark a big movement to protect the planet. Spreading awareness on the seriousness of these issues is also very important, it can inspire the society to think deeper on the moral values and the importance of preserving nature for generations to come." Says Eminent Emirati Artist and Chief Guest of the show Mr. Ahmed Rukni AlAwadhi

Mr. Peter Gressmann - Art Critic, Art Dealer, Curator and founder of artforumuae mentioned in his social media posts that is followed by thousand across the world. "There is no Planet B. We must energize Plan A for Action to make the one planet we have safe and productive for future generations - with job creation not loss; with higher, not lower standards of living. All over the world! On thin ice, the subject refers to climate change that worries the world over and there are many reasons for this change! The deforestation of rainforests and the use of fossil fuels for generations are just two examples of the warmth of the earth causing the icebergs to melt and thus taking more and more habitat from endangered species such as the polar bear, the robe or the arctic fox. The founders of the paintbrush community use art to draw attention to this problem. Thank you Sonal and Dr. Romit and thanks to all artists who have taken on the subject. As always, I was curious about how the artists implemented this explosive topic and have to say that all artists had serious thoughts and implemented the theme well".

With a mission to elevate the exposure of artists and their magnificent creations and to guide them to finding potential clients, TPBAC in coordination with DCOM Designs are in the process of making a coffee table book that is set to launch in the month of July 2021. "Artists are creative minds filled memoirs rather than bank notes. Nothing can be more overwhelming for Art & Artisans when people see them for their work that becomes historical. This is what we have done. A coffee table book that will be a memoir for life and beyond. Featuring renowned artists under one cover shall be biblical in all ways. The uniqueness is that exposure amongst the righteous. Pick the biblical book of art & artisan, dial or message to the artists and there you go! It shall also have a flash online version. We thrive to bring art and artisans to peoples home. Instead of them waiting for you to applaud. I can see down the line this would have more editions in coming years. The concept is ubiquitous and preference of having a featured artist remains on the approval from the curator and panelists. So real works, real emerging and established come together to inspire the future artists and art lovers. They shall be "Next to you". Says Mr. Vikas Bhargava. This book will feature both professional and amateur artists and some of their artworks with a short bio about the respective artists.

I, Saju Nair along with the founder of TV2, Ms. Alessandra Giorda congratulate Ms. Sonal Purohit and Dr. Romit Purohit for understanding the need of the hour and conducting such a beautiful online art gathering. We are also pleased to share the Facebook link of the event for our valuable readers to admire the event.


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