(Saju Nair - Dubai) The United Arab Emirates, one of the most vim and vigor places, is yet again scheduled to host an incredible art exhibition on July 27th which will display various styles of the traditional art form, "Calligraphy", in its modern disposition, all the while venerating the high valued traditions and culture. Calligraphy is the Art of writing letters beautifully in different styles using various techniques without compromising the disciplined construction of letters to maintain the spirit of the ethnic art which evokes the rich tradition and legacy of the Arab world.

Tradition and Culture always plays a vital role in modulating the younger generation, who are an asset, and holds a major role in the sustainable development of a nation. Administration and organizations in The UAE values this philosophy and provides a larger quality platform to Identify, Develop, Appreciate and Enhance the younger talents supported by the decade's long experience of Masters.

Sustainable growth of a nation is always supported by the young ignited minds along with the experienced masters giving equal respect to its tradition and culture, and this is what ART4You gallery would entrust to the society with their show "CaliXpressions"

Art4You Gallery founders Jesno Rengi and Rengi Cherian, being active members of the UAE Art fraternity, relentlessly create platforms to showcase magnificent talents through various events which has been largely appreciated on a global platform and now is all set to launch the massive gathering in coordination with Studio Seven Art Gallery to share ideas and to experience and influence younger minds to pursue their path towards art, by visualizing the stunning creations of masters on the eve of 27th July under the title "CaliXpressions".

The widely recognized and astounding 7 masters Ahmed Al Dossary, Ali Al Ameri, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Dia Allam, Hicham Chajai, Nisar Ibrahim & Shaymaa AlKhatib will join hands with ART4You Gallery at Studio Seven Art Gallery to commemorate yet another mystic superlative event of art by unveiling their stunning creations of Calligraphy synchronized with their modern views.

Televisonario2 is proud to be the official media partner for this event and we are pleased to present a small bite on these true masters of art to our savant readers across the globe.

Ahmed Abdulla Al Dossary - an aspiring artist from The United Arab Emirates has discovered his talent in art about a decade back. Starting out as a hobby, he gradually found himself falling in love with art and thought it right to pursue it as a passion, with an undying flame of curiosity and excitement. Initiating with Coffee artwork, he has mastered in various mediums of art, namely Oil, Acrylic and Charcoal, to portray and breathe life into his vivid creations brought to being by his imaginations and the clever interplay of colors and techniques. During these years, the creations of Al Dossary has been widely appreciated and admired. Portraits of Sheikh Khalifa, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Zayed, Remake of Da Vinci's self-portrait are only few of those artworks from his huge collections of unimaginable art. Being a participating artist @ "CaliXpressions", the art community is eagerly looking forward to experiencing the magic of his creations firsthand.

Anjini Prakash Laitu, a veteran artist with decades long of experience, has created his own identity in art with the ability to play fearlessly with colors and to give life to his stunning creations. He unfolded his everlasting passion in art by rendering his imaginations on Fabric & Porcelain which attracted and impressed a large mass of enthusiastic minds, the appreciation which he so dearly received gave him the courage to push forward and express his emotions and views on a larger canvas with a simple yet meaningful mission, to spread joy and bliss through colors. Mr. Laithu, who treats The United Arab Emirates as his second home, has been a regular participant in most of the art gatherings as an artist or as a motivator in addition to his presence in various art exhibitions in India - his first home. Even at the age of 77, Mr. Laithu is a humble student of art, who is also a keen observer and an inspiring soul to young artists. He has sharpened his interest in Arabic Calligraphy and has taken several initiatives to incorporate the key features of modern abstraction to give a mystical touch to his creations which will be on display for everyone to enjoy and cherish at Studio Seven Gallery.

Ali Al Ameri, an artist from The United Arab Emirates, carries decades long legacy in art. An artist who was inspired by different styles of fonts from his childhood days itself was guided to the world of creativity by his father. Dr. Salah Shirzad founder of Horoof magazine aided Ali Al Ameeri to know more about calligraphy and its techniques while the valuable time spend with Ali Neda the Manager of Arabic Calligraphy Center, Sharjah enhanced his creative abilities and widened his knowledge in Arabic calligraphy. Ali Al Ameri is also an eminent personality who has been actively involved in various art gatherings as an artist, as a motivator and as an inspiring light of guidance to lots of budding talents. His breathtaking creations has graced more than 50 venues in the region and he has engraved his mark in the history of art by his unique pattern and style. Through "CaliXpressions" at Studio Seven Gallery, Art4you gifted an opportunity to the art enthusiasts to experience his fabulous creations.

Dia Allam, an Egyptian born in the United Arab Emirates, is well known for his astonishing calligraphic creations. An architect by profession and founder of Naht Designs, Dia Allam is an immense contributor to the art community in the region and has participated in various events which has claimed global attention in the fields he performs in. A curator by himself, Dia Allam has organized various art events and is an active member in major events which has redefined mile stones in the art industry. Being a Calligrapher, Muralist and Live Art Performer he engages and partners with various art related activities in the UAE in coordination with the Administration and with other organizations. It has always been a true spectacle for the art community to experience his jaw-dropping creations brought to life by bold strokes and vivid colors which never fails to take the breath away of onlookers. On July 27th, creations of Dia Allam awaits the visitors a spectacular experience @ Studio Seven Gallery

Hicham Chajai, was born in France with Moroccan origins. An engineer inspired by the Syrian master Frédéric Fattal, from whom Mr. Hicham has learned the rigorous techniques of Diwani and Kufi. Driven by his strong determination to build bridges between people and across cultures, Hicham organized various exhibitions, workshops and seminars with Corporates and Educational Institutions across Europe, Africa and Middle East by which he has actively involved himself in the continuous exchange of ideas with local artists. Having lived in various regions has really aided him to enhance his creative abilities and to form a unique artistic identity of his own. The art fraternity in the UAE awaits to experience the master creations of Hicham @ "CaliXpressions"

Nisar Ibrahim, an architect and an art director by profession since 1998 hails from Trissur, the Cultural Capital of World's largest democracy - India. He is a well-known personality and has imprinted his footmark in various fields of visual art including the direction of short movies which has graced many movie festivals. As a keen observer of the world around him, he uses his artistic abilities to explore the mysterious realms of the human mind as well as the plight of human beings around the world. Being a person with a desirous interest in global politics, anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism, has inspired his selection of subjects and so as his artworks conveys a strong message to the onlooker. His acumen across abstract, landscape and architectural work has earned him laurels from clients and critics alike.

Shaymaa Alkhatib, an interior designer from Jordan who is also an artist and art educator, has enhanced her passion in art professionally as she holds a prestigious master's degree in fine arts and her prime focus is on carrying research in redefining Islamic art. The magnificent creations of Shaymaa is a beautiful combination of western abstract synchronized with the traditional Islamic art. The art fraternity in the UAE eagerly look forward to experience the magnificent creations of this extremely talented artist @ "CaliXpressions"

The gathering on July 27th at Studio Seven Art Gallery will surely be phenomenal as the 7 Masters of art conquer the center stage to share the stories hidden behind their astounding creations to the art community. This event will also gift a magical and thrilling experience for the art enthusiasts as the masters themselves shall be available at the venue to greet and to share their inspiring journey towards art and memorable uplifting moments in their artistic career which will definitely ignite a spark of curiosity in relentless hidden artistic minds.

This is definitely a highly-recommended exhibition and we at Televisionario2 tender our best wishes to the curator and the participating artists.

We will bring our savant readers across the globe a detailed review of the inauguration ceremony - so keep following us for updates, Cheers!