(Saju Nair - Dubai) It was truly an amazing experience to be part of one of the greatest events organized by The consul General of Italy in Dubai on the glorious occasion of the 73rd Anniversary of the Italian Republic at the luxurious ambiance of Grand Hyatt, Dubai in the presence of hundreds of esteemed guests.

Italian Ambassador of UAE Mr. Liborio Stellino and Valentina Setta, The Consul General of Italy in Dubai took their valuable time to welcome each and every guest, personally at the entrance of the massive conference arena which gives an overwhelming feeling of the importance of appreciating equality and a powerful message of tolerance.

The event was graced by H.E Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure development in UAE and other eminent personalities from the Ministry and various other segments from UAE. The chief guests were welcomed by a breathtaking performance followed by the national anthem of UAE and Italy. The participation of each and every member present in the hall during the national anthems echoed the unity of the Italian community and their love and commitment towards the United Arab Emirates.

Italian Ambassador of UAE Mr. Liborio Stellino and Valentina Setta, The Consul General of Italy in Dubai
Italian Ambassador of UAE Mr. Liborio Stellino and Valentina Setta, The Consul General of Italy in Dubai

Valentina Setta, The Consul General of Italy welcomed H.E Dr. Abdullah Belhaif AlNuaimi and the invited guests to the evening with her rousing speech wherein she expressed her gratitude towards the rulers of this land for their warm support & wonderful hospitality to the Italian community in the UAE.

The event also witnessed a detailed briefing of plans to complete Italian pavilion designed for World Expo scheduled to open on 20th October 2020 in Dubai. Massive LED Screens on either side of the main stage were used to showcase the elaborated plans of Italy's participation in the World Expo 2020 which the crowd accepted and appreciated with huge round of applause.

Spectators were taken by surprise with a stunning light show which was related to the theme of expo 2020 - "Connecting minds, Creating the Future"

Italian Ambassador of UAE Mr. Liborio Stellino addressed the gathering with his inspiring and admiring speech wherein he appreciated the professional planning and timely execution of infra structure projects by the ministry of infrastructure development in the UAE which has really transformed UAE as one of the best modern hi-tech cities in the world with easy connectivity giving equal importance to safety & privacy to the residents of this great nation.

Upon completion of photo shoot with the chief guest, live music shows and other entertainment activities rolled on while buffet counter filled with mouthwatering Italian cuisine with wide spread of delicious dishes and enormous spread of deserts were open to public. Even while enjoying the delicious delicacies, the guests didn't shy away from moving their feet to the rhythmic live music which made this evening truly magical and memorable.

I, personally, felt very fortunate to be a part of this gathering and we at Televisonario2 extend our warm wishes to Italians in the UAE and all around the world on 73rd Anniversary of one of the most beautiful, peaceful and a country that bursts with positive energy of its people and its amazing culture, Italy.