(Saju Nair - Dubai) With fast developments and a rapidly growing economy, Dubai has emerged as one of the leading hi tech metropolitan cities in the world. Hundreds of skyscrapers, several modern iconic buildings and breathtaking infrastructures has always reflected the hard work, dedication and commitment put forth by each individual to give life to the dreams of the visionary leaders of this great nation. It is also fascinating to witness that even when Dubai is continuing to create wonders they have neither ignored their values nor forgotten their traditional roots but instead, the leaders have taken several initiatives to ensure that the rich tradition of the country thrives along with modern advancement. Due to the strong presence of local communities who have followed and performed arts along with the presence of 200+ nationalities who have made UAE their second home, the fertile lands of this nation have provided immense opportunities for conducting mass gatherings, irrespective of sectors/segments which has given countless lives a chance to showcase their talents to the world and bask in the limelight. 

Creativity flourishes at the latest edition of World Art Dubai, the first ever-international event hosted in Dubai ever since the intrusion of the COVID19 virus. World Art Dubai is the region's largest affordable retail art fair that displayed a huge variety of artworks from hundreds of artists across the globe. The sixth edition of world art has, naturally, sailed through many uncertainties due to the pandemic. Initially the event was set to take place on April 2020, but to ensure a safer and healthy environment for the public, organizers postponed the event to October 2020. The curators of World Art Dubai have indeed proven their exemplary organizing skills as they have attended to every single aspect to ensure maximum public safety during the event. The exhibition arena was designed in such a way that ample space was given for visitors to move around while adhering to the protocols set by the administration in view of the pandemic. Temperature sensors and Sanitizers were made available at multiple locations with easy access and the volunteers took the initiative to interact with visitors frequently to caution them about the safety guidelines in addition to the regular announcements to ensure that every protocol is followed to the book for the sole purpose of maintaining a healthy and safer environment. 

Artists View
Artists View

World Art Dubai has always been one of the most favored events for artists across the globe due to the increasing participation of world-renowned collectors and a community largely interested in owning art works for their private collection. This major factor has attracted artists to become a part of this mega event as they found it commercially viable to invest in participation. Art is considered as an effective medium to communicate the thoughts and imaginations of an artist to the onlookers through an image that is created by the artist using several materials in distinguished mediums on canvases, papers etc. Since the works are a depiction of an artist's mind, each artwork is unique and this fact continues to awe countless enthusiast from across the world. The wide range of collections in contemporary, Abstract, Surrealism, Graffiti, Fantasy, Pop Art, Cubism, Modern Art, Realism, sculptures, Crafts, Sand art, Photography, Wearable Fashion and much more graced the venue of World Art Dubai giving a very rare opportunity for art enthusiasts from various segments to come and admire works from different minds and regions of the world in one singular geographical plot. As part of the event, workshops, Art Talks, Live Paintings, Entertainment activities and fashion shows were conducted to throw some extra color and wonder into an already amazing event. The combination of all these activities gave rise to a mega 3-day event that has not only blown every visitor's mind but has also given everyone a chance to appreciate the capabilities of human creativity. Around 2000 artworks from approximately 200 artists from 20 plus countries across the globe had indeed set the stage with amazing collections and pure wonder.

Ms. Petra Kaltenbach, German fine artist, video artist, graphic designer, energy healer and one among the panel of curators for WAD2020 shared her experience and she says' "To say it in advance, for me the World Art Dubai is a blessing, it gives the individual artist the opportunity to present his works to the public without a gallery, that's rare. The curation of the works of art happened online as always - international artists and galleries send their works of art digitally in advance. There was no difference in the workflow. The planning of the fair itself was of course more challenging. With every decision or selection of a live artist, it was necessary to decide whether the security regulations regarding COVID are to be observed or what has to be initiated in order to make it safe for the trade fair visitors and the artists. That was a special challenge, but we mastered it well. Samar Kamel, Batool Jafri and I, Petra Kaltenbach as curators alongside the whole team of World Art Dubai created the best edition to date. The quality of the artworks increased a lot, and in addition, people felt safe and entertained well. Visitors were very grateful and almost overwhelmed to attend such a well-organized and highly creative event. We have only received positive feedback from happy artists, galleries and buyers / visitors. It is quite extraordinary that we have achieved this and we are all very pleased."

As it is made evident, this year's World Art Dubai was met with obstacles unforeseen by the community but just as always, the Art Community rose with greater strengths and proved their creativity in ways the world couldn't imagine. To prove this, this year's WAD hosted the first ever fashion show, where models wore chic outfits designed and tailored to the utmost of perfection. The specialty behind this creative venture is the hard work and dedication put in by two extremely talented and bold women, the renowned artist and curator, Ms. Petra Kaltenbach and the fashion icon and founder of Roxx fashions, Ms. Tanya Ashraf. These two women joined hands to create a fashion line drawn from the inspiration of the fabulous artworks created by Ms. Petra Kaltenbach. The Couture of Art showcased outfits derived from the core theme of Pomegranates and Love represented by blood, pistols and cupid. The designer, Ms. Tanya Ashraf added her own signature styles into the outfits making this fashion line the perfect combination of art and fashion. The models walked the ramp adorning these masterpieces on 9th October at 4pm and 7pm and has received immense appreciations and applause from the audience.

One of the installation art pieces at World Art Dubai has specifically attracted fellow artists from across the globe and thousands of visitors who have joined WAD for the three days of art extravaganza. Just about 15 meters from the entrance, an astoundingly talented artist set up an individual stand that gifted a spectacular experience and when the story was narrated about her creation the grace of that installation was proliferated manifold. The curator Ms. Samar Kamel has ensured that appropriate space was made available for this installation by the young and enthusiastic Indian artist, Ms. Masarratfatima Sulaimani, who is settled in UAE and has created a piece that will be embedded in the visitors' mind as one of the best installation pieces. When asked about her participation she says, "I am specialized in paper cut art and I try to express human sentiments and emotions through my creative mind. I am fortunate to be invited for this installation work, which was indeed challenging but at the same time I thoroughly enjoyed working on it. This installation titled 'Convergence' based on the diversity on how UAE has evolved into the paradise of diversified traditions and culture and this is my dedication to the rulers of this great nation where they emphasis on the importance of equality. Other than this installation art, I have also displayed portraiture of H.H Sheikh Mohammed and a whirling Dervish that was created in layers with an intricate background. I am very happy with the response from this year's WAD and it will surely motivate me to create more of such works"

                                                 Winners recognized @ WAD Venue

The collections displayed at WAD 2020 also included a wide range to artworks related to 'Nature' that was created in various mediums in distinguished techniques. Each of those magnificent creations strongly advocated the importance in preserving the beauty of nature and that happens to be the most significance topic in the current world where since issues related to global warming are now being highlighted at several international platforms. The over exploitation of Mother Earth has raised alarms and warnings in the form of natural calamities and yet, we continue to ignore the state of our planet in hope that the space that we live in is safe. Each one of us are moral obliged to preserve our planet to the best of our abilities and we must work towards restoring our home to its former glory for the coming generations.

The artworks of the UAE based Lebanese artist, Ms. Nada Al Barasi have attracted the visitors due to the selected theme of Nature that is portrayed in a modern way in specialized techniques. The positive emotions of the artists and her deep connection to the serenity of nature has deemed Nada's works as an 'Art inspired by nature'. "Nature is the greatest inspiration to see beauty in the world, and to draw attention to some of the most pressing matters in human and environmental affairs. With art as a lens, we can learn to change the world. I prefer to work with Oil and Acrylic paints as that helps me give a flawless composition to my creations. We can see so much art in nature if we take the time to look. The Earth has provided us with so much beauty such as the colors that surround us, the plants, flowers, bodies of water, and creatures. Everything we see is art and we should have the willingness to appreciate it, as it reflects into our everyday lives and our love for nature. I always choose vibrant colors and deep warmth for my artworks because the world is a colorful place and I have a message behind that, to spread the happiness and positivity when people look at my paintings. I am inspired by nature and the energy that connects all things. I like to surround myself with color because it lifts my spirit and makes me happy. I know that color can affect one's mood and I know I feel good when I look at color. I hope my paintings can help create a little joy in people's lives and make their day a little brighter."

"We, as one of the reputed galleries in the region, are very pleased to be a part of such an inspiring project like WAD. World art Dubai is actually an affordable art fair for lot of the audience from business sectors, construction interior design and even for home décor. This venue actually provides a larger platform for all enthusiasts as they can experience the artworks, meet and interact with the artists directly and even with the galleries. As Art Smiley, we are glad that we represent some of the prominent artists from the region and I personally feel that the commendable contribution of WAD in introducing and promoting artists and art from the UAE and across the globe is definitely highly appreciated." Says Mr. Lurdh Allam - Co-Founder and Director of Art Smiley.

Yulia Roberts Gallery is a new and vibrant contemporary art gallery in the Middle East. Based in Dubai, the gallery promotes both established and emerging contemporary European artists, seeking to develop cultural dialogue between the historically strong European art traditions and the flourishing Arab art scene. "It is delightful to exhibit for real and we are extremely happy to bring art to the people. We have managed to establish our gallery during the so called 'new reality' and have completely adjusted to the digital Art world, successfully showcasing exhibitions online with the option of private viewings. However, we truly believe that one absolutely cannot replace the experience of standing in front of an artwork and feeling its energy. That's why we are very thankful to WAD for the opportunity to show all art physically. We have had a great experience meeting art lovers, doing business and are greatly looking forward to a positive and prosperous future." Says Ms. Yulia Roberts

As part of the WAD 2020, Rove Hotels - official hospitality partner of the event conducted an Emerging artist competition wherein from hundreds of applicants, a total of 10 artists were selected for the final phase and the winner was declared at the WAD venue. The grand winner, selected by the judges, was awarded with complimentary space to exhibit his/her artworks at World Art Dubai 2021. This year's grand prizewinner was Ms. Shrutika Gosavi, an Indian contemporary artist settled in UAE. "I moved to Dubai in 2011 and was inspired by the vast desert and infrastructure. I studied the local culture and art history and later did some work incorporating elements of UAE. I am fascinated with charcoal, ink and paper and I do continuous experiments with these materials and I also work in acrylic. My forms and figures are idealistic which is rooted in me from my motherland as they follow idealism religiously. The figures are nude, my intention is to show the muscle beauty of hefty people which is inspired by my own formation of body. Another reason for this is I don't want people to have any notions about its culture, religion, place, age, gender. The purity of thought is when they will see a human as just a human. Music, Poetry and Painting helps me grow as a human. It is indeed my privilege to be part of WAD and I admire the appreciations and this recognition will surely make me more determines to proceed with creating more of such works." Says Ms. Shrutika Gosavi

Models of Roxx Fashions on the ramp @ WAD2020

"In one or the other way we as Reem Gallery have been a regular participant of WAD. Due to several uncertainties known to us we were all in a dilemma on the fate of this year's World Art. I appreciate the courage of the organizers to come out with the decision of executing this event even during these circumstances that has indeed given hope and has spread positivity within the community. Needless to say, that the brilliantly curated event considering all the safety protocols set by the administrations has gifted all of us a true entertainment of 3days of extravaganza. On behalf of Reem gallery I would also take this opportunity to congratulate the entire staff of WAD for their relentless efforts in providing such a huge platform for all of us to cherish. I am highly obliged to all those artists who have this time joined hands with Reem Gallery to be a part of the most prestigious art event in the region." Says. Ms. Rafah Abdulrazzak founder of Reem Gallery, Dubai.

World Art Dubai was also home to incredible sculpture artist, including Idriss B, the French-Tunisian sculptor, who is famed for his limited-edition animal sculptures, distinguished by their life-size proportions and polygonal form. He was born and raised in France during the 1980s and has a mixed background, with multiple influences - he moved to Asia at age 18. The 1980s saw the beginnings of video games, he believes part of his artistic influence comes from this. With his artworks featured across major destinations in Dubai, including DIFC and the Palm Jumeriah, the artist is becoming a household name in the UAE's art scene. (Courtesy World Art Website)

Moments from WAD 2020

Even though the sixth edition of WAD concluded on 11th October 2020, preparations for the seventh edition of WAD have already begun as the event is scheduled with a lot more surprises in April 2021. So, the celebration of art at WAD has not reached its end but instead the team is working right this moment to produce something extraordinary for next year's WAD. TV2 recommends to all our readers across the globe, if it is possible, then do visit Dubai for WAD 2021, this event is not to be missed and it is certain that every single participating artist and visiting enthusiast will not be let down. Come and enjoy the true beauty of art with us, next year, for WAD 2021. On behalf of IlTelevisionario2 I, Saju Nair and Ms. Alessandra Giorda, Founder of IlTelevisionario2, Italy tender our heartfelt appreciations to the management of World Art Dubai for giving life to such a marvelous gathering.

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